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I Pulled My Friend Out of a Couch!
Salvia divinorum (extract)
by limegreenmajesty
Citation:   limegreenmajesty. "I Pulled My Friend Out of a Couch!: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (extract) (exp67576)". Dec 8, 2015.

  repeated smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


I have had several experiences with Salvia Divinorom over the past few years. I have never done the quid method, but have always thought that I'd like to considering the effects seem to last a little longer I hear. Documented below are the experiences I can remember with the plant.

Experience one: My friend Aaron and I decided to go to a local head shop, and purchase some of the extract after I had heard about it and it's effects as a hallucinogen from a friend. It is important to note that when buying salvia commercially there are a few different brands and ways that potency are measured. I have always found a brand that uses a color coded method for suggested measurement has a product that delivers. It's also usually a little fresher. Anywayz, my first is experience was with the green which is described as a 'personal discovery'. We got home and loaded about a half bowl each for both of us in a granite pipe. My buddy hit it first and started a hysterical fit of laughter. Later he reported feeling slightly stoned and felt the need to eat. My experience was a little different! I felt that my friend suddenly knew a very important detail about me something I didn't even know about myself.....something I couldn't have know, yet with the feeling that it was all too familiar. I saw a distant light that actually seemed to be pulling me into itself and then gazed at the grass which seemed to have zigzag like yellow intricately-patterned lines running across it. I felt like somehow I was a part of this and should follow it, and when mentioning it to my friend he moronically told me 'Follow the yellow brick road'......and laughed.

Experience two: I decided I wanted to experiment with this stuff a little more and went to the headshop again with Aaron. We purchased some of the Red level this time supposedly being the strongest stuff currently in stock and described as a 'visionary quest.' We picked up my friend Chris and invited him in on the experience to smoke this at a local park in a secluded area. We loaded it up in a little green pipe and Chris hit it first. He lost it. When we inquired what it was that was wrong he just kept saying 'hit it and you'll see.' We got to an area where there was a flight of cement stairs and a brightly color pink rail.

I lit up the bowl and immediately after exhaling it, it hit me. I looked at the stairs and they actually seemed to be moving upward. The rail started bending and became part of the scenery behind it. It seemed to me at the time that I had somehow created by smoking salvia a portal that made my current reality two-dimensional, and that I was in an existence of moving pictures---that was my life....every moment every thing that had been done, was happening, or would be done became of extreme relevance.....but time did not seem to matter or rather ceased to exist. When I tried to touch things I also noticed that I would take that objects form. I.E. my hands and arms would actually become part of an inanimate objects physical makeup. This happened with the rail and also seemed to happen with the sky when I reached my hand upward. My friend Aaron loaded and cashed a bowl. He then hops on top of a picnic table and tells me 'look dude now I'm standing on the table'. As stupid as it sounds but that statement freaked the hell out of me. This is where I started to believe in fate a lot and believed that what was happening at that precise moment couldn't have happened any other way. I actually remember feeling at the air and saying 'dude it's like right over here is totally different than right over here man, and I wanted to explore that within my current state of reality. I ran away with my friends shouting 'Jared come back'. They caught up to me and by that time we had all come down.

Experience Three: The visionary effects described in the last experience sum up the essence of probably at least 30-50 more experiences with various potencies (10x,7x,15x,20x,21x) actually every time with myself feeling as if I had some special place in a separate reality and having the ability to become other objects. This intrigued me while at the same time frightened the hell out of me because it seems like once I start fading into an object I can't stop and might be that way forever.

Jesus hallucination: This one has got to be the fucking most frightening trip I've ever had in my life. Now I would like to tell readers that this trip did happen after about a month earlier taking Psylocibe mushrooms and enduring the experience at a synagogue with my family. That was a kick-ass trip by the way. Anyhow, by now I was pretty experienced with Salvia, Shrooms, and pot, and was making the routine stop to the head shop. They told me they had just got a shipment of these purple leaves that when made into extract would cause the same hallucinations as that of forty x. I knew the people there well enough and was a frequent enough buyer that she just gave me a handful of them and said 'enjoy, let me know what you think'.

