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Combatting Comedown Effects
Amphetamine (Adderall)
by echo
Citation:   echo. "Combatting Comedown Effects: An Experience with Amphetamine (Adderall) (exp6631)". Mar 10, 2002.

50 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)


First some background about myself:
I've regularly used a wide variety of drugs while in high school and college, but I have the most experience with marijuana, MDMA, LSD, and psilocybin mushrooms. I don't want to use psychedelics anymore, and I haven't for well over a year. The only drug I truly enjoy and still use when I can get it is marijuana. When I began using Adderall a month ago, it was the only drug in my system, and still is. My experience with stimulants was limited to caffeine, methylphenidate, and cocaine. Significantly, I'd never used methamphetamine. Dextroamphetamine, therefore, was completely new to me.

Varies according to mood and the circumstances of the day. Anywhere from 10-70mg orally; 50mg is the most common. I make sure I take a day off every few days.

The Report:
Instead of writing about what this drug feels like, I want to talk about how I avoid the unpleasant come-down. The biggest problem with using Adderall (or any other stimulant) is the long and gradual 'come-down' following the initial few hours of feeling wonderful. From my own experience I've come up with a list of things to do to reduce or eliminate the unpleasant come-down every time, thus making the entire experience of using amphetamines much more rewarding. This list seemed like a silly idea to me at first, but I decided to write it anyway because these things actually work very well! Maybe somebody out there will find it helpful.

1. I take the pills before noon. Adderall lasts an incredibly long time, and there's nothing worse than not being able to get to sleep after using it.
2. I eat food and drink water. This is really, really helpful! Of course amphetamine eliminates your appetite, so I don't feel hungry. But if you force yourself to eat something during your regular meal times, it will make a huge difference in how you feel as the drug wears off. You don't need much; I find that a couple of bananas does the trick. It's amazing how much of the come-down is eliminated just by having some food in my body.
3. I don't do unpleasant things. If I relax and have a good time while the drug wears off, I won't notice the down at all. But if I am busy doing crap I hate to do, the down will feel terrible. I don't use the drug when I know I'm going to have to do something unpleasant later in the day.
4. I use other drugs. Alcohol, marijuana, and benzodiazepines all come in very handy when I'm trying to beat the come-down.
5. I use the drug in one big dose. Lots of little doses seem to make the down much worse.

Doing these things has made Adderall much more enjoyable for me. Instead of feeling like shit for several hours afterwards, I usually don't notice any negative side-effects at all! Eating a little food seems to be the best way to beat the down in general.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 6631
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 10, 2002Views: 71,902
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