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5 mg is all I Need
Citation:   CrystalX. "5 mg is all I Need: An Experience with 2C-T-7 (exp67040)". Jan 28, 2008.

5.5 mg insufflated 2C-T-7 (powder / crystals)
I bought a milligram scale off ebay cause I didn't want to fuck around. Weighed out till it was bouncing back from .008g to .007g. I cut like 1/4 of the white powder away cause I wanted to play poker in a couple of hours and had so much of it anyway that I thought a lower dose a first would be best. I also knew this was 100% pure 2ct7 cause of where I got it. Also, I kept a keen eye on my cellphone clock during this. Minutes move verrrrrry slowly on this drug . The first hour is very accurately documented with the timining. Enjoy.

+2min I am feeling all funny and shit

+5min I am coming up so quickly. This is the most intense come up everrrrr

+15min I am throwing up so much. All out of my nose and mouth. Towels everywhere. There seems to be nothing I can do to stop this.

+20min I am lying on the ground with vomit on my face. My mind is fairly collected. I am tripping quite strongly. Everything is intense.,

+30min I am so fucked, but not in like a 'my mind is fucked' way, cause you can think fairly clearly. I mean, I knew I hadn,t done too much, but it kept getting stronger and the vomit kept being there.

+35min I am walking around trying to calm myself a little. The only way to describe the feeling in my hands is image the bones in your fingers shaking and your skin staying still. It was like my bone structure in most of my upper body was vibrating. And vibrating with such force I couldn't control my movements. I was totally belligerant.

+40min I can't sit down. Colors on the walls are coming like waves. It's cool, but it's too intense for me to enjoy. I have to keep my eyes closed mainly, but the visuals are just as intense, only a plain dark background instead of the world. I am tripping hard. Colors are wishwashing and turining into soups. My walls are painted crazy technicolors. My room is absolutely redciulous. I walk over to this computer screen and see the words in my itunes spin like a whirlpool, nothing is legible. I'm starting to sweat balls so I decide to take a walk in the cold weather.

+50min I get back from walk and wonder if I should call an ambulence. My mind is pretty clear. I know I didn't do enough to OD, but I cant stop nearly-hyperventilating and I feel like my body is going to explode. I can't put words to how this vibration felt.

+1hr It is still becoming more intense. Im closing my eyes sitting down to keep the intensity low. It's like I ate 50 hits of acid without any mindfuck. Nausea has nearly but ceased, which is nice. I cannot enjoy any of the visuals as my eyes usually closed.

+1:10 I am still coming up. minutes move by like days. I begin to think no one could possibly enjoy this. I'm not bad-tripping, but I can't stop breathing and I force myself to walk around in circles debating weather I should call an ambuence cause my heart rate is out of control.

+1:15 After 5 long, long, long minutes of trying to enjoy visuals while maintaining my (well, trying to) heart rate and rapid breathing, I have given up. I call the ambulence. I just want a shot of valium or something. I'm glad I don't have any pills, cause I knew I would have eaten them (like xanax or valium) and I knew at the time that those might be bad combos.

Every word I said to the ambulence person was like seprated by 5 seconds. My breathing was so intense I just basically needed something to help calm me down. With my bones vibrating like massage chair, my intense rapid breathing, and my amped heartrate I just needed comfort and I,'d rather get that from a hospital than my friends who know nothing about tripping.

+1:22 Ambulence picks me up. I meet them outside so they canít come into my place. I take $20, my keys, and my phone. No ID, so they canít know who I am, but it doesnít matter cause Iím in the UK anywhere. Better alive and in trouble, then dead b/c I didnít have anyone close by.

Hmmm, so letís sum up the next hour and half. First of all, itís pretty much pointless telling people your on 2ct7, unless for the fact that they wonít give you anything else (which is usually a good thing) that could kill you when combined. I got all these weird stares. I went through 5 nurses. I told them all it was a hallucinagetic and I needed something to calm me down, that I just wanted to wake up in 5 hours and never do this thing again.

