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Five Trips with One Hit
Salvia divinorum (20x extract)
by M.T.O.
Citation:   M.T.O.. "Five Trips with One Hit: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (20x extract) (exp67677)". Apr 6, 2012.

1 hit smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


1. This was my first experience with psychoactives
2. I have taken no medication prior to this
3. I'm always a happy person around others.

Salvia Divinorum 20x

Method of Injestion:
Smoked.(My friend lit the bong while I inhaled, I covered it to catch my breath, and cleared it. I held it in for about 10 seconds and blew it out of my nose.

I was very anxious to try Salvia, but refused to go first because I wanted to see how other people would react and if I wanted that reaction...this was my first time ever seeing salvia as well. I had a good day that I spent with one of my good friends and didn't really have anything to complain about at the time.

I was at one of my best friend's house in his room upstairs-this house I feel very comfortable in because I'm there almost everyday and always have a good time. I was surrounded by four people who I knew well, two of which had already taken a hit of Salvia and had already come down from their trip, which didn't give me much to go off of because their trips weren't too extreme or out there. Everyone was in a good mood and we were watching a History Channel documentary on Pearl Harbor.

The Experience:
So I clearly underestimated this psychoactive drug because I didn't realize that anything could be this powerful.

As I sat on the couch, I needed help lighting the bong because I had never really done anything like this before. I watched my two friends take their hits, one laughed a little bit and the other just stood up and looked at his jacket, then sat back down so I clearly thought it was nothing. I was wrong. As he helped me take my hit, another friend sitting on the couch told me to hold it in and blow it out of my nose. Bad idea.

Not even 3 seconds after I took the hit was I blown away. I was not in the place where I was just seconds earlier. I remember laughing hysterically and hearing a voice say, 'uh oh here goes mto!' All at once I was taken to another place. Standing outside with the same people I was in the room with, and I began to rock back and forth. I couldn't keep my balance and everything began to spin around me. As this was going on, I began to feel a shrinking sensation as if I were getting closer to the ground and everyone was staring at me. At this point, I was only concious to the fact that what I was experiencing wasn't normal. I had a really bad feeling that what was happening to me wasn't what was supposed to be happening, and that made me really scared. I tried for what seemed minutes to talk myself out of this trance but the more I did that, the worse I got so I decided to just let it happen and go with the flow.

Within the next 30 seconds, The colors and the patterns began to enfold me, but people were still all around me. I began to test my voice, raising it up and down for about ten seconds, wondering if anyone around me could hear. I found myself functioning and doing things that I didn't even instruct my body to do, like speak in jibberish, grab onto my friend's leg and address him as a being that I witnessed in my trance, and also began to act like a bird. Once I became a bird, I was able to stand up and felt like I was literally flying, that is, until I reached the television set.

About a minute and a half into my trip I reached the television and was immediately sucked into the program which I saw. Although I felt like I was apart of the tv program, my mind changed it around, and I felt as if I were watching a plane crash and I was flying outside of the plane watching it crash, trying to figure out ways to fix it. What I saw on the tv continued off of the set and I saw the scene on the walls and everywhere I turned. I screamed for help from the others around me to help me save the plane but all at once what I saw on the tv dissapeared and that really upset me, and I went hysterical and hit the ground by my friend's legs who had helped me take the hit.

I laid there for about 20 seconds but it felt like hours. I thought I had free fallen from the sky and I was just laying there laughing hysterically because I couldn't believe I survived. I also moved all of my limbs, flailing them all around me, and started talking in jibberish and singing songs once again. I remember getting up and screaming at the TV thinking I was in Florida and that I didn't want to be there. I saw the bong lying next to me and it made me afraid of it and aware that I was still under my trance and I wanted out of it because it was becoming too intense to me.

