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Journey Through the Psychedelic Universe
2C-E & CP 55,940
Citation:   Steyr. "Journey Through the Psychedelic Universe: An Experience with 2C-E & CP 55,940 (exp65511)". Sep 4, 2007.

T+ 0:00
20 mg oral 2C-E (capsule)
  T+ 0:16 20 mg oral 2C-E (capsule)
  T+ 8:43 6.0 mg smoked CP 55,940  
There I was with a bag of psychedelics, and I had no idea what to do. A 4-day weekend from school rolls around and I think that Iím going to up the ante for myself. Iím familiar with the effects of many psychedelics including LSD, 2C-I, DOM, DOC, Shrooms, 5-MeO-DiPT, 5-MeO-DMT, 4-HO-MiPT and, of course, 2C-E (20mg). But never have I had a heavy dose (relatively) and I wanted to make the most of what time I had and what chemicals were in my possession.

I prepared myself all week for the trip that I was going to embark on. I set out a small list of things I wanted to do, stayed sober for 2 weeks, and I was very excited. I was in an, overall, great mindset. 40mg is no light dose. I read the reports I could that came close in terms of dosage to what I was going to take, as I was very familiar with the 20mg trip. I had not eaten since T- 2:00.


T+ 0:00 (6pm) Iím sitting at my computer in my room, the anticipated setting for most of the trip. I ingest a single 20mg capsule of 2C-E. My stomach is rumbling, which is a good sign, as I should hopefully feel affects sooner than an hour (my personal experience).

T+ 0:16 I ingest my second 20mg capsule. At this point there is a slight pressure on my head, but nothing more.

T+ 0:33 My legs feel a bit heavy and already bright colors are a tad more vibrant.

T+ 1:00 To focus on a single point without anything happening to my vision is getting difficult. There are no distortions, but things seems to be vibrating if I focus on them long enough. Tracers are evident, and there seem to lots of still tracers. Iím climbing up a big fucking hill.

T+ 1:05 Itís getting more difficult to type and tracers are more prominent than they were minutes ago. When I close my eyes I see lots of splotched colors, but nothing defined as of yet. Defined lines in my vision seem to be growing and shrinking, but theyíre still lines at this point. In the darkness of my room is a haze of color. I feel amazingly heavy.

T+ 1:17 My body is heavy and my head is light. Behind my eyelids are planes of geometric colors bending and shaping themselves around my eyes. Objects are progressively growing and shrinking more and more. Dark objects have glows of color emanating from them. I feel so euphoric and that nothing could go wrong.

T+ 1:27 Itís difficult to type and to formulate well thought out sentences. Tracers are magnificent. Closed eye visuals bring me images of tentacles waving back and forth spewing color as they do so. Everything is waving and breathing. I have to eat something.

T+ 1:39 Colors are extremely vibrant, and everything that was void of color is no longer. I took a shower and it felt as if I was taking a shower under a rainbow. My blue walls turned green and the water absorbed the color from all around it.

T+ 1:42 Lines are converging and then begin to wave as one. Two balls in my peripheral melted together and danced around. Audio distortions are incredible enough that I can hear every individual segment of music and feel like I am being surrounded by this music. It feels like the music is actually dancing. I feel weak and immobilized, and that all I can do at this point is let this chemical overtake me to its full potential.

T+ 1:47 Iíve closed my eyes and Iím gone. I donít ever want to come back. Both eyes show tunnels of endless colors, each eye showing a different color. The music is taking these tunnels and bending them around and turning all the lines in the tunnel into swirls.

T+ 1:49 Iíve opened my eyes and everything is the same as when they were closed. In every void of space are dancing patterns swirling around. I feel enclosed by music, and as if I have melted and become one with my seat. Outside my window is a different dimension from inside. Itís moving one way, and my room another. Everything, though, is waving and breathing and colorful. I feel so disconnected with reality, even if its my computer screen. Iíve lost sense of time, size, general feeling, everything. This is overwhelmingly amazing.

T+ 1:55 I stand up and am overtaken with nausea. I lie down and tell myself that I have to eat something. Itís just my hunger pