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Stimulation, Tension, Concentration Affected
Amphetamine (Adderall) & Caffeine
by eveningguru
Citation:   eveningguru. "Stimulation, Tension, Concentration Affected: An Experience with Amphetamine (Adderall) & Caffeine (ID 6624)". Mar 10, 2002.

T+ 0:00
40 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
  T+ 1:25 20 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
  T+ 1:40 200 mg oral Caffeine  
  T+ 4:56 200 mg oral Caffeine  
  T+ 5:24 200 mg oral Caffeine  
  T+ 7:44 200 mg oral Caffeine  


Total Water Drank throughout the day: 3,552ml (Every little bit needed.)

6:40am-8:10am No pronounced heart-rate changes.

8:00am- 200mg Caffeine

8:10am- Beginning Effects (light mental effects)

8:30am- 36-40 beats/minute

8:50am- Beginning of pronounced mental and physical effects.

8:50am-12:00pm Strongest effects prominent.
-General sense of well-being.
-Time speeds up.
-Shaking of legs.
-Perfectionism (Could just be natural inclinations released, as I usually do not have the drive.)
-Very strong mental and physical drive to succeed/do well.
-Focusing power and depth increased, also able to focus on multiple topics.
-Slight boost to strength and endurance.
-No hunger from 6:00am-8:10pm
-Talkative, but not overly so. Very slight stumbling over words.
-Am able to find interest in any subject.
-Very mild dry throat.
-Extremely clear-headed.
-No loss of patience no contempt or disgust possible.

9:17am- 64 beats/minute

9:32am- Able to focus on bodily sensations much more than usual.

9:40am- 60 beats/minute

9:50am- Very slight light-headedness when moving or standing.
-Tingling in the back of the head.

10:10am- Slightly tensed neck muscles.
-Slight feeling of being flushed. (Not visible)

10:12am- Tingling moved to neck and top of head also.

10:25am- Tingling moved to shoulders and mid-back.

10:28am- All effects increased slightly.

10:30am- Tingling moved to throat also.
-Very thirsty, but water doesn't help dry throat.

10:32am- Tingling moved to face, arms, and lower spine.
(More pronounced while standing)

10:34am- Tingling on the sides of my neck, and lower arms, and hands.
-Tingling also moving into chest and ribs.

10:35am- Whole upper body tingling and moving into legs.

10:58am- Tingling comes and goes like an electric massager.
-My stomach does feel empty, but there is no hunger associated with it.
-Heart-rate jumps wildly even at low exertion levels.

11:03am- Very slight headache gone by 11:27am.

11:16am- 200mg Caffeine

11:32am- 68 beats/minute

11:38am- Whole body is tingling
-54 beats/minute

11:44am- 200mg Caffeine

12:00pm- 72 beats/minute

12:11pm- 64 beats/minute

12:13pm- Whole body is tingling, but I feel flushed, and there is no hunger at all.

12:23pm- 108 beats/minute after brief walk between english and friends at lunch.

12:30pm- Slight stomach ache.
-Flushed feeling is gone.

1:00pm- Being with Carla at lunch and felt more affectionate than usual.
-90 beats/minute
-Noticeably higher sexual drive.

1:15pm- Effects still strong, but plateaued.
-Still tingling at touch.
-Mild sweating, due to raised body temperature.

1:22pm- Concentration, and drive effects still strong.
-The elated, almost giddy feelings are completely gone.
-Face tingling like crazy.

1:27pm- Neck muscles very tense.

1:31pm- Very light difficulty swallowing due to tight throat muscles.

1:35pm- 66 beats/minute

1:55pm- Mild light-headedness after short exertion.

2:28pm- Fast heart rate (unmeasured guessing around 60-70 beats/minute.)
-Mild sweating continues, still due to raised body temperature.
-Mental effects still strong, though they are beginning to taper off.

3:19pm- Increase in muscle tension. (Shoulders, neck, back.)
-Mental effects tapering slightly more, though still noticeable.
-Significantly less tingling.

3:00pm- Drastic drop in body temperature.

3:26pm- 100 beats/minute
-Significantly less drive. (Only when compared with peak.)
-Significantly less ability to concentrate.

4:00pm- Slight feeling of being hungry, but much less than would be expected.
-Feelings of being tired, strung-out, and shitty.
(Come and go every ten or fifteen minutes.)
-Zero sex drive
-Easier to begin work due to momentum from the day, however concentration and drive are no better than normal.
-Tingling almost completely gone.
-Neck muscles more tense than previously.

4:35pm- 72 beats/minute

5:19pm- All mental effects have worn off.
-Very tense, and stressed.
-Standing up even slowly makes me very dizzy.
-My throat is slightly drier than previously.

6:27pm- Took four Bayer to combat extreme muscle tension.
-Carla gave me a back massage which helped significantly.
-Drank glass of orange juice to boost blood sugar. (Having not eaten.)
-Another back massage, and most negative effects have gone.
(Note: Had I not previously had problems with depression I would have thought that I was feeling very depressed or shitty. However, I was able to recognize it as mostly low blood sugar level, and stress.)

7:26pm- Tension only in wrists and forearms.
-Still very small appetite.
-Taking nap.
-Took another two Bayer.

7:50pm- Finished nap took a wonderful feeling hot shower. (Very refreshing.)

8:10pm- Hunger hits in full force.
-Still a little drained, but otherwise normal.

The one thing I learned from this experience, is less caffeine. Also, I wouldn't want to use this drug/combination recreationally. It could very well have its uses depending on the situation though. Last minute studying, finals, or some other equally valuable use. I would suggest for most people to use much less caffeine than I did. The only reason I used so much is I am a heavy coffee drinker, and have a huge tolerance.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 6624
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 10, 2002Views: 131,736
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