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To Venus and Back
Citation:   Magpie. "To Venus and Back: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp663)". Oct 9, 2000.

10 caps oral Mushrooms (tea)
where to high school i had tried mushrooms but they became so confusing i really knew nothing of their effects and purpose. i have done lsd in the range of forty to fifty times and i got to the point where the severe backaches and intense felling of crappiness the next day were getting old. so, i asked a friend of mine if he knew where i could get some caps and he came through the next evening...

well then i proceeded to go to the store...i bought a huge bottle of hawaiian punch, hoping to kill the dastardly taste of mushrooms, then went home and made a lengthy boil of my cherished newly purchased ten caps.
i then took the thick purplish-black mixture and added it to half a pitcher of hawaiian punch and got a medium sized glass to fill... then i drank the glass and thankfully the punch had done its job. no poopoo taste.

i turned on the stereo and put in my favorite new cd Tori Amos' To venus and Back...and waited but not for too long. after about 45 minutes i began to feel calmly elated... sounds funny but you know what i mean. i was so happy and resolutely calm.. such a nice departure from my hectic job...
then i began to see things unlike any acid venture. things more realistic, less frightening. the whole room i was sitting in due to the glare from the only lamp in the room began to ice over in a sheer but noticeable way.. it was if the walls were the surface of a pond and i was inside but outside of the water. visuals of this nature and many others ensued for several hours and then i realized that not only were the open eye visuals amazing... but closing your eyes brought about things even more stunning.. i could see stars and the surface of saturn and the red storm on jupiter and many other sci-fi related visuals.

i had tori's album on repeat and the song datura came on for about the fifth time and it finally hit me... i opened my eyes and to my surprise it had become daylight outside and i quickly jumped up to claim a space out on the porch swing. i could see the plants outside moving in the breeze at first and then the wind stopped blowing but they didnt. they seemed to undulate along with the song and swirl as if they were mevlevi dancers.

but then i began to regain control with visuals and from then on it was more of a relaxant than anything. it was very calming and i didnt experience any horrible side effects, except for being generally out of sorts for a few days following. i highly suggest that if you have a stereo with speakers surrounding the room.. get to venus and back and you will not be disappointed. i a now a huge fan of mushrooms and will continue to enjoy the wild experience i had.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 663
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 9, 2000Views: 4,545
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Mushrooms (39) : General (1), Alone (16)

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