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From Nothing to Nowhere
Citation:   Lobster Cao. "From Nothing to Nowhere: An Experience with 2C-B-Fly (exp68125)". Sep 16, 2008.

  oral 2C-B-Fly (liquid)
I was chilling at a faire when a most interesting animal approached me. I recognized the animal and it offered me a new treat I had not heard of before. It told me the tale of the 2c-b-fly and asked if I would like to pilot such a craft.

The gift came in the form of a drop of liquid and though I cannot remember 100% I believe I had 1 drop and not 2. This animal was a wise one and I have all the reason to believe that it used a rather standard dose. So though I do not know the dose amount for sure, I believe it to be in the 10mg range. I gladly accepted the gift and went on my way. It told me that the come up could take an hour or two and to be patient.

T+ 0h - I was a bit on the tired side, and from what I knew of 2cb, I thought the fly could/would have quite a kick to it. So I went to my tent and decided to lay down for a while and sleep through the come up, expecting the substance to wake me up in true psychoactive fashion. I always loved getting dosing when mostly asleep so that I could wake up into my experience. I soon fell fast asleep and awaited my kiss from the cosmic prince.

T+ 2 1/2h - I finally woke up at one point though for no apparent reason. I looked at my watch and about 2 and a half hours had passed. To my disappointment I didn't feel much of any activity going on. There was little to no breathing of my tent walls, colors seemed just about the same they did when sober. I had a very slight almost caffeine buzz of energy, but nothing out of the ordinary. No audio enhancement either.

T+ 3h - I decided to smoke a bowl of herb around this time and sit up and see if I couldn't kick start the experience. After a few bowls, and sitting around I grew tired again so I laid down.

T+ 3 1/2h - I fell back asleep and didn't wake up until 6 hours later. I felt no burn out or after effects, and was totally back to normal (though I was about 95% normal before anyways).

Reflections and possibilities:

I found the experience to be a major let down as I was excited to try out a new chemical that I had no previous experience with. It is possible that doses in the 10mg range are simply just not so effective when taken orally. [Erowid Note: The dose is actually unknown, as mentioned above.] From what I seem to read in other reports I have noticed that the 15mg range seems to provide people a much more active experience. Another thing I would like to see explored is the possibility of cross tolerance with other psychoactives like LSD. I had been using quite a bit of it the past week and days leading up to this night and it is possible that having such a tolerance interfered with this substance and its effects. I look forward to meeting up with this fly in the future and giving it further exploration.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 68125
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 16, 2008Views: 12,784
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2C-B-Fly (350) : Unknown Context (20), First Times (2)

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