This was all done in short breaths, may I remind you. I basically said it was like LSD, and then I think they thought I was just tripping out, and they took my heart rate and it wasnít like freaking out, it was high and shit, but wasnít going crazy.

So what did I do the 2 hours I wasnít answering paramedics questions about how intense it felt and how they had no idea how my body felt? I moaned ďahhhhhhhhhĒ and scraped my nails against any surface I could find. I screamed/moaned AHHHHHHH a lot. It was all I could do to vocalize the sheer intensity of what my body was feeling.

+2:30 Iím finally coming down a little in a hospital room. Sitting in the chair screaming has helped a lot. I couldnít imagine what my neighbors would have thought if I was at home. Iím starting to enjoy the trip a little cause I have come down from the peak intensity. I can now enjoy visuals! They are cool, very LSD like but almost controllable. Peopleís faces when I talked to them, for instance, were not trippy as LSD usually makes them.

My throat burns a little. It has an extremely bad taste to it and I am super dehydrated.

+3:00 I decide to finally call a taxi. I have calmed my breathing nearly completely and my heart rate seems down. I actually rather enjoy this. Patterns on the wall are fun to look at and I laugh a little at myself and how silly I was to come to the hospital, but in a way how great of a time I had tripping intensely in the safest place imaginable

+3:15 Iím back at my place and although fairly ďgooglyĒ I am much back to reality. Things are a lot better. Iím amble to clean up all my vomit from the bathroom and livingroom. Iím not tripping as hard as I was in the hospital (visually), but its still there. People on TV look funny and shadows and shit change. Itís not crazy colorful though.

+4:00 Iím still a little fucked, but definitely down. I canít really read any text and I am a very poor speller on the computer.

+5 Iím kicking ass in Halo, although still a little fucked. I can laugh about anything now and feel fine and relieved. It was a ridiculously horrible horrible come up, with a too-intense peak, with a really nice comedown that was great, but wasn,t worth what I went through to experience.

I couldnít imagine doing more than the amount I did. If I snorted it again, Iíd want to do no more than 4mg. And if I did it again, Iíd need somewhere I can walk around a lot and talk like a madman and be ridiculous without worry if Iím goona break anything or vomit on anything.

I hope this experience log describes the sheer intensity my body experienced for a solid 2 hours. Words canít describe the feeling. Iím sure I could do a great reenactment of my moaning and hand clawing if you were infront of me. If I was born 200 years earlier, people would have thought the devil possessed me. My mind was pretty clear thinking, however. It really wasnít a mental trip the slightest bit, which was nice.

Oh, and sometimes it felt like I was like drunk sometimes during all of this, but only for a moment. It was weird. Like I was fucked up and out for a night on the town and then realized it was not alcohol.

So my overall conclusion is snorting 2ct7 is something that I would never do again. It's quite the experience. Molly (mdma) was much more painful to snort, that was a burn that lasted a good 6 hours. This burn lasts like 20 min MOST.

And the vomitting is like induced. I didn't feel sick at all just like all of a sudden I projective vomited, but like, that all together only lasted the first 30.

The body rush is quite the feeling too. It's like I was Wolvereen (sp?) and Magneto is using his powers to shake the metal blades in my arms and hands and shit. I felt almost like Peter Patrelli from Heroes and I was goona shoot lighting from my hands.

I get very belligerent though and it felt good to throw and nock things over.

All together the intensity only lasted 3 hours. Enjoy the ride man. You may want to strap yourself in somewhere.

Overall, I probably won't do this again. It's like, LSD is much nicer and unless the body rushes are very intense I can usually relax on it and not feel like I need to ever call an ambulance. Sorta the same way I feel about mushrooms v LSD.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 67040
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 28, 2008Views: 10,762
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2C-T-7 (54) : Difficult Experiences (5), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Alone (16)

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