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Dream-Like State
Syrian Rue
by Havokjester
Citation:   Havokjester. "Dream-Like State: An Experience with Syrian Rue (exp6817)". Mar 25, 2002.

10 g oral Syrian Rue (tea)


PREPARATION: I ground 10 grams of Syrian rue seeds in a coffee grinder and put them into a small pot. I added 2 cups water and 1/4 cup lemon juice and one 'emergen C' packet. (Emergen c is an energy supplement that comes in a powdered effervescent formula. It contains high amounts of vitamin c, ascorbic acid, and b vitamins. It can be obtained from any Vitaminworld or GNC.)

I brought this mixture to a boil and kept it there for about 5 minutes. I strained off the liquid through a fine mesh permanent coffee filter. Any type of filter would work as long as it keeps the seeds from going through. I then added fresh water, lemon juice, and another emergen c packet in the same proportions to the seeds and repeated the whole process. I combined both batches of liquid into a fresh pot and set it to boil. I discarded the seeds at this point and sat around waiting for the liquid to boil down.

I let the liquid boil for about half an hour until all the water and juice had evaporated and a very sticky resin was left. This resin is dark black and smells somewhat like coffee and chocolate.

I poured the resin onto a plastic plate and let it sit for about 5-10 min to cool and harden slightly. (Dont touch resin to anything you would not want possibly stained.) Once the resin was still soft and malleable, but not too sticky to touch I rolled it up into a big mass and pinched off small pieces. I rolled all of these small pieces into small balls no larger than a small gumball. I put the balls back onto the plate and put the plate in the freezer to let the balls harden.

BODY SETUP: I ate a light breakfast of oatmeal and had a little bit of rice and chicken broth in the morning, but did not eat after 1:30 p.m. Be sure to adhere to the diet restrictions necessary when taking MAOI's. During the whole preparation of the Syrian rue I drank a tea made from dried dandelion and ginger. This tea helps to prevent nausea and calm the stomach.

SETTING: I did this at home and prepared the concoction in the afternoon. I took the balls out of the freezer and swallowed them all at 7:40 p.m. just put your head back and down them. If they stay in your mouth too long they taste really bitter.

TRIP: After swallowing the Syrian rue balls at 7:40 I waited around for it all to kick in. I felt a little warm and fuzzy after about half an hour, but nothing significant. The trip really didn't start until about 9:30, but once it started it came on hard much like MDMA does. By the time you notice it starting it's almost peaking.

Balance and coordination started to become impaired which made walking sorta interesting, similar to alcohol effects. The thing I noticed the most was trails, extreme fucking trails. I had my blacklight on in my room and many things were glowing because of it. Every time I moved my head or turned around there were trails from everything that was glowing on my walls. Also, a funny note, harmine/harmaline must be blacklight responsive because my hands were glowing really bright.

It took me the better part of the night to figure out that it must've been from when I was rolling all the resin into balls between my hands. Anyway this also made for great trails because the trail from my hand would glow. I could move my hand in a figure eight and have a steady trail keep the eight there. I didn't really get any CEV's like I had expected. This high seemed to focus around motion. Moving my head around would cause the whole room to spin, slide, or trail.

The only frustrating part was that moving around too much did make me feel a little queasy. I felt perfectly fine while laying down though. I never did throw up and didn't really feel sick unless I walked around for too long. The main stomach discomfort was that I was really hungry the whole time since Id eaten so little in order to fast for this. All the effects appeared to have peaked by 10:30 and stayed on strong.

I laid down around 11 and closed my eyes. I found it really easy to concentrate and think clearly. I had many great thoughts and strings of ideas. By laying down I sort of fell into a dream like state, I'd say a light REM sleep stage. I awoke at 12:20 with the effects still going strong and decided to eat something. I had a barbecued chicken breast and drank water. I had no problem keeping it down and didn't feel sick at all. I have a feeling I could've eaten earlier, but didn't want to risk it just in case. After eating I laid down again and drifted back into the dream state and stayed there until morning.

CONCLUSION: I awoke the next day feeling very relaxed, happy and satisfied. My mind was a little numb and I was a little groggy, but normal otherwise. It was somewhat hard to concentrate the morning after, but that's the only side effect I had. Overall I consider it a success and enjoyable. No paranoia or sickness, but in general it's too much hassle for the high. Id only do it again to combine it with something else, either with shrooms, acid, or in an ayahuasca brew.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 6817
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 25, 2002Views: 39,038
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Syrian Rue (45) : Alone (16), Preparation / Recipes (30), General (1)

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