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Came for the Visuals, Stayed for the Thoughts
Mushrooms & Amphetamines (Adderall)
by Some_nerdy_freak
Citation:   Some_nerdy_freak. "Came for the Visuals, Stayed for the Thoughts: An Experience with Mushrooms & Amphetamines (Adderall) (exp68447)". Erowid.org. Jun 27, 2021. erowid.org/exp/68447

30 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
  1 g oral Mushrooms  
  2.5 g oral Mushrooms  
  20 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)


Before I begin, I’ll just tell you a few of the things you probably don’t care about regarding me. I am a 14-year-old boy and freshman in high school, a Student Senate officer, a 4.4 GPA student, a political enthusiast, and a total druggie. I faked or at least exacerbated my own ADHD to get Adderall. I personally think I’m that or bipolar, because I can’t focus, sit still, and I go in phases of extreme joy then rock-bottom depression, and not to mention impulsivity. Adderrall is doing fine though as it at least helps me focus and its worth more on the streets than some crappy anti-psychotics.
My first drug experiences were in middle school. With limited access I tried alcohol, DXM, Adderall, pot, nitrous, Zoloft (recreational…dumb idea), clonazepam, and tobacco. Into my high school career I obtained access to codeine, [fake] acid, cocaine, and today mushrooms, of which I tried.
I always wanted to try and fully experience psychedelics, and last night I took 6 tabs of “acid” which ended up just being stickers. Up until today, my favorite drug was Adderall, which I have free access to via my dad’s prescription or my own faked prescription. However, today changed it all.

I woke up this morning, immediately coming to a realization about last night. The acid I took was fake, or at least really crappy quality. I abstained from taking my Zoloft last night knowing that it limits your ability to trip. So this morning, I felt kind of crappy.
After showering and such, one of my classic impulsive urges came upon me. You see, my friend ‘Dorny’ is also a druggie. I got him into shit with booze and Adderall, but after that he seemed to get good drug connections mostly by chance. For example, last Saturday, he found out that his neighbor sells shrooms for $45 an 8th, and he took them, and tripped hard after eating it all. Today, he was going to sell another 8th to ‘Erico’ for $45 (making no profit), so I texted Dorny asking him to go two doors down and get an 8th for me also. But, he didn’t get my text…

After he didn’t respond, I kind of forgot about it. I took my 30 mg of Adderall XR. Then I went on the bus, got to school. Before homeroom, I thought I’d try to find Dorny to see if he got my text/shrooms, but no luck. I then saw Erico and he asked me “I don’t have the money for [Dorny]…what should I do?” I then told him that I’d buy the shrooms from Dorny for me, so he wouldn’t have to be in debt and Dorny wouldn’t have to be in the red.
Then came homeroom, which is boring as crap. In first period math, I told ‘Ain’ (the typical shady stoner who probably gets his drugs from a guy named ‘Snake’ or ‘Javiez’) about how his acid didn’t work. He said not to blame the middleman, bullshit. In the hallway after math, I saw Dorny. He just received my text somehow. I explained the situation with Erico and we went into the bathroom to do the exchange. In there, I gave him $40, and he gave me the bag of the 8th.
“You know with impulsive old me this bag isn’t going to make it to lunch.” I told him.
“Just don’t use it. Eat a little now for a mini trip but don’t waste it.” he told me. After that I went to history. During that class, I was mentally debating whether I should go to the bathroom to eat a little bit or not. 2nd period was over, and on to gym.
In the locker room, I decided to eat a gram of the shrooms. By the end of gym I just felt like I was really high, expecting visuals and thoughts of couches being numbers or something like that, but nothing. Right before 4th period Italian, I ate the rest of the bag. This is what I warned Dorny about, my impulsivity.
In Italian, I told ‘Torny’ (my friend who recently just tried pot) what I did. He then told ‘Tulio,’ who is kind of a dopey, loser person who leeches off of acquaintances for sociality. In the beginning of class they were just making faces at me and saying things like “look at the colors!” When we started to work on our worksheet I really started tripping.
I couldn’t feel my hands. Or my legs. But I could feel my teeth. I could feel through my pencil. Then our teacher (who adores Torny) asked him and I to bring some papers to her car. Tulio annoyingly volunteered to come along with us. We put the stuff in her car, and they were asking me typical questions. “What is it? How do you use it? From who? What’s it like?” My answers were cryptic and incomplete, and they were laughing.

Back in class, Torny and Tulio were asking me more questions. “How many mushrooms did you eat? How much was it?” By that point, my sense of auditory perception was completely haywire. I couldn’t tell if I was speaking very loudly or whispering so quietly. I was unsure if they were talking loudly and [teacher] could hear us, so I shushed them, but when I did that it was really loud.

On my way to fifth period science, a girl ‘Mango’ was talking to Torny and me, and she knew something was up. I couldn’t even finish my thoughts let alone sentences, and she asked me how my trip was I said something like “my feeling like dentists…like a cavity getting filled…” trying to say that the physical feeling was like being on nitrous.

