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Journeys from the Playroom
Ketamine & MDMA
by Remain Anonymous
Citation:   Remain Anonymous. "Journeys from the Playroom: An Experience with Ketamine & MDMA (exp68224)". Aug 26, 2009.

T+ 0:00
  insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:10 1 cup oral Tea (tea)
  T+ 0:00   insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00   insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:00   insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)


Considering this was only my second time experimenting with ket, what I felt this time around was absolutely different to the first. Firstly, the dosage was higher, much higher. Secondly, it was after a lovely ecstasy session. I'm not the biggest guy in the world but I am tall, and those with me at the time said that was probably why I could take more than most people.

A friend and myself insufflated a small line dead on 4:00am. Ten minutes later the first signs started kicking in - things slowed down and I found it easier to relax. This early on everything was still 100%, I was walking perfectly fine, chatting perfectly fine and made a cup of tea for myself no problem. Ten minutes later I felt the same but just a little bit more relaxed.

We did another small line and carried on chatting. The room we were in was very comfortable and warm, and the company was great, two of us were doing ket, one was overseeing us - the perfect setting imho. A nice warm ket feeling was properly setting in now, and ket-time was really noticeable as it felt like half an hour for ten minutes to pass. At 4:30am the room notched a little to the left as I was sitting down. My friend and I both noticed me stagger to contain my balance and found this quite funny. We had a little music playing in the background and dancing to this felt good. As my vision moved around the room, the room followed in a smooth and flowing trail, and it appeared as though most of the objects in the room were beginning to get soft, rounded edges. By 4:40am the room felt very friendly and soft, like a playroom - this only made me feel better. Still 100% in control.

Our overseer had decided we really weren't getting the most out of these small bumps, so she made some bigger lines for us. She said I was taking it brilliantly, was obviously enjoying it and a larger line would do no harm. I agreed as I was feeling superb. The line we insufflated next was about twice the size of the first ones, and this was noticeable minutes after consuming. Once or twice since 4:00am I would cough up a little ket residue from the back of my throat, it tastes rather fowl. The room notched further to the left and things were definitely slow, smooth and a bit wavey at this stage. My tea had gone cold so I decided to make a fresh one. This is where it really kicked in.

The kettle and cups were just round the corner, but still part of the room, as I kneeled next to the table, it felt as though I was in a very long corridor, but I could still see round the corner where my friends where, however they also seemed ten times the distance away than before. This faded back to normal but went circular a few times when I was waiting for the kettle to boil. I really had to concentrate to pour the water in, but I managed it. It was about 4:50am by now. To get the milk in I needed to be more steady so I brought the cup down onto the floor and kneeled on my hands and knees. It was rather amusingly hard just to pour milk in. The edge of the cup elongated a couple of times and on two occasions the rim became level with the floor, which was great. After much struggling with a simple task, I had made my tea, however picking it up to sip it was too difficult. I did manage to pick it up and put it back on the table without spilling it, even though my unfocused vision of the room behind was tilted and all spherical.

My friend and I touched hands which felt like rubber, and upon waving our limbs around it felt as though they were stretching and going all wobbley. No doubt to our overseer we looked like complete and utter fools but our sensations were phenomenal. I closed my eyes and that's when I felt the real difference to the first time I'd tried ket. As we had just come back from a nightclub that was the dominating memory in my mind, and as I closed my eyes I was brought back to it. In front of me wooshed a circular room with green and black walls and several screens displaying the nightclub we were just at. The green and black walls reminded me of the Matrix and suddenly that appeared before me (eyes still closed remember). Yes, I was tripping. For the first time in my life, I was tripping/hallucinating. And wow was it amazing.

By 5:00am I had let myself trip several times, all of them different. I could put myself anywhere I wanted to be in the entire world, just by closing my eyes. I noticed some of the first effects of the ket start to wear off so I asked my overseer to make me a small bump, which I insufflated. This was my last dose. And then, from 5:00am to about 5:20am, although it seemed like a good long hour, my friend and I sat/laid there continuing to trip and let our minds take us anywhere and let us see anything. The high was very controllable as both of us could easily open our eyes, and be brought back down to earth. The room was such a safe security zone for us, it brought us out of the trippy world and back to reality. The light was on, and it was our familiar, soft and cosy playroom. What happened next I did not expect.