At this time, I'm 3 minutes in and still on my trip. I remember crawling across the floor, everything spinning, and I begin crying at the top of my lungs and the room still hasn't taken its normal shape. I was crying of embarassment of what had happend and that I had made a mess around the whole room. I couldn't stop apologizing and I couldn't get up. I begged and begged for the experience to be over but it just wouldn't stop. I was able to finally stand up and I began to see figures, but couldn't tell if they were my friends or not. The scarf I had been wearing around my neck began to feel like it was tightning around my neck, like a boa constrictor, and I ripped it off and screamed, 'I AM NEVER SMOKING SALVIA AGAIN!!!'

I made my way out of the room and ran and tripped down the stairs into the wall and stumbled onto the couch in the living room where it was dark, but the dining room light was on. Everything to me seemed to have a pulse and was beating with the beat of my heart. Although after 5 minutes I was still in my trance, this place felt safer than upstairs, and to me it was my sanctuary. My friend who had helped me smoke the bong ran downstairs after me and sat on the steps and continued watching me to ensure my safety. It seemed to me as he talked, he bounced around the room and I couldn't follow him, so I closed my eyes and kept praying that the experience was going to be over soon. I had never been more afraid in my life. I thought I was going to be stuck in the mindset forever.

At 5 mintues, my other friend came downstairs and sat by me and tried to comfort me although I couldn't be comforted. I remember hearing the others question my mindset before I inhaled and whether or not I had anything on my mind, and I remember them saying that I never was unhappy about anything so they couldn't figure out why I had tripped so hard or why it was so intense or even why it lasted so long and that they had never seen anything like what I did. She tried to take me back upstairs to the room where I first inhaled, and I refused. I got half way up the stairs and I could see the room and I got scared and I ran back downstairs and stated that I wanted to be alone.

I was in that state of mind for another 3 minutes, and I made my way back upstairs even though my mind told me not to and I made my way back to the original couch on which I was sitting. I had still not fully recovered from my trip but I was able to sit without speaking for a good 15 minutes until I was able to speak and recall what had happened.

After Effects:
Never in my life had I experienced something with that much intensity. For that 15 minutes that I couldn't speak, all I could do was think and look back on everything that I had just experienced in the past couple of minutes. Everything I went through felt like it lasted for days. I did not like the feeling of being helpless or unable to control what I was doing or where I was going or what I was saying. The out of bodiness of the experience was amazing and totally changed my perspective on the way I see the world. Although most people say they peak in the middle of the experience. My peak seemed to last from the moment I started until I found my way downstairs. There was no down time or in between, it was all intense the whole time, and that's what had made me nervous.

My friend video taped me on his cell phone and let me watch it after I calmed down. It gave me a chill down my spine to watch myself in such a mental state and not having any control over what I was doing.

Physical Effects:
I was unable to speak or walk properly for about 15 minutes after my trip had ended. I felt bruised and sore all over my body from falling over multiple times in the room from my multiple trips, and then falling down the stairs as I tried to run away. I also felt extreme fatigue.

Mental/Emotional Effects:
I could not comprehend at all what had just happend to me. It all happend so fast, yet so slow all at the same time. I could not stop thinking about what had happened, and it even kept me from sleeping that night. It didn't upset me, but just made me realize how vunerable I really am and that I really do have deep rooted problems that may have caused me to react to the trip the way I did. I was grateful for the experience because it taught me a lot, but being that scared and unable to control yourself wasn't appealing to me during the trip at all.

Overall Conclusion:
I'm really glad that I experienced Salvia. I believe that it was the right place at the right time and with the right people. It really opened up my mind to new things and showed me that we are just so simple minded and to really appreciate the world and our lives we need to see it through a different perspective. Although it did scare me, I am anxious to try it again and hopefully I reach the same level of experience, level 5, because I wouldn't want to have a less fun experience after my very first one. Salvia is a really fun/interesting/intense/exciting/thrillful/scary/insane experience and I'm really glad that I tried it.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 67677
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 6, 2012Views: 9,087
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Salvia divinorum (44) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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