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The First Time the Skies Exploded
by Atramentous
Citation:   Atramentous. "The First Time the Skies Exploded: An Experience with LSD (exp66132)". Erowid.org. Apr 6, 2012. erowid.org/exp/66132

2 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)


Well, its about time I mustered up the courage to try and fully explain and share the incredible trips I've had throughout my life. I have been reading a lot of the reports on Erowid and would like to thank my fellow writers. Reading and relating to a lot of other stories gave me the strength to finally write full, detailed accounts of the most terrifying moments in my life.

Looking back, I realize that its been over a year and a half already. By the first time I tried LSD, I had already become a fairly experienced halucinogen user. It was Dextromethorphan (DXM), however, that was my poison of choice. I loved it, and for a good year in my life, it was all I really did, every few days or so. It got pretty bad in the end, as my discretion gradually became thinner over time. But I digress.

Anyway, it was January 29th, '06. It was a Sunday afternoon and there was talk going around in our small group that an acid source had surfaced a few towns over. I was with three of my closest friends, Eamon, Ian, and Paul. Already being the experimentalists we were, we didn't think twice on jumping on the chance to finally try LSD, which was rather elusive around these parts at the time. It took a few hours of running around, but we finally found ourselves in posession of 8 blotters. We flew off back home and it wasn't long til Ian caved first and tossed his 2 hits into his mouth. The three of us followed suite about a half-hour afterwards.

I guess we decided to go to the local convenience store because 15 minutes later we were careening down the road in high spirits. Ian was starting to chuckle every now and then. By the time we were in the store getting cigs, it started to hit him, as he started looking at me like he and I were the only ones who knew a rancid stink bomb was about to go off in the store after we left. We got back to the car and soon all of us could hardly hold back gales of laughter. Something was hilarious, and we all were just feeling real good. Definately the Plus 1 stage.

Our first dire mistake was that we had no game plan. We were now faced with the problem of finding some place to go. In our current state, it must have been the coolest looking place we saw first, cause we pulled up to the local retail store. Paul started pushing Ian in a shopping cart through the parking lot. Two of us went into the store and almost immediately turned right around and left, 'NO. none of that.' we must've thought.

We agreed it would probably be a bad idea to stick around a public place as it had been an hour since we dosed. We went back to our neighborhood and parked in a court, laughing all the while and still wondering where we would go. It was a damn Sunday evening and there was no way any of us could get past any of our parents. To make matters worse, it was just getting dark. (+2)

We started walking aimlessly around the neighborhood. Sometimes two of us would go left and the others would look on in confusion as to exactly why. This happened a bunch of times. We tried going into the woods where we hang out and smoke all the time, getting only a few feet inwards before getting scared and retreating to the lit-up streets again. We tried thinking of a serene place to go and collect ourselves so we went to the near-by river. By now, we were all still having a relatively good time but it was very plain to see that something else was lying in wait, lingering in the very-near future. It was imperitive we find someplace safe to go, and fast. The four of us were crouched down and huddled next to the river, contemplating, brainstorming, wracking our brains for any ideas. Ian, who had taken his hits a half-hour before the rest of us kept saying 'this is some serious shit' and 'we cant be here'. Its around here that things started taking a different turn. None of us had any idea of what was going to happen next.

Eamon gave in and basically said, to hell with it, we gotta get inside one of our houses but he harbor all three of us. Paul and I were left to our own plan now and we decided to call a sober friend for help. Brian met us all in front of Eamon's house with Kat and Kate. The three sober newcomers watched in amazement as Ian panicked and tried to jump into the packed car. Paul and I were already in and I know Ian was frightened that we were splitting up. The look on his face was of confused terror. (+3)

So Brian, Kat, and Kate, completely unaware of how to deal with any person on an intense trip, take Paul and I to a public park. Only problem was it was within visual distance of the town's police station. I remember climbing on the playground equipment for a moment. Then it happened. Next thing I know I'm darting through the woods, clawing at branches that were getting in my way. The visuals tripled. Soon there were hands coming out of the ground, grabbing for my feet. I kept running, away from whatever it was i was running from in the first place. I broke through the tree-line and into a vast field.

For the next hour and half I would be running zig zags back and forth across this farm-field, screaming a bunch of nonsense and trying to figure out how to get out of the state of madness. There was a low-hanging fog as well, which just aided the already intense visuals. The sky was nothing short of marvelous. The stars were all in motion and they would form tile patterns and collide into each other and explode. Lights in the distance got brighter and darker. I started shouting at the sky. Telling my friends I was sorry I left them, I thought I was the last one left, that all of us had fallen into our own personal hells. Kat kept calling my cell phone trying to find me but everytime she tried to calm me down I'd just keep telling her to reach out and hug me, grab me and wake me up. I must've thought I was still sitting next to her in the back of Brian's car because everytime she'd whimper and tell me she couldn't, I'd just get pissed off, finally throwing my cell phone as hard as I could into the night in a fit of rage. It made a very cool tornado of light though.

Thankfully I still had enough sense to know that I would need that device to talk to people on the other side. I thought there was like 5 police cars just beyond the road, waiting to see what I'd do next. I yelled some more at the sky. One second I'd be saying 'where are you my brothers?' then the next I'd be screaming to god that I wanted more time and more history (whatever that meant). I decided I was being punished for being too selfish and I pleaded with the heavens that I would help people more from then on. That I wanted the chance still to do good for mankind. I started seeing moments from my childhood fly by me in an instant. My mom calls.

By now, I could care less if I got in trouble or not. I just needed somebody, anybody else. I told her that I did acid and was lost in some space. She had to ask me where I was several times and I kept switching my answer, thinking that if I told her exactly where I was, it wouldn't work. I told her I was at Eamon's, then I'd tell her I was down the road that was next to the field. I finally mustered up the will to leave my prison of a plain and cross the menacing road. A cop car was just pulling out of the playground complex as I jogged across the road and I give him a friendly wave. Either he was looking the other way or he thought I wasn't doing anything wrong cause I waved to him, but whatever the reason, he didn't stop me. I don't even want to begin to think what it would've been like to be hauled off to a cell or a hospital at that point.

I'm halfway over a fence when my mom pulls up and gets my attention. I sprint and dive into the van. She drives me home, asking a whole bunch of questions and not getting many answers. Once we get home I try to give her a hug but she shoves me away and yells at me. I go up to my room and lay down. I hear sirens in the distance, don't know if they were real or illusions. Then I hear the first good thing in hours: my heart was finally slowing down, meaning I was finally getting a hold of myself. I spent another half-hour writing a bunch of scribble before passing out from exhaustion.

I would later find out that Paul saw only a flash of me sprint as fast as I could out of the park and leap the fence, dashing into the woods. 'Bye, Doug' he remembers saying. Eamon apparently thought there was a portal to somewhere just beyond his living room window. He dove at the closed window, breaking the edges and alerting his sister. Sometime after, he climbed into bed with his mother. Ian had some crazy visuals but managed to calm down without any incidents.

Our biggest mistakes were taking both hits at the same time when it was our first time on acid and the fact that we had no where to go. I believe that was the aspect that kickstarted doubt and worry and sometimes its hard to stop those thoughts from snowballing when you're tripping. Since that fateful day, I now had a taste of something incredibly powerful. I was so confused and in a state of complete awe for weeks afterwards. Despite the terror of this trip, I would go on to do LSD many times throughout the summer. Finally stopping when it got too bad. But that's another story for later... I know it was a long account but thanks for hearing me out.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 66132
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 6, 2012Views: 5,960
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LSD (2) : Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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