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Well Documented Experience
Yerba Mate
by Nishing
Citation:   Nishing. "Well Documented Experience: An Experience with Yerba Mate (exp66799)". Feb 23, 2010.

  oral Yerba Mate (tea)

Before taking: Sleepy, heavy, sad, hot.

Feeling these symptoms prompted me to take yerba mate although I haven't done it in a very long time. I took the usual amount which is about 2/3rds of my gourd full and many sips of water from it which I did not count. I drank until I felt the taste become to bitter and undrinkable which happened soon. I believe I took it perhaps 30 minutes ago? Not sure about those numbers but they are decent. The effects are felt very quickly after drinking as I have a pretty empty stomach.

5:30 - Drank the mate from the gourd.

5:50 - Feel heavyness being lifted, noticably lighter, less tired.

6:11 - Listening to music. The instruments are very pronounced. Very light, everything feels 'Ok' as in there are no problems I am thinking about using yerba mate more often because of the effects and pondering on how it will probably increase my grades in school as it did last year seems like a very good idea. A bit itchy nothing too spectacular or uncomfortable. Shivers a bit/ Goosebumps. Body is comfortable feels 'Free' as in no restraints as if my skin wasn't there like im one with the desk but not really more like my skin does not contain my feelings. Sweatshirt comes off windows close. Ahh thats better, right ear itches, face itches, now shins and calves itch, not especially uncomfortable, very controllable to not scratch it. Ribs itch. Lips feel dry, lip balm applied to lips, nobody is on aim. Linkin park sounds spectacular although withdrawn. Instruments fade and are not pronounced. Still feeling free, very nice to be lifted from reality and not on the floor like I was. Yerba mate is a nice mental feeling like emptyness a bit of eye strain though although that might be from typing like this and looking at the screen. Sorry for not having time stamps I got lazy and am just typing as I go. Cheeks itchy. Itching getting more intense. Music no longer interests me. Time is passing very slowly it is now 6:18 and all this has happened in that amount of time. I suppose my typing is better? New time stamp.

6:18 - Bit dizzy when I stand very odd feeling, thinking about how I went to school like this all that time... People are on aim but I have no inclination to speak to them although I will now start a conversation. Taking very very long to answer. The lifted feeling is fading as I am now very itchy. Definately feeling 'something'.

6:36 - Took a little break from posting. Feel a bit disconnected as if..

6:43 - Another break no more will be taken though. The instruments and background sounds of music are very pronounced now as if they almost overtake the lyrics. Very interesting feeling of yerba mate as if you are floating like you don't have a care in the whole entire world. I am light and my thoughts do not consist of anythign very important everythings just like whatever. Carefree, thinking of nothing. Itching sensations died down a bit but are still there a little. Scratch that, less itching but more intense itches, MUST BE SCRATCHED. Very very carefree, nothing matters, time is going slowly, conversations with friends are more interesting even over useless matters such as HL2 and other things. Body still feels nice and balanced. Nothing is wrong, no thoughts are in my head it is now 6:49. Still nice, focused, awake, bit itchy. Considering doing yerba mate more for school because of gains in grades. Feeling very good and happy and whatever else. Will now view funny funny material to see how it is interpreted. More indepth test for this. Gave up on that idea...

7:06 - Warmth overtakes my body as does a feeling of boredness. Documentation will be slightly scewed(sp?) as it is becoming less interesting in my mind. Mind is very very focused on music mostly the background sounds and not everything upfront. Its as if the layers deeper in the music are being tapped into. Echos, background noises, instruments, subtle sounds are all being noticed as they are 'In my ear' as in they are there and the music is there also. Listening to it feels very odd but not bad. Music feels as if it is not progressing almost repeating itself. It dawns on me that I have been in my room for 2 hours at this point and should probably go downstairs. Did not realized what I have just typed... oddly enough and do not believe that I will go downstairs. Legs hurt a bit. Music is going in and out, changing from loud tones to soft and back. Feels very odd. Very odd the way music is playing, hard to explain.. Feels as if it is being brought to the front of my consciousness and back to the back of it is not exactly completely noticed all the time. Must leave. My report is sadly over right now although documenting it would be a very positive for me. I will be submitting as of now as I must go eat dinner. It is a very great experience to write like this.

--Report is unedited. It was all written while I was high. Hope you can understand it. The drug is not strong, but not weak, it is a very good mood stabilizer when I am tired, sad, or fatigued. Makes me feel light when I am heavy and forget forget forget. No care in the world. Nothing happens. Everything. Is Just. Ok. Leaving now.--

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 66799
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 23, 2010Views: 27,048
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Yerba Mate (282) : General (1), Alone (16)

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