Personal Elapsed Analysis
by Jovy
Citation:   Jovy. "Personal Elapsed Analysis: An Experience with Tramadol (exp67172)". Feb 10, 2008.

400 mg oral Pharms - Tramadol (pill / tablet)
I am 25, weigh 125 lbs, and am 5 foot 6 inches. Filipino, non smoker. I do not use antidepressants - I say this because even people currently not using anti-depressants -- but used -- to tend to, in my experience, get nausea when they use tramadol in conjunction with anti-depressants.

I have been using tramadol for five years recreationally (2003 to 2007 and it's close to the end of 2007 as I'm writing this), my mindset is usually always positive with intentions of just relaxing and being happy on tramadol. I have periods of time where I don't use for a week or a month. I do this to keep my body healthy and I try to eat balanced as much as I can to keep healthy. I usually take 50mg pills in doses of 250mg to 350mg to start with, then generally I stay around 400 mg dosages all taken at once. My tolerance picks up after five or six days of regular usage. I have never had a prescription, but I seem like I do, because of the quantity I buy. Most of what I know is from close self observation, evaluation with others, and personal experience.

Hour One Onset:
Within the first hour of pill absorption I notice I gain a slight euphoria. My breathing also becomes much deeper - I love the smell of the air and even how it tastes. Smells become extremely good.....incense, perfumes, colognes, flowers, airsprays, everything smelly, I love it more! (But the same can be said if there is a gross odor). I am also a practicing massage therapist, and touch feels very very good on the body. I gain a cool feeling and just feeling overall great. I do lots of things like go out in the woods, hike, climb, draw, inline, skateboard....pretty much it makes me want to do the things I love. It creates a feeling of warmth and positivity in my body. I get happy and chilled out at the same time, and all my walls get dropped and I can absorb everyones ideas around me equally. I also notice my voice gains a monotonity ( new word? = ] ), or a relaxed monotone to it, which will stay most of the way.

Usually this feeling rides with me until 5 or 6 hours pass. Then there's a definite change in the 'road'. Sometimes I get sleepy and sleep. So its possible to sleep at this point.

Fifth or Sixth Hour Mark Observation:
Now this might be a little leud but it has to be said for I am covering all of the factors here, when I have sex on Tramadol it's great. I can completely control my orgasm. I have had sex for hours. But it's completely my choice to have an orgasm. It can inhibit me sometimes from even having one when I'm taking very high doses. I have no problem functioning but I don't finish when I'm on high dosages.

Tramadol also causes me to slip into waking dream states periodically past the eight hour mark. I will nod off for a split second and then begin having extremely vivid dreams. A re-occuring one is, I will be walking down a hallway and start talking to someone I knew, have a long conversation, then maybe go outside and wander more and enjoying the sky, then the next thing I know I am in bed and one minute has gone by. I have had soooooo many different vivid dreams and it is very enjoyable, especially with a friend laying around with me to talk about what I just saw. I wake up and I feel like I have slept for a day, so I will start drawing or watch a movie and get very into it. Music is also greater at this point - I get right into the feeling of it. I'm an artistic skratch Dj and making new cuts and skratches and beats is great. It give me the mindset of going into it without any inhibitions of what i should experiment with.

10+ Hour Mark Observation:
Now this is where most people choose to sleep or just keep awake.
I will slip into the vivid dreams more often and my voice stays monotone. I usually don't want to really do anything but have really good conversations with people, watch movies, or be creative in any way possible. If I need energy at this point, coffee or energy drinks provide a needed boost. If there are friends with me its much easier to stay awake. For reasons, chemically still unknown to me, it is very easy to keep staying awake on Tramadol for extended periods of time. Time seems to just not seem as much of a factor anymore and passes by at a very comfortable pace. Even if I choose to sleep at the 10+ hour mark sleep will be great, but I will sleep for a very long time and not want to get up because it feels so good = ].

These are my general reactions over the past five years. I do it consistently when I'm using, for about a month or so. I usually run through 200 50mg pills in a month. Then I take a month off, alternating months throughout the year. I don't use any cross substances with it, even marijuana. Although I have before, but for me the best way is to do it by itself. Combining Tramadol with clean LSD can take any anxiety away that I gain from onset before the trip.

For me, tolerances can occur as early as three days into taking it. I usually take four pills (200mg) to start, when I have not been using for a while, say a month. The next day, four will still be okay, but if I wanted some the third day I would have to boost it to six then on the fourth day day maybe nine. I have gotten up to a tolerance of fifteen or so, but I usually stop before then and let my tolerance drop, which usually takes a few days.

Tramadol has only made me nauseous when I don't eat healthy, or I take too many pills and the pill casings become too much for my stomach. It is extremely important that I stay healthy to begin with anyhow, not just for recreational use of substances, but for my own well being.

I have run 'trials' with my colleagues and, to me, it is a fact, within the people I've run trials with, if they once used anti-depressants but don't anymore, the person will have a vomiting reaction to tramadol, even at low doses and it will last for hours on end. I think anti-depressants change the way the body reacts chemically but thats only a theory. This theory could use some looking into by other enthusiasts. A person will also vomit if they are currently on anti-depressants at the time of usage.

I have experienced one seizure in all this time. It was during my first year of use about 3 months into it. I had pushed my tolerance levels all the way up to 26 50mg capsules (1300 mg in total). My mindset at the time was slightly negative and i was just looking for a way to escape my stresses of work and social life. Now this is a dangerous amount of tolerance to have for my weight and height. I don't remember during the seizure, but I remember blanking out right before and then waking up with teeth marks cut 1/4 of the way into my tongue from my upper and lower teeth. My tongue was very swollen, like a person who just pierced their tongue, for days. This happened solely due to my overdosage. I was not combining anything with it and was eating normally.

I have become intelligent about my usage and regulate my dosages and patterns of usage in order to stay healthy and happy. Too much tramadol, too long with cold turkey-type stops, can cause mild depression and/or irritability. When used moderately it can be positive. It is only the prolonged use combined with high dosages of tramadol, that brings out the negative emotional side effects, seemingly due to a drastic chemical imbalance and dependancy. Short usages, such as a few days then a break works the best for me.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 67172
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 10, 2008Views: 55,293
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