Saving Grace
LSD & Ginseng
Citation:   Geraldine Bain. "Saving Grace: An Experience with LSD & Ginseng (exp68604)". Sep 2, 2008.

1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
    repeated oral Ginseng (extract)
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I had dropped acid several times before, in about the same dosage, and had had no bad trips. However, I had been reading some very strange stuff and I believe that had something to do with the outcome of this trip. I used to do this often; read strange stuff, toke up and think about it. I ďlearnedĒ and saw some weird things this way.

We went out with friends and all of us, except my husband Sandy, shared some acid. All went well for awhile but then I began to have some serious hallucinations that began to scare him so he took me to a very good psychic that we knew. I remember her coming to the door and looking way up above my head in astonishment. She told me later my energy was flaming almost ten feet up out my head like a pillar of fire. She then sat with us for hours while she had me repeat with her the 23rd psalm, ďThe Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want, etc.Ē Eventually I calmed down enough that he could take me home.

However, the hallucinations continued into the next day and Sandy took me to emergency where they gave me something to bring me down. However, I didnít come down. Instead, I began to have convulsions, among other things. The convulsions would draw me backwards and I would be screaming ďtheyíre trying to break my back!Ē I found out years later during therapy that this was an ancestral trip. I actually saw a male ancestor on the rack.

This went on for nearly five days during which some of the time my teenage daughters came and sat with me so my husband could get some sleep. We were managing a boarding ranch at the time. Finally, he took me to hospital where they popped me into the psych ward. Things got really interesting in the psych ward. Because I was so psychically tuned, I could see right into people. The first thing they wanted to do in hospital was take my blood. In my distorted condition, they looked like vampires and there was no way any bunch of vampires were going to get my blood and I began throwing them around the room. Iím a big girl, just under 6 ft and at that time, strong from doing farm work. It took 5 men to subdue me and get me into a straight jacket. From then on, I donít remember much at all. They kept me heavily sedated all the time.

My husband was heartsick and really scared for me but what could he do? I was literally a raving lunatic. Later, he divulged to me he had got down on his knees and prayed earnestly that I be delivered from this madness and returned to him. Back then he was a real pain in the backside with jealousy. He promised to give this up if he could just have me back. He wasnít, at the time, a religious person (he still isnít, come to think of it) but he has always been very alive spiritually.

I have vague recollections of my nearly adult children coming to visit me and evidently I would phone my husband at all hours begging him to come and take me home. I also have a foggy recollection of sitting in on a meeting in which I was the center of attention and a number of doctors consulted with my husband during which they told him he may as well forget me as, in their opinion, I would never be any better. They were ready to lock me up and throw away the key. Maybe that was when he prayed.

Anyway, one day, when my dearest was visiting me and I was drugged right out of my mind, I kept moaning that my head hurt. I guess I had a king sized headache. At any rate, he began rubbing my head. The longer he rubbed, the saner I got till finally, I was making complete sense. It was me again, back in my body and being intelligent again. I always knew I was in there somewhere but now, I was able to communicate clearly and I begged him once more to take me home.

He was seriously impressed with my reaction to his head rub and went away to tell someone he wanted me home and they were to get my clothes. I, in the meantime, got anxious with waiting for him and went to the door to look for him. The orderlies saw me and the next thing, they pounced on me and even though I tried to fight them off, someone gave me an injection. When my husband got back I was back to being a drooling idiot, literally. When he returned and found me in that condition, he was furious and demanded my clothes. They couldnít refuse him but they protested vehemently, saying that I was dangerous and violent and he was making a huge mistake. Fortunately, he didnít listen and took me home anyway.

Whenever I remember that time, I so appreciate him for being the man that he is. The only other man I ever knew who might have had the jam to stand up to the Authorities was my dad. Anybody else would have been intimidated by the Big Ones and left me there. It was a truly heavy trip and he was my Knight in Shining Armour.

At any rate, he took me home where he had to literally lead me by the hand. However, he took me to a chiropractor who couldnít help me but did advise him to take me to a Chinese herbalist. This friendly little Oriental, when told of my problem, didnít bat an eye. Instead he said, ďLSD? No problem. I give you some of this and some of thatÖĒ as he took down several different bottles and boxes of liquid ginseng as well as royal jelly from his shelves. He even broke open an ampoule for me to drink right there and then.

I shall never forget it. Prior to that, I had been spitting out all doctor medications. I remember that they tasted horrible and felt jagged and ugly, even caustic, in my mouth and like a little kid, I refused to take them. However, as soon as that ginseng touched my tongue, I loved it and swallowed it eagerly where it blossomed like a warm fire in my cold belly. I could feel it spreading its healing warmth throughout my whole body. We took a good deal of it home with us where I was happy to take it all.

In one week, I was completely healed. Weak, but healed. That was when I went grocery shopping with my beloved. Lo and behold, we met the chief psychiatrist from the hospital there in the supermarket where he was gathering his growlies, too. I recognized him and was happy to see him. I went up to him and asked if he remembered me. He looked a little befuddled and blinked a few times but the bell didnít ring for him until my husband appeared at my side. Then he recognized me and he was so shocked, it was almost as if he was seeing a ghost.

I rattled on about what we had done to fix me and offered to come to the hospital and share this wonderful news with everyone. However, no one ever got back to me, even though I did phone a couple of times and attempt to make an appointment. They didnít want to know. Thatís when I really learned about entrenched professionalism. There are none so blind as those who will not see. That was also when I began to take herbs and natural methods seriously and Iíve never looked back. It makes me wonder just how many people are locked up for the rest of their lives that might be healed if they were fed ginseng and or other herbs. Iíve read some really stupid things about ginseng wherein people decry its usefulness but as far as Iím concerned they donít have a clue and should keep their mouths shut. It is definitely a divine gift, as are all the herbs. God Almighty, the Universe and all of Nature love us silly mortals with a love we barely understand, never mind acknowledge.

Exp Year: 1974ExpID: 68604
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 40
Published: Sep 2, 2008Views: 23,066
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