Deja Vu is the Universe's Way of Trying to Show Us That Everything has Happened Before
Citation:   DJMaux. "Deja Vu is the Universe's Way of Trying to Show Us That Everything has Happened Before: An Experience with Ether (exp67900)". Dec 26, 2015.

  repeated inhaled Ether (liquid)
It was about 1996 and I was about 16 years of age when I was flipping through some sort of chemical book at school and I came across a paragraph on diethyl ether. It said that it was a relatively non toxic anaesthetic. I knew that most solvents were toxic to the brain and liver but it seemed that damage from ether would be minimal compared to most inhalants so I tricked my dad into ordering some telling him it was for using with my chemistry set.

Well after a few days I received a 500ml bottle of ether. I opened the bottle and phew does this stuff smell!!!!! I didn't know what to do with it so I sniffed the top of the bottle but nothing really happened. Hmmmmm so I thought long and hard about how to do the ether. Well I got a 2 liter drinks bottle and poured in about 20ml of ether and sucked in and out of the bottle but that didn't really worker either so I thought Ahhhh I know!! I put a few holes a couple of inches from the bottom of the bottle and then began to inhale.

Wow is all I can say. This stuff got me higher then I had ever been. Time seemed to slow down and I felt like I was really drunk but clearer headed than when drunk. Then I found the best way to get high was to hold the bottle horizontally instead of vertically and swish the ether from side to side. It was when I started doing this that I saw the true power of diethyl ether. I would hold the bottle horizontally and swish the ether from side to side and inhale very deeply and quickly for about one minute.

As the time passed I started to enter another world that is beyond words. Time would slow down and slow down and eventually everything would be running at about 3 frames per second. Life was like playing on a 386 computer. Then just before passing out I would stop inhaling. Then BALM I would enter what I call the E hole (like the K hole). This is where I transcend time and enter a non liner state that is beyond comprehension. I go some place, some magical place and every time the ether would start to ware off I would come back from this non liner state and be like HOLY CRAP I was just.....didn't I just see...WOW!!!!

I later did ether with a friend and time slowed down into frames again and for about 10 seconds I got the most ridiculously intense Deja vu. I mean I've had deja vu before but this was so intense I KNEW that what I was seeing had happened before. I later found out that the universe was trying to show me that our lives do not consist of free will. We have no free will. We are completely being controlled by god (our higher selves) and deja vu is the universes way of trying to show us that because everything has happened before.

Ok so far so good. I'd like to share a few more experiences with you before I leave.
A few days after I got the ether I invited another friend to try some. I make him put about 30ml of ether into a 2 liter bottle with the holes (sooooo much better than a silly rag) and made him hold the bottle horizontally swishing the bottle from side to side to increase the surface area of the ether.

After about a minute I asked him to stop. He staggered back and said 'Your not real!!! Your in the game!' I didnt know what that meant at the time but now I am wiser I realized he saw the truth on ether that life is a game/dream and nothing is real.
Another time I was sat on my conservatory roof doing ether (trying not to stink the house out) and I looked up at a brick wall. I saw a black hole appear and each brick on the wall disappeared into the black hole. Brick by brick. Again at the time I didnt know what this meant but again the ether was trying to show me something. It was trying to show me that everything is one. That is why each brick went to the same place because each brick is one. Everything in the universe is one.

After a few weeks of using ether I got a 500ml plastic coke bottle to inhale from as I wanted to explore the lower levels on ether. Well I was on my bed with my eyes closed and I started to inhale. Then as I was getting higher I started to see a tunnel. A blue tunnel. So I continued to inhale more ether. As I did so the tunnel became much brighter and I actually felt I was in it. Then I saw the end of the tunnel approaching and it was black. I panicked and thought that if I carried on inhaling ether and reached the end of the tunnel I would die so I opened my eyes. After doing so I was a little disappointed as I wanted to know what was at the end of the tunnel.

Now apart from the non liner experiences I've had on ether the other most amazing thing that happened to me was a few days after the tunnel experience. I had on a cd called dance tip 4 and the track simply red Fairground rollo remix with the rain at the start. I lay back with the ether and closed my eyes as the song started and what I saw was incredible!!! I was floating in space and the lyrics started 'driving down an endless road' and I was like woa that why the end of the tunnel was black because it was endless. Which I believe the universe was trying to tell me through the ether that I was immortal.

Anyway as the song continued I was in space and I saw a massive space ship moving through space. It was purple and had all sorts of patterns/markings on the outside of the ship. Then I realized that I could control the ship! Which ever way I wanted the ship to go it would go! I was in awe! I cannot begin to describe how detailed this ship was! And the music fit it perfectly!

Any way I think that about covers my ether experiences. I found that after a few months of using it the magic kinda wore off and I stopped doing it. I highly recommend doing ether to experience the E hole in larger doses and the closed eye visuals in moderate dosages. Ether is a weighter/thicker more solid high than N2O. Perhaps like a mixture of alcohol and N20.

Exp Year: 1996ExpID: 67900
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Dec 26, 2015Views: 9,274
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