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A Respite From Pain and a Full Life!
by juneleaves
Citation:   juneleaves. "A Respite From Pain and a Full Life!: An Experience with Hydromorphone (exp66517)". Feb 20, 2021.

3 mg rectal Hydromorphone (daily)


I began using Dilaudid about four and a half years ago for severe migraines and menstrual periods (diagnosed with adenomyosis). The migraines would predictably strike anywhere from three days before or three to four days into my menstrual period as well as other random times of the month triggered by allergies and weather. The pain I suffered from menstrual cramping would also start about two to three days before I bled and can only be described as white pain. I have also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia as well. I am a 36 year old otherwise thin and healthy female who is active, socially and physically. I work a full time job at a ivy league university. No more need be said. I used my dilaudid sparingly, feeling somewhat guilty and terrified of addiction (I am a sober alcoholic). Though it worked well and kept me out of the ER...for the most part...I was frugal, though grateful for relief.

About two years ago I was debilitated by nearly constant pain and general discomfort. I had strange symptoms of nausea that would go on for days and days, burning muscle pain, sinus and respiratory infections and just overall general misery. (Blinding morning headaches that would last for days.) Finally, I was diagnosed with severe environmental allergies on top of everything else. Mind you I have tried nearly every alternative therapy known to man, acupuncture, chiropractice, NAED, kinesiology, massage, trigger point physical therapy, naturopathy, flower essences, herbs, prayer, you name it. That is naming al of the awful side effects I have had from other drugs such as topomax, effexor (the worst of the bunch), elavil (a walking zombie), inderal (ditto zombie), zoloft etc....

Years before I had read about dilaudid suppositories, which would bypass the first pass through the liver and would thus be a more potent and longer laster form of pain relief. Of course there is nothing like the hit of dilaudid through an IV line (I have had this a number of times when I was nearly suicidal with head pain- blessed relief and the pillow of the angels calms my worn nerves). I was referred to a pain management doctor who is rather non-traditional in his approach, who would rather a patient take morphine than loads of advil, like I used too.

In anycase, I am up to a regular dosage of three 3mg suppositories a day. I no longer get a buzz, but man I am so much more functional than I have ever been. I still have pain, it will well up from the depths of my body and strike with a blinding force, usually at 4AM. I up my dose, and dampen my dis-ease. Otherwise I am on much more of an even keel path and feel less like I am treading water than I used to when I was much more frugal with my dosing.

I felt I should post this in terms of the therapeutic benefits I have gained from dilaudid (aka hydromorphone). I have a fully functioning life and a busy career, and am not a stoned out junkie as some might presume a person like myself might be. This has been a godsend.

Yea, occasionally I worry about getting stuck, I ran out when traveling through China, which was awful. Five days feeling like crap and traveling 60 hours from the northwest of China back to the U.S. It wasn't the worst, but I ended up in the ER at home nonetheless. Narcotics are highly illegal in most of China, I was told, even with a prescription. I ruled out looking for opium, as far as I know, it has been eradicated as well.

Its true, once in a blue moon I just want a buzz, but mostly I aim to lead a full, productive, pain-free life. I dread the day that I might lose the ability to acquire and use this medication as I do.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 66517
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 20, 2021Views: 1,212
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