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Got the Opportunity
Alprazolam (Xanax)
by Alex130
Citation:   Alex130. "Got the Opportunity: An Experience with Alprazolam (Xanax) (exp68791)". Oct 15, 2009.

  repeated oral Pharms - Alprazolam (pill / tablet)


Well, first, I'd like to briefly introduce myself : I'm a 17 years old girl. I have never used any drug. I do not smoke although I have tried, and drink occasionally. I've always been interested in drugs, wondered what it felt like, experiencing some new things that you could not feel in any other way, and the idea of trying some has always been on my mind. Curiosity is a bad thing, some will say.

Anyway, a while ago, my mother got prescribed some Alprazolam (also known as Xanax), 2 boxes of 0.25mg pills after having stopped work. She planned not to take them, as she said she didn't need them, and so would throw them away in case doctors from her work would come home to check if she took it. I had learned that Alprazolam could be used recreationally, and an opportunity is always good to take, so this was my chance to get some : she would never count how much would be missing from the boxes.

I spent a while reading about Alprazolam to know more about possible effects/side effects of it, and ended up unable to decide which dose I should try, so I stole four 0.25mg pills, and took one that morning. About 40 minutes later, I felt somewhat dizzy, as if I had drank a little alcohol, though I wondered if it was from the Alprazolam, or just a placebo effect. The day after in the evening, I took the one of the pills I had stolen, and went shower. Everything was normal, and I figured 0.25mg of Alprazolam wouldn't do anything. In the evening, I took the two remaining pills and then 40mins later felt that dizziness from the day before, only a bit stronger. I was definitely not a placebo effect, but nothing very noticeable either.

A few days after, I decided to try more, since I knew it had more than that to offer. At 5PM, I took 1.50mg (= 6x 0.25 pills), that I stole from where we keep all medicine, and took it at approximatively 5 PM. I am not sure the times written below are exact, as I didn't take notes.

T+ 0:00 : Took the pills. Kinda anxious about trying what seemed so much to me, but I calm myself thinking that I am alone, and even if anything doesn't go as intended (aka saying things I wouldn't do when 'sober'), it'll be okay.

T+ 0:20 : Still nothing at all. I spend some time chatting on the computer.

T+ 0:30 : Hints of dizziness when getting up, walking feels kind of strange, as if I were floating. Parents come home unexpectedly. I worried a little that they would find out about the missing pills, or me acting different, but they didn't. I say hi to them and go back in my bedroom.

T+ 0:45 : Definitely feeling it. My head is spinning, moving feels very strange, like if the movement was done a moment after I thought about it, and I could see it with a delay. My eyes seemed to take longer to adapt to what I'd see (looking far, waiting, and then looking near, and my vision would be blurry). Walking was somewhat difficult, turning too fast felt like it would make me fall. Getting up, I would feel my body very light, and movement very easy, but sitting down was more like falling in the chair :). I was also in a better mood, but more in a 'opened' state than euphoria, and definitely calmer. Also, feeling a bit difficult to concentrate. I could speak, even though I would have trouble finding some words (no one did notice).

T+ 2:00 : Feeling the effects fading at that point. Feeling pretty good. At one point, my mother mentioned that I looked tired. I went to bed before I felt the effects stopped completely. I felt very tired, and a second after I closed my eyes, I fell asleep. I woke up at about 7AM the day after, feeling perfectly fine, and awake. If only I could sleep like that every night.


Two days after, was the day we were supposed to have a party for my birthday. It ended up everyone but a friend canceled. So that left us with four people at home, including me, and two of them wouldn't be paying much attention to me. My friend already knew that I had tried Alprazolam once, and was likely to do it twice, so I figured I would take some again.

The Alprazolam boxes we had came in 3 x 10pills, I took a pack of 10pills and I just swapped contents until one looked unused, and the other just missing some pills, to someone who wouldn't be very careful, still trying not to get caught. I took 4 pills (1mg), and then went to shower. One hour later, I still didn't feel the same as two days before, so I went back to one of the boxes, and took 4 more. (total 2mg). Then, I just took all the rest. (which took me to a total of 3.5mg, taken in approximatively an hour)

Effects were the same as described above, a bit more intense, only focusing seemed the same, but when my friend arrived, it took my mind off these feelings. I spent a great afternoon, and Alprazolam really did improve my mood. The cake we ate had cherry with much alcohol in them. I ate much of them (my friend didn't). I knew Alprazolam and alcohol didn't mix, but I guess both dosage were just too low to cause anything except laughing :).

At the end of the day, the effects began to fade, though much slower. My friend went back home, and I told him I had been on Alprazolam all the evening : he hadn't noticed. At about 11pm, I was exhausted, so I went to bed. I remember dreaming that night, and had what might be called a lucid dream. (I was aware of the fact I was dreaming, but had no control on the dream. Also, it didn't seem to last for a very long time).

I woke up feeling kind of dizzy. That dizziness, although not very noticeable nor annoying, stayed for nearly three days! I would feel it only when moving a bit too fast. I suppose it was some kind of side effect?

Anyway, that was my experience with Alprazolam. I found it to be pretty interesting, enjoyable, although I am scared about possible addiction - that will prevent me from taking more, or even trying to get more, once I won't be able to get it anymore (which is not even a week from now).

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 68791
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Oct 15, 2009Views: 26,965
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