Science I would consider the peak of my experience. It was about 2 hours since my first dose, 1 since my second. I sat down. My friend ‘Vas’ sits next to me, and I started laughing at him. He said “what?” I said “shrooms.” He said I was faking, and I tried to tell him I wasn’t. But I couldn’t even finish that sentence, it was mostly gibberish.
I sat there and stared at my seat completely disoriented, trying to think, but not finishing sentences mentally. My train of thought kind of went in a loop. I’d think about reality, time, and if other people knew I was tripping. Then I’d tune into reality. But I was really out of it. I didn’t know what was going on in class, if we were taking notes or doing a lab. I would occasionally utter something irrelevent like “when do we get worksheets?” Also, my auditory perception was even more disrupted. I couldn’t even comprehend talking and voices sounded like trumpets or gibberish or something.
The first ten minutes of class seemed like an eternity but also a split second. Ten minutes into class everyone stood up and started moving. I had no clue what was going on. Everybody was getting into lab groups and we were doing an experiment. Erico is also in that class, and he came to our lab group, I tried to explain what was going on. “I trip right now…I really feel weird…My hands and wrists are not mine…” He was laughing and I asked him if it seemed like I was tripping and he said yea, my pupils were huge and I was looking around everywhere.
During the experiment I was even more zoned out. I was just thinking. Not even like “woah, the miracles of science!” like you’d expect from a hallucinogen, but just thought. When someone asked me what my answer for question 2, and I froze up. I had no clue what to say. After probably 30 seconds of just staring at him, I said “[Erico] probably knows.” Then I leaned over and grabbed Erico’s paper to start copying the answers because I didn’t have anything written down. But when I started copying my handwriting was so ridiculously sloppy…then I figured out I could barely read! I had to sound out every syllable just like a first grader.
After science was over, I asked Vas what day it was, he said “Saturday, Christmas Day.” I laughed and then he said it was Wednesday. Fuck. Instead of going to lunch I had to go to Paidea, the gifted class that wastes everyone’s time.
Right before getting to Paidea, I saw Dorny, as we cross paths on our daily routes around there. I tried to say something and he said “You ate the whole thing didn’t you.” I nodded and I asked “could you really trust me?” He said no but he didn’t feel like having everyone at his lunch table asking to see it so he wanted me to take it. (Wow, thanks…)

I got to Paidea. I went in, sat down…tried to stay cool. I was really afraid of looking like I was tripping to others. The teacher was talking but I couldn’t focus, but I was just looking around at all the maps on the wall. I thought of how vast the earth was…it was strange.
I could only do one thing at once. During that class, we eat lunch. During this period I kept going to take a bite of something but then I’d pause with the hoagie a few inches from my mouth and think. It’d be there for up to a minute at a time, and must’ve looked odd to others. I could only do one thing at once…not like one task, but literally one thing: I could only think a word at a time, or sometimes I would think in wordlessness. If I was walking, I was only walking. If I was chewing, only chewing. Weird.

On the way to study hall, I couldn’t control my legs. All movement was so weird. No tracers, but everything was just sort of slow and weird…Everyone looked so defined and real…a new reality.
Study hall was just as weird. My Adderall trying to work caused me to want to write something and the shrooms made me want to “express myself” so I tried to make a collection of sketches or songs or poems or something artistic, but now I’m looking at that paper and it’s a piece of crap...nothing is even finished.
Also in study hall I was listening to the cars outside and conversation and it was just so…trippy. Everything sounded longer somehow. I was also thinking about how time was so odd. What was reality? Who was I? Why? All these questions, and I thought about death. Am I really dead now? How are we alive? God must be real, how could we be here without him?

In English, I told ‘Stek’ what I did. He was with Dorny during his first trip. He kind of ignored me. After we started discussing some bogus story we had to read for homework (that no one read), I just shouted “look at that bike outside!” I was really amazed at this sole bike in the middle of the road. The teacher then said “Good observation, [Jark], now let’s try to finish the discussion without acting like little 4 year olds, amused by the flowers and the doggies and bikes...” I was thinking about all those things she listed and it was really cool to me.

After English, school was over, and it seemed like I was wearing off right there. I saw Dorny and I told him “I came for the visuals, but I stayed for the thoughts.” He laughed at how dumb that sounded, but it was true. I didn’t have any true hallucinations during my whole trip, everything was just like on pot just a little more “real” but no talking posters or breathing walls or cross senses. It then occurred to me that shrooms and acid are both weakened by Zoloft, which was in my bloodstream from a few days prior. That’s probably why my trip only went so far.

Then I got home and felt like shit. I think that Adderall and shrooms are a bad combo. Coming down from both is not pleasant at all. If you’ve ever come off of Adderall, you know that dry-mouth anxiety, and coming off shrooms is just weird. I got home and just felt like I should die. The trip was great, but now I was crap. So I took 20 mg of Adderall a few hours ago and now I’m typing this because of my extreme focus.

I would do shrooms again. I will do shrooms again. But not with Adderall, and not in school. It was the most powerful experience before, and I underestimated what it would do. If I had to do ANYTHING today I would’ve been fucked. Luckily, America’s public schools are so terrible that nobody learns, most of our time is spent sitting staring at the board while the teacher is on his/her computer or ranting about sugar for the whole period.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 68447
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 14 
Published: Jun 27, 2021Views: 1,927
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Amphetamines (6), Mushrooms (39) : First Times (2), Combinations (3), School (35)

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