It was just after 5:20am and our overseer had called it a night. I was sitting in a chair and my friend (who was ketting with me) was lying on the bed, but he decided he was going to call it quits too. He got up and turned the light off. BAM! A huge trip kicked in, [i]with[/i] my eyes open. Completely unexpected. Suddenly my safe zone of having my eyes open and the room with the light on had disappeared. Now I was properly in a K-Hole. It was dark and I couldn't open eyes to return back to earth (or as I knew it, my cosy playroom with the light on). A little astounded at first I did endure the panic and sat through it. After the panic I let my whole new life experience do its work. It was just so unbelievable that my mind (or the drug) could be doing this. I was seeing everything anyone could see, from animals to people, from lights to drumkits, from beaches to skyscrapers. I went everywhere, I did everything, or I saw everything, I saw everyone, or so it felt. The room was square and this stuck in my mind, so although I couldn't properly see it, my trips were contained in this square room.

I let my mind run wild for a bit and enjoyed the trip. I touched and felt around and made strange colours and visualisations like those you get in Windows Media Player. I danced and moved things around. It was pure euphoria. I remember the cup of tea that was on the table next to me. I moved my head and looked at faced the table. I couldn't see it because it was too dark, and nor could my trippy mind see it. Instead, more images of walls and floors and a floating chair flashed into my vision like a reel of tape from an old film. People that I saw in the nightclub before had now appeared but although their faces weren't distinctive, I knew who they were. I saw the lasers and the lights again and then, instantaneously, I was lying on a quiet beach and sand was running off my body. So many different activities I found myself doing so quickly, flashing before my eyes. It was just unbelievable.

Going back to the cup of tea on the table. I put my hands out to physically find it. As I touched it, still facing it, it became part of my trip. I could see the end of my hand grasping the table but it was changing type of wood every split second, oak, beech, walnut, pine, then colours, red, orange, green. This was all in the centre of my vision but around the outside I carried on tripping like normal very rushy. Next, the table started to develop shape in my trip, but it changed and morphed into a table without legs, then a table with fifty legs, then a table that was just legs, then a table with a mirror on it, etc, it was just so weird.

I gathered the courage to get on the floor and find my bed, which I believed to be somewhere towards the right. As I crawled looking down, touching the carpet became part of trip at the end of my hand (like with the table), the same changes and colour movement. Eventually lying in bed on my back, still tripping hard, seeing a unique thing every time, I was getting bored of this. I wanted out. Unfortunately my body (or was it my mind) wasn't letting this happen. To try and take my mind off it (possible in a K-Hole?!) I tripped back into the nightclub and starting dancing. I then became conscious me shaking the bed that my fiance was also sleeping in, so I stopped. I needed to urinate and thankfully there was a lightswitch on the wall near my head. God knows what would have happened if I'd had to get to the other end of the room near the door, end up outside perhaps? I dread to think. The instant the light came on, I was back in my playroom. The tripping, the hallucinating, the rushing, it all stopped, and I actually felt like I came out of it a bit. It was a relief and a much needed break. I walked to the toilet no problem (hope so). The extractor fan to the bathroom was controlled by the lightswitch, so not wanting to disturb anyone, I left the light off and used the light from the main room. Sitting on the toilet, the bath was to my left, and because it was dark in that corner, I began tripping there. The door was light, fine and normal, but the bath wasn't. That was freaky - half tripping, half 'normal.' From then on I continued to about 7:30am tripping out when the light was off, and coming back to reality by switching the light on for a bit, until eventually the trips faded out and thankfully stopped.

My god, what an experience. Having never hallucinated before in my entire life, this really was something special. I am so glad that I did not get completely freaked out by it, and didn't get scared, 'cause that really would have ruined it and would have fucked me up. I just relaxed, enjoyed it, let it do what it had to do, and was so fascinated by it. In the morning, I was fine. Only a bit exhausted by the long dancing last night. If I do ket again, yes I think I would like to trip like that again, but I think the ecstasy helped me enjoy it more.

[Reported Dose: '~0.6 gram']

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 68224
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 26, 2009Views: 7,196
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