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Anecdotal Cure for Back Pain?
Citation:   SoniK Traveler. "Anecdotal Cure for Back Pain?: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp65650)". Sep 10, 2007.

1.25 g oral Mushrooms
My fiancee and I managed to get a hold of a free sample (~2g) of some mushrooms my friend had just harvested from his own growing experiment. (Free mushrooms are the best kind :) We had a little food to fill our stomachs, put on some music and ingested our little friends around 10:45 PM

The trip was very mellow, due to the fairly low dose. Very warm feelings overcame us, we laughed a ton, and just generally felt very happy. [read: ecstatic]. We went for a 2 mile walk in the middle of the night, which was absolutely beautiful, the way the moonlight and the shadows from the trees covered the road, and the sky had a very Van Gogh-ish effect for the entire time. (Not to mention that the weather was perfect).

However, the most interesting thing I've noticed regarding this particular voyage, was that as I was returning to baseline, my lower back pain had completely subsided. Back in July, I was injured at work, which resulted in several strained muscles and a lower back sprain, with frequent painful back spasms. The pain was constant for nearly a month and a half, with a noticeable reduction in the amount of pain about 2 weeks prior to my trip. In any case, as we were returning to normal, I noticed that the muscles in my back had completely relaxed to a point where they felt almost squishy (most likely in part due to the waning psychedelic effects). We called it a night around 4:00 and went to sleep with relatively little trouble. It was upon waking the next morning when I realized that I was not completely stiff and immobile, but was actually somewhat limber, and made the most of it by doing some simple exercise and stretches. I figured it was only temporary, but as the day went on, it felt increasingly better, to the point where I didn't need to take anything for the pain (ibuprofen 800mg). I am writing this on Sunday morning (a week later) and the pain has been minimal all week, with hardly any need of the motrin. Not to mention back spasms have been significantly reduced.

In hindsight, the next day, I also realized that I was not limping the whole night after the mushrooms had kicked in. Would anyone know then, perhaps, if this continued analgesia would be related to the supposed effects of psilocybin on the cycle of cluster headaches? Amazing stuff, in any event. :)

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 65650
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 10, 2007Views: 15,904
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Mushrooms (39) : Health Benefits (32), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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