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No Idea of Where I Was or What Was Going On
by Zain Ali
Citation:   Zain Ali. "No Idea of Where I Was or What Was Going On: An Experience with Ketamine (exp68062)". Aug 18, 2018.

100 mg insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)


E.I.P - 1. Ketamine

E.I.P Basically stands for (very predictably) 'Experiments in Psychedelics'. An idea to see and study, the sudden onset of the drug use/psychedelia phenomenon on musicians, philosophers and artists. Its not a very detailed idea and theres no need for that, its more like the collection of data to be evaluated and analyzed 'later' and then constructed upon.

A properly weighed 100 mg line was separated from the total (approx.) 450 mg. I took a clean glass tube to 'snort' the white powder in. I insufflated it in one powerful blow and felt the power creep through my nostrills, a stingy/burning sensation through the nasal passage was almost immediate. 3-4 Minutes after that, I could feel my face numbing and the substance slowly taking control.

In the next 45-50 seconds I could not feel most of my body, ketamine being an anesthetic I was not surprised, what I was surprised was that starting from that point, my perception of time sort of dismantled. Gradually just going away, breaking down, not changing, literally going away.
starting from that point, my perception of time sort of dismantled. Gradually just going away, breaking down, not changing, literally going away.
I was sitting in a lotus position throughout, and slowly when it started 'kicking in' I felt the need to move to a more secluded environment. Due to the complete lack of feeling throughout my body I dragged myself behind 4 hanging shower curtains in a round edged sort of a fashion.

The shower curtains were separated into 3 different color zones. Orange, Dark Purple and A slightly lighter orange. I kept on staring at them with absolutely no idea of where I was or what was going on. I felt my self dissolved, my ego dissolved; By now, I can see the color zones all being a different shade of gray and moving like a film reel. The visual play was not that special without the psychological phenomenon attached to it. I felt and saw as if everything was black and white and my ego had dissolved completely and I remember telling telling myself 'For death, this isn't bad, everything ends up just alright.' I could hear what I would call an accelerating popping sound, running towards higher pitch at a noticeable pace. Slowly I moved out of this ego dissolved state with the idea of everything working out just right after death. The colors had restored, the visual and audio play was over; Though I did feel as if I couldn't merge the images both my eyes were capturing. As if the frame of the left eye was a little higher than the right one and they both were capturing the same thing individually. I slowly started coming down, and while coming down I did feel some sort of nausea, I don't know what it was, but it happened to trigger me puking, but it didn't feel anything like the classical nausea-purge thing. In fact it didn't feel bad at all, not even the so called 'nausea'.

Gradually I got myself together and explained everything to my trip setter and made notes. My body was very stuttery and shaky after coming down but in about 3 hours and a shower I was completely fine.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 68062
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 18, 2018Views: 572
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