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The Real Buzz
Codeine (with Acetaminphen)
Citation:   GripNSip. "The Real Buzz: An Experience with Codeine (with Acetaminphen) (exp67859)". Apr 22, 2012.

150 mg oral Codeine (ground / crushed)
  1.5 g oral Acetaminophen (ground / crushed)
After recently have been given a prescription of Tylenol 3 w/ codeine, I decided to document an experience I've had after taking a recreational dose of the opiate painkiller I adore. I took very detailed and accurate notes of the affair to pass on to others looking for an enjoyable time with this narcotic. I'll explain the setup and run you threw the trip after taking these records before during and after the whole ordeal.

My experience with drugs is very extensive. I've done most every pharmaceutical drug, as well as many opiates, uppers, downers and psychedelics. I have yet to OD on anything, or have any very apparent problems at the moment. I'd previously had codeine several times without any bad effects.

For this experience I decided on achieving a nice body high and good buzz to follow, so I choose to dose at 150mg, of codeine of course. The Tylenol 3's I had were 300mg/30mg of Acetaminophen/Codeine, respectively. This would make the total intake to 1.5g or 1500mg of Acetaminophen and 150mg of codeine, 5 Tylenol 3's in all. I'd decided to do it at around midnight so I wouldn't be bothered while documenting the 'trip'.

The setting was in a mid sized bedroom, I'd left music playing during the whole experience, and watched TV previous to the main effects starting to kick in. My mindset was good to start the night off, no real stress or anxiety, so I wasn't worried at all. Before I began I made sure my stomach was empty, no food within 2&1/2hrs prior to the episode, to receive the maximum onset and best high I could get out of the dose I called for. I made sure I had taken no drugs within 24hrs earlier to the event. As a side note I do smoke, about a pack a day, from what I recall this does have an affect on recreational use on drugs, generally making the high or buzz last a little shorter compared to a non smoker; specifically in this case of codeine. Not so much as to make it worthless at all, just in comparison.

Now, with a clear mindset, and a decent, mellow setting, I began my little adventure. I crushed 5 Tylenol 3's into a coarse powder, mixed it well into an 8ounce glass of water with some orange flavoring, and chugged it down. Very bitter taste as one might imagine. Crushing the pills would allow for faster absorption. I proceeded to add another 2ounces of water to the cup and drank what was there in case I missed any of the sediment. From here on I recorded when the effects came and left, and my mindset during the whole ordeal.

Note: As to my tolerance at the time, a few nights before I'd taken 2 Tylenol 3's twice the past few days preceding the trip for pain. My tolerance at the time was none to very very little.

T = Time of ingestion ( 12:00AM )

T+20min-40min : First notable effects occur approx. 20minutes after ingestion. throughout this time, I begin getting slight feelings of extended relief, comfort and more relaxed. I go outside to have a smoke as I begin starting to feel the effects unfold. Around 12:40AM I begin feeling a more moderate muscle relaxation. Very slight sedation of body, as well my body begins to feel as though it weights heavier.

T+50min-1hr.10min : Heavier muscle relaxation and slightly heavier sedation effects come on, not too tired tho, easy to stay awake, but easy to just want to pass out as well :) Very moderate euphoria is also coming on, also itchy (as with most opiates). 1hr. mark, feeling peak, very relaxed and euphoric state of mind, moderate confusion and disorientation, almost clumsy. Pupils very dilated. Overall warmth throughout whole body. Nice sedation-like effects make it even more indulging. Music seems to intensify the plateau affects.

T+1hr.30min : Euphoria seems to plateau, almost fading at times but comes back very moderately (fairly strong). Body still mildly heavy. Still noticing small coordination loss/disorientation (clumsy). Pupils still dilated, very big. Very nice mindset, clear minded with carelessness to other things, and great body high continues.

T+1hr.55min : Very warm feeling still persists very strong. Had another cigarette, seemed once again to intensify this plateau effect I've been having. Again overall feeling of warmth, slight waves of euphoria still. Very relaxed, pupils still very big. Muscles continue to be only slightly sedated now, yet body not nearly as heavy as it seemed before. Itching only very minimal and is fading away.

T+2hr.15min-2hr.50min : Around 2:15AM Body high still staying steady, warmth throughout body with very relaxed feelings. Now 2:30AM Body high slowly fading but still quite noticeable, opiate warmth still staying strong. Later at 2:50AM still feeling warm throughout body, starting to come down but the gentle very moderate good feeling body high still overpowers any bad feelings of coming down. General mindset of being comfortable without cares, again feeling warm.

T+3hr.20min-3hr.40min : Nearing 3:20AM, body high almost completely if not already gone, eyes looking normal now, although there is still very nice warm feeling radiating throughout body. Very nice, gentle comedown. At around 3:40AM now the overall experience is now coming to an end. Still left in great feeling overall and mindset is pleasant with nice warm feeling still persisting, as it does usually with me when I take opiates, this feeling for me usually lasts an hour or two after I've come down on any opiate.

Total Duration Approx. 3hrs 40min

Overall thoughts: Very nice body high, with a decent duration, for me it was well worth it. I did take a moderately large amount of Acetaminophen. I experienced no real bad effects from all of what I took, no nausea or pains at all, but it really just depends on your body. Very fun and relaxing trip for me, and I look forward to my next. Codeine still remains one of my favorite opiates, and drugs for that matter.

Hope this helps others with their experience with mind/mood altering substances.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 67859
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 22, 2012Views: 419,076
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