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Water Please
by New Spicer
Citation:   New Spicer. "Water Please: An Experience with Nutmeg (exp68901)". Dec 13, 2015.

  repeated oral Nutmeg



So my buddy and I wanted to do something. He mentioned nutmeg and I was apprehensive; thus we decided on robo-tripping. Robutussin is no longer available with dxm as the sole ingredient, so I refused to take it the way it is now due to a bad experience with the wrong stuff. We were really bummed. Finally I agreed to try nutmeg.

Experience # 1 (15g)

We got a 31g bottle (smallest size) and separated it with a butterknife. We mixed it wth pine-orange-banana juice but it still tasted miserably buddy is better at chugging so he got his down in about 10 minutes. It took me longer. This first time we took spoonfuls and washed them down, but I have since learned that the best way to do it is put half or a quarter of the dose into a cup with juice, stir it and while it's spinning very quickly drink it so you can get the nutmeg without it sticking to the bottom. So a couple hours later we felt nothing and we're like 'this is fucking bullshit, what a wasted night' and I was tired and wanted to go to bed. I joked with my buddy about how it would be funny if I called him at 3AM high as fuck, completely joking. So 2:30AM rolls around and I'd been lying in bed since 11PM having the craziest dreams of my life, hallucinating whenever I opened my eyes looking at the shadows in my room...strange thoughts zooming through my head nonstop. My buddy calls me laughing...doesn't even say anything...finally he says 'come over' and I couldn't talk to him. I was like '' and finally I managed to say, 'I'm freaking the fuck out I can't talk!' and slammed my phone against the wall and went back to bed. Half an hour later I got out of bed, high as fuck. I called my buddy and said, 'I'm coming over'.

The walk to his place was crazy...extreme echo-sound and choppy was awesome and I was very happy and amused with the irony of that joke I'd made earlier about this actually working. Anyway I made it there and we both sort of greeted one another with satisfaction and happiness knowing we were both high. Then what we did for the next 5 hours was perfect...we sat on his bed and watched windows media player lightshow to the Tool album '10,000 days'. It was fucking amazing...the lightshow drew us in and we were 'inside a stadium watching the lightshow perform all around us'. Sometimes due to the graphics it felt like flying. During this time we were sucking on ice cubes nonstop due to dry mouth...that is the only side effect, you must have something to drink or ice cubes or else. After hours of highness, we decided to drive around.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

It was about 6AM. He drove as I was too nervous, and we had no destination. At one point we got out and hung out by a river and it was wonderful. I loved being outside and high. This was a precedent for a future nutmeg experience (experience # 3). Finally it pretty much wore off and we headed home. Slept for hours. Planned our next trip.

Experience # 2 (18g)

This is shorter but worthy of this log. So I had class at like 4PM and knew that it takes 7 hours for nutmeg to onset. (Sidenote: I've come up with the name '7-hour power tower' for nutmeg, because it can be shortened to 7HPT, which can be reshortened to PT. Since PT (physical training) is talked about in the military alot, I could talk about doing my version of 'PT' with my buddy without any suspicion from my peers. Yeah, I know, it's badass.) Anyway, I had tickets for the very first showing of Transformers showing at 11PM, so I took the nutmeg at 3:30PM before class, in the privacy of my home of course. This part is important to note as it describes the experience leading up to onset. Class was 2.5 hours so toward the end I was feeling a little something. This is completely natural and expected. Sometimes I'm not sure if I'm feeling anything or not, which means I am. It's like taking a sip of beer. My mind feels that alcohol, but it's so small I don't know really. Anyway, I was pissed and bored and wanted to be high so I tried to pass the time after class. My buddy had taken his while I was in class since he was at work when I took it, so his onset would be later than mine. Finally it was time to go to the movie so we took my jeep. This was awesome because my onset occurred while on the highway. I shouted, 'Yes! About god-damned time!' Of course my buddy was jealous as I described the crazy tunnel vision I was having of the road and how it seemed I was sitting in a stopped vehicle as everything in front of me came toward me.

Anyway, we got there and I ordered the biggest cup they had of ice water. The dude was like, 'Well that's like $8. Are you sure you don't want an actual drink? No one ever gets ice water.' I said, 'Water please' with a smile. Finally we got in there, and it was a group ticket thing, so all my coworkers were there. This started to freak me out because I was very high now, and was surrounded by Air Force people who definitely would not approve of my actions, I'm sure. This dude beside me and I had a conversation about god knows what, but I was nervous about him figuring out I was high. My buddy started getting high at this point was funny...we were a couple of stoners. Anyway, I felt an obligation to make this other guy beside me think I was sober, so I kept trying to think of normal things to say until the movie started. This turned out to be a mistake as I think he believed me to be on acid by the conclusion of the conversation. Throughout the movie I was in heaven. I have no clue what the story or plot was, but the graphics of the Transformers were unbelievable. And their voices! I was fucking stunned. It was amazing. I don't even remember anything after that...oh buddy drove us back and he threw up. Took more than me. Dumbass. Guess that wasn't shorter. What do you know.

Experience # 3 (25g+alcohol)

A different friend of mine and I were part of a large group going to float down the Illinois River. Stayed in a cabin and stuff. Anyway, we were the first ones there so I started drinking at 5PM. This friend of mine wasn't going to do nutmeg with me (:-(). So, everyone started getting there and we all got really drunk. My friend said that this dude who was coming would probably do it with me, so I asked him while drunk and he was down. We got in his truck and, we each pretty much took 25g. He did it all in one huge gulp, I was impressed. This proved that it's possible. I was gagging and shit but got it down. Afterwards I was like, 'Well, just want you to know we're going to be high as fuck in the morning.' He was down. In the morning we all got ready to board the bus to the start point. I was so high I thought I might have to go to the hospital. I walked away from everyone and began to freak out. Finally I laid down with my eyes closed and calmed down quite a bit. The other dude didn't have his onset until much later on the river, which I thought was strange.

So we made it to the place and, getting the raft into the river was hard because I had little control over my muscles. One thing that happens is I can see my hands and arms doing the stuff I tell them to, but I don't feel it sometimes. So we got in and began floating down the extremely high and fast river listening to 'Green River' by CCR with a portable boombox we brought. It was sweet and I felt like this could be cool even though I was way, way high. I remember the CD playing for so long and it was getting annoying but I didn't turn it off. That's what I was mainly focused on, the music. Sometimes we wanted to stop to swim, so I would have to grab a tree on the side to try to stop us, but it was merely impossible. I would grab on so hard but get pulled away, it sucked balls. Finally I got one and held on with all my might forever until I realized we were stopped on the shore and I was still squeezing the tree. Throughout the entire time I saw people all around me drinking, but I couldn't handle beer. I just chilled out and stayed high.

The other guy finally started getting high and his eyes were so glassed over. He kept saying, 'I've never been this drunk before' probably because he forgot we took it. I remember being very concerned for his well-being since this was my third trip, and I was freaking out, and for his first he took way too much. Then he finally threw up. He couldn't handle it, so vomitting helped him. I also threw up, and I remember it tasted so much like nutmeg and I hated it. But was better afterward. Still high as fuck. At this point we were both not having a good time and his wife was basically babysitting us. I kept thinking to myself, 'I cannot wait to be sober' over and over. Finally, finally, finally, we got to the end. I was so happy to be soon going to bed. I had to get this heavy mahfahkin cooler out of the bus though, and at first I couldn't lift it. So I tried harder and, when you exert muscle power like that, I just watched my arms lift it and bring it out. Didn't feel it. Kinda tasted it though...which is strange. It was a different sensation. I immediately went to bed and slept for a day.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 68901
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 13, 2015Views: 2,699
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