I talked to a coworker at the time who had many experiences with Salvia as well and he said he had heard it was recommended that the leaves be smoked in combination with pipe tobacco. I did this. Walking home from work I loaded a wooden cob pipe half and half. I smoked it while I was walking and after about two hits realized that I had to keep walking. My surroundings were becoming shapes similar to that of a warping fountain and there was a black void behind me that was trying to suck me in. It's about then when I began to have visual and audio hallucinations. I felt the hand I was holding the pipe with being tugged to the right and then saw and heard my mom in my mindseye. She said give me that (the pipe, I assumed) and look up there. I saw myself nailed to the cross. I got really freaked out and ran into the street as I felt I must escape that existence. Then, realizing I was in the middle of the street and had a pipe in my hand and any cop who saw that was sure to pull me over, I composed myself, ran back on the sidewalk and continued to run for what seemed like eternity through this warping reality. I got close to a video outlet that a friend was working at and decided to try to enter this place to ask for his advice.

I went up to the counter and asked him 'dude, would you think I'm crazy if I told you I thought that I was Jesus?' He replied 'Well that depends, Can you prove it?' I said 'dude I would but I'd have to die'. He smiled and said 'Well there's the catch'.

I know this last one sounds particularly crazy, but after researching the plant a little I have found a lot of shit on how this plant actually is associated with the mother mary and Jesus Christ, and if used properly is supposed to reveal secrets lost in time about what actually happened when they were in hiding in Qumran or whatnot.....people have actually had visions of this and I also know Salvia goes by a few other names such as 'the diviners sage', and 'Ska Maria Pastora'. I would like to know how to use this plant more traditionally.

Talking Radio: My last experience is with 21x Salvia in which 6 people were involved 4 tripping, 2 non-tripping. I told all the participants that would be smoking the salvia to come into my room and shut the door and for those who were not to stay in the living room as it made me paranoid to be around people who were not experiencing the trip while I was since they wouldn't know what I was feeling. I threw on a Cd by Sigur Ros, a kind of ambience trance music. My friend Brandon takes a massive rip and hands me the pipe. I proceed to hit it and hand it to Chris.

Just then my Cd starts to skip. 'fuck, right as I start to peak, naturally I say'. I get up and try to change it and my friend Chris says 'Shut up'. I thought this was a good idea for all of us as my surroundings were starting to melt. I did my best to sit back down and in doing so noticed that half of my friend Brandon's body was part of the couch. I took him by the shoulder and pulled him out of the couch. After I did this I shouted 'look Brandon, it's okay' and slapped frantically at my wall trying to show him that it was solid. My friend Chris reached out to shake Brandon's hand trying to reassure him that everything was fine until he realized that in doing so he started to melt into the couch as well. He pulled his hand back and then stepped towards the door trying to open it. I told him not to as I feared that would make the living room part of our warping existence and did not want that at the time.

Just then my friend Henry comes in through the other door and I feel insane De Ja Vu and look around at all of my friends with extreme paranoia with the feeling that they are all actors in my life, my new life, or possibly my old life but i know them in this one as well. I look at Henry and he is merged half and half with the door at about mid level. I walked toward him and asked 'what's happening?' He smiled and replied 'Keep going'. Just then I heard a strange voice, an angelic womanly voice from my radio that said reassuringly 'You've had it all the's all inside....inside of you'. I then saw what I take to be my soul returning to my physical body and got so freaked out I threw the pipe which had somehow returned to my hand under my couch. Brandon told me later that he heard the same voice but it told him 'Welcome back, is this your first time being put back together'? The funny thing is when you listen to the album it doesn't say anything resembling either.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 67576
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 8, 2015Views: 1,262
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Various (28), Retrospective / Summary (11)

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