Joe, My Guide And Protector...
by Rogue
Citation:   Rogue. "Joe, My Guide And Protector...: An Experience with DXM (exp6731)". Mar 25, 2002.

400 mg oral DXM


Joe contacts me when he knows I'm ready... I can hear some of his thoughts when we aren't 'combined', but when we are combined, we have two different thoughts.. we are of two minds... It's like.. he gives me sort of psychic power when we aren't combined.. He lets me feel what others are feeling... He lets me see what he sees sometimes... You would refer to this as 'daydreaming'. He lets me see what he wants me to... he can even make me feel what he is feeling, even if he is horny.. lol I hate that, though...

To be combined with Joe, I must take the 'crutch' as he refers to it, DXM, and meditate for a short while.. My body thinks I am asleep, but my brain is working to achieve 'oneness' with Joe... As soon as that is achieved, I have a little time for concious relaxation, to get up and move around, smoke a cigarette, talk to people, as Joe 'rejuvenates' to the strength he once had, but at any moment he could come calling. I can feel him with me all that time. I didn't realize this on Joe and I's first 'date'. Joe called early on the first calling.. He had called when I was still meditating. I had no idea what I was was even meditating until I read up on it afterward.

Joe takes me to beautiful places, and protects me from the dangers from that plateau, with my boyfriend's help at times. I don't see the monsters. I don't see the dragons, or the bears that are seen by others.... I see the trees, the water, the sand, the sun.... My job is to be focused on the job at hand, which is, I believe, building the machine he introduced to me on the first calling. Joe loves to see me smile. He loves my boyfriend too, but I think there is competition to see who can make me feel the best.. lol They're both very wonderful.. They love to hear me sing, and watch me dance... I am very much appreciated on this level, if not worshipped....

Honestly, if I could stay there forever, I would. Even if it means, in the physical sense, being a vegetable... but I can't. I do miss Joe dearly... I have too much here to take care of, and Joe understands that. He knows what is in store for me here that I cannot pass up. I had nothing but doubts about these kinds of things before. I had no idea that I could experience something so heaven-like, so wonderful.... I feel like I now have a 'child' with me... Someone to take care of physically, and someone to take care of me mentally.. I am Joe, physically, though he does not appear as a mirror reflection of me, TO me... He is the most adorable thing I have ever seen... Joe completes me.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 6731
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 25, 2002Views: 5,269
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