A Comfortable Ride
by Molloy
Citation:   Molloy. "A Comfortable Ride: An Experience with 2C-I (exp67152)". Erowid.org. Dec 1, 2007. erowid.org/exp/67152

T+ 0:00
15 mg oral 2C-I  
  T+ 6:00   glasses oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)


45mg of 2C-I was measured out, dissolved in 36ml of warm water. A 12ml syringe measured out the water into 3 equal dosages of 15mg.

Experience: I have very limited psychedelic experience. I took Mushrooms once and had an uneasy experience. I have good experience with Ecstasy, Cocaine and moderate experience with Marijuana.

After reading PIHKAL I had developed a heightened interest in Phenethylamines, and came across a method of acquiring a good amount of 2C-I in HCL salt form. I had read many experiences and factual details about the drug, and therefore had many preconceived notions of what I could expect.

The dose was taken at 5:17pm by me and two friends on a cold and slightly stormy winters evening. My friend S who has extensive experience with psychedelics (especially LSD) sat down to play computer games. My other friend, K went to walk the dogs. I began prepping the environment by lighting candles, turning out lights and putting on music.

I had been careful not to eat anything that day, only drinking water with ‘Immune Fizz’ dissolved in it.

+0.10 - I feel a general awareness of my surroundings. I am unsure if this is the very first onset of the drug, or a heightened expectation of what is to come.

+0.20 - I am definitely off baseline and begin to feel very cold (a feature also experienced by S). There is a gradual body consciousness growing, with noticeable muscle twinges and tingling in the legs. I feel that this is very similar to a good ‘E’ come-up. I am also easily distracted, but assume this must be a combination of excitement and expectation.

+0.30 - I have noticeable teeth clenching and am developing a dry mouth. I am becoming fascinated by the candles in a highly curious and euphoric manner. Muscle twitches continue.

+0.40 - The tingling which was present in my legs has now appeared in my face, and I’m getting a very pleasant hot flush which serves to warm me up. Every time a car drives past on the street outside, the headlights create a neon glow on the walls. Colors have become heightened.

+0.55 - First signs of digestive discomfort, which I recognize as a signature of the Phenethylamines. It is not so much nausea but a slight heartburn sensation in my chest. I stand up and feel a gurgle in my stomach which soon passes. The whole experience is very much like the early onset of Ecstasy. I have a pleasant body awareness and general feeling of contentment. I am also bored sat on my own!

+1.20 - S & K come and sit with me in the living room. Both of them have a warm glow about them, their faces look friendly and happy. Now I feel a slight unsteadiness on my feet, as I wrap up warm ready for an impending walk.

+1.30 - We leave the house and head off to walk around the neighborhood. It is cold out with a strong wind, but I have an overwhelming feeling of contentment. I don’t resent the cold, I see it as a pleasant necessity. We turn off the main street onto a quiet road with large well-kept houses. I notice a slight body-dissociation as I ‘glide’ along the sidewalk, not noticing my legs as they take me easily along the path. A few wind-chimes catch my attention and I notice the large homes with warm lights in the windows. Everything seems friendly, hospitable and warm. I feel at one with my surroundings, like I am part of an amazing grand scheme. We turn back onto the main street, where I comment that the houses seem less friendly, almost guarded. I conclude that this is because the owners subconsciously make their homes more guarded on the main street, where there is a greater flow of people and therefore danger.

We then decide to go to the local coffee shop to get hot chocolate to warm ourselves up. All three of us have slight paranoia about ordering. What if they see our dilated eyes and our huge smiles? I quickly see this paranoia in front of me and am able to push it aside, although not get rid of it completely.

+1.40 - We enter the coffee shop and I see my boss sat with his laptop. He greets us and tells us about an interesting story about a guy going crazy in his apartment. I’m worried that he’ll notice my state, so I try and act as normal as possible, but cannot control the huge smile on my face. Everything feels so friendly and warm! While talking to my boss, I cannot remember what day it is. I know it is either Friday or Saturday, but cannot get past the confusion about this. However, I am constantly processing insights about my surroundings at an extraordinary speed.

We get our drinks and say bye to my boss. We decide to walk home through the park. The hot chocolate is warming, and I forget about the cold. I don’t drink it for the taste, but for how the warm liquid feels in my mouth and throat. The dark park is alive with warmth! I become amazed at the vast trees towering above me and feel huge gratitude and respect for the wisdom and beauty they bestow on the world.

+2:15 - We arrive back home in amazingly good moods. I feel at one with everything around me. I smile at everything and everyone, and giggle at things uncontrollably. I look at our dog and burst into laughter. It’s not that I find the dog ‘funny’ but I feel overwhelmed by the dog’s pleasant existence; she is part of the great scheme, but at the same time, so unaware.

+2:30 - I’m at a definite +3 experience and I notice the visual element to the 2C-I for the first time. I am certainly in control of the visuals. I look at a flower arrangement and the shadows created by the candlelight. I can make the flowers seem to open and close to the music. The beauty is overwhelmingly positive and wonderful.

We talk about profound topics, and I feel in tune with my thoughts. However I get frustrated at the inadequacy of language to convey what I’m thinking, and constantly correct what I’m saying to be more accurate. I compare my use of language to a musical score, and how I try to make what I say what I say sound lyrical and beautiful.

+3:00 - I am aware of the ability to draw upon thoughts and analyze them. However, I am also aware that this drug is extremely comfortable and friendly. I don’t see the need to draw upon dark or unpleasant thoughts. I comment that I can see these thoughts kept beneath a membrane in my mind, and that the 2C-I does not allow me to cut into the membrane to access the real underlying issues that are present. The drug appears to wrap me and my surroundings in a soft, warm comforter. I feel so at ease with my world.

+3.30 - This is when I feel I have my biggest insight. I notice that my vision is slightly ‘greasy’, with the edges softened and fluid. I then think that this is a direct representation of what we fundamentally are: water. I conclude that we are basically made up of water and our molecules are just means of making water into a solid state. The liquidity of my vision appears to be a representation of the true state of life… I feel like I am experiencing life as it is: energized fluid.

+4:15 - I notice a slight decrease in the intensity of the experience. The ‘rolls’ are becoming shorter with a bigger dip in between. Our conversations turn more confrontational and my communication becomes more confused. I get into a heated and slightly nasty argument with S, which I put down to a misunderstanding. This argument definitely sets the tone for the rest of the experience.

+4:45 - I am a lot more sedated and try to figure out why I always shut down after confrontation. However, the 2C-I seems to be slipping away and along with it the power of insight. I am saddened at the gradual return to reality.

+5:00 - I comment at how the whole experience was like ‘Lollipop Land’ for me, where the whole world became happy, friendly and was almost waving at me. The neighbor’s hanging basket exemplifies this. I use the metaphor of when the toys come alive when you turn the light out, and then go back to their normal state just before the light goes back on. The hanging basket is like a mass of friendly energy that is getting ready to return to its ‘normal’ masked state of reality. I am warmed by the thought that I will always know what the plant was really like when the ‘lights were turned out’, and I am so glad I got to see it!

+6:00 - I eat a plain toasted bagel, and notice how the crunch is very satisfying. I still experience slight visuals but have to work hard to see them. I pour myself a glass of wine, but after two sips notice that it isn’t what I want, and that the depressive effects of alcohol would taint the residual experience.

+6:30 - I am very subdued, no longer euphoric. I go to bed without saying anything to S & K, not feeling depressed, but no longer positive and overjoyed.

I fall asleep easily and have vivid but pleasant dreams. I sleep about 9 hours solid.

The next day I awake feeling refreshed but slightly exhausted mentally. K & S are definitely in a buoyant mood but have slight headaches. I don’t have a headache but am not feeling particularly happy. I am quiet, subdued and very thoughtful. I wouldn’t say depressed, but am resigned to accept the issues of my reality. I have a distinct inclination to be alone. I am not interested in interactions with others.


This was an amazing experience for me. The world felt welcoming, friendly and at ease with me. I was definitely euphoric and almost giddy on occasion. The insights were there, but not as pronounced as I expected. It was as if the 2C-I were holding back the evil, dark thoughts. S commented that it was a very clean and easy trip compared to LSD or DMT. I’d hoped/expected that music would be more of a feature of the experience. Whereas music did affect the tone of the trip, it was not as affecting as I’d anticipated. The physical experiences were very similar to E, but without the amphetamine rush. The argument with S definitely shut down the euphoric feelings and I feel set the tone for the rest of the evening and the following day.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 67152
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 1, 2007Views: 21,536
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