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There Was This One Sweet Tart
by H H
Citation:   H H. "There Was This One Sweet Tart: An Experience with LSD (exp65647)". Dec 27, 2015.

1 drop oral LSD (cookie / food)


In preparation of an event in the Nevada desert I had traded a tiny bottle of liquid LSD with a good friend. It was to be enough for 25 to 30 hits my friend said and after some research I decided to dispense what turned out to be 26 drops onto nicely colored sweet tarts, since this candy seemed to soak up the liquid reasonably well. Giddy I looked upon my pretty babies and decided to bring no more than 12 to this gathering because I did not want to have in my possession any more than I could use or give away.

We arrived at the gathering at early morning Monday and was happy to be awake and decided to set up camp prior to the hot Nevada sun became too overwhelming. My friends had a geodesic dome made out of metal conduit and it was a bit of a chore to get the structure together. Geodesic domes are basically built out of three different lengths of pipes all neatly arranged into stars and pentagons following a intricate pattern downloaded from the internet. After finishing the top three layers we decided to call it morning and sleep for a bit. The next morning we made some food, rested and tried to stay in the shade that we had created from the 3/5ths partially finished dome. As the day turned evening we once again set out to finish our shelter for the week.

Happy to finally be at this place I had prior only heard about I decided to bring out the sweet tarts and offer some to my dome building friends. We thought that this was a great idea and ate one per person with a wink and a nod. After about half an hour some of us started having a hard time concentrating and started to laugh as they tried to make sense out of the now fairly faint printout. The dome poles we had where painted red and black and also blue, to distinguish them from each other but the printout had it all different. Blue was black, red was red but represented a different length and our black was yellow on the print. There was also some mystical numbers representing the order of how it was all to be put together. To make things even more confusing I had had the plan folded in my back pocket the entire day witch had made the ink bleed through onto the opposite quarter of the page, mirrored. (I don’t know how it happened). Finally all participants except me fell out of the dome construction game and I was on my own thinking to myself that this should not be that complicated. After about another half an hour I finally had to give up and found that I could see only two places where I could not find matching poles to be attached.

At this point we all where pretty buzzed and we took some time to look at our surroundings. It seemed to us that the dome was indeed very large and kind of slowly rocking back and forth. A light breeze lifted the canvas we had on top of the dome in the most peculiar way and we felt a funny melancholy and we told each other that we had ruined our cozy low to the ground dome and turned it into a ball skeleton with a funny looking cap, a fragment of our secure shelter from the previous day. Giggling we told each other that we have to do something about that the next day realizing that there was no turning back at this point. We had brought bicycles to the event but decided to be safe as people where rolling in and looking for friend and campsites and it seemed a bit unsafe to bike around right at that time.

Instead me and my wife decided to take a look around on foot since we where new to the place and had pretty much stayed resting around camp the whole day. As it turned out the area we now entered had bright signs and lots of people with multicolored glowing glowsitcks and blinking light emitting diodes witch led to a visionary bubble bath of colors and confusion. I went into the “registration” tent where I saw the familiar glow of computer screens but when I walked up to one of them I found that I was unable to decipher the text nor was able to comprehend how to operate the machine. After some hilarious moments I retuned out to my wife without registering.

We met some friends from our hometown who was dressed in rather unusual vests with animal fur on the cuffs. They where friendly and took us for a magnificent ride on the backs of their modified bicycles. This time it was like moving into a unknown universe altogether with blinking lights and streams of colored matter all around us. The way we went was smooth and easy for the bikes to move fast from one place to the other. Our friends seemed to take no notice of our (me and my wife’s) obvious intoxication. At this point I do not think I was able to communicate with anyone else than my wife. Our friends rode us home (I guess they thought that was a good idea). We insisted however to stop at the bathrooms just a little bit away from our campsite. The bathroom felt very uncomfortable and all made out of my least favorite material, plastic. I felt thoroughly discussed and the fact that I could not distinguish my own pants from toilet paper made the whole thing even more peculiar. Up and down also seemed more like abstract phrases and I had difficulty recalling where the floor ended and my own body started. Went out to my friends and the sky was star filled and beautiful. My wife was clearly more sure of our exact location and was able to get home before me and I was alone with my friends. After what seemed an eternity I recalled how to walk across the road to our kitty-corner camp and we all stepped into the little area where our dome was. I was now in good spirit but felt a strong urge to cleanse myself since I still felt the aftereffects of the portapotty lingering in my mind.

At our camp people from the former dome-erecting crew was doing tricks in costumes on the soccer field right next to our camp (the soccer field was the brain fart from someone named Canadian Beacon, she chased people away but that’s a whole different story altogether) I was used to camping and had no problems to washing myself naked in the nature. This was indeed nature (but it more resembled the moon with RVs planted on it) so I set out to get myself a shower. The shower itself turned out a bit of a disappointment but I ended up naked and almost clean on a soccer field on this other planet. After some encouraging conversation also I thought it was a good idea to try to localize some new clothes. It was easier said than done because it seemed to me that some weird lady and not myself had packed the bag with my clothes, and I had a hard time finding anything that would feel like proper clothing to wear.

I ended up grabbing a wool bike shirt from back in the day and some denim pants. I found some socks and shoes also For some reason I wanted to avoid anything plastic and wanted only natural materials. Now it was time for some more explorations and me and my wife set out on bikes to see the lunar eclipse further out where all the blinking people where. However we hid ourselves away from the visual noise and sat down on a blanket close to a colossal green neon man sculpture standing on top of a green circus tent.. There we sat for about half an hour reflecting back on our previous hours while the moon in the sky turned brown and deep red. It seemed fairly still and gentle for a little while. Nearby some people are standing on a platform on top of a golf cart and we decided to go over and see what the locals where doing there. They where actually from Detroit or somewhere and seemed to just be hanging out watching the scenery and we just did the same with them.

Then something happens. A flicker of light rolls down the side if the circus tent and a small grey cloud is emerging from the right leg of the green giant statue. It was intriguing enough to make us stop our train of thought and pay a little attention. Now people around us seem to slowly and almost comical notice how the statue was on fire and no one seemed really sure of what to do. The statue also known as “The Man” was now clearly on fire and it spread up his leg. People from all over started to pour in and it looked as we where the epicenter of a highway of blue and red neon lights. My newfound friend from Detroit or wherever offers a drink of hard alcohol with seemed really a nice thing to have a taste of right then.

Fire pumps have suddenly appeared and people are yelling at them to stop their seemingly hopeless attempts of stopping the fire. From our raised platform we could se how the spouts from the engines could hardly even reach the base of the statue and it was quite the spectacle to watch the crowd getting wild down below. Eventually the hard work of the fire crew paid off and it was time to bike home to the nutty dome . It seemed like we where biking for a long time through streets thick with brown RVs covered with lunar dust and ash. Finally we arrive at our tent by the dome and just feel like sitting down for a while.

At this point my vision is in hiccup mode and everything I see seems to flash pictures three or four at a time. Its now getting very bright and it was time to call it a day. I had no problem sleeping and I believe we held each others hand, me and my wife.

We did not eat any more sweet tarts that week.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 65647
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 27, 2015Views: 1,587
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LSD (2) : General (1), Festival / Lg. Crowd (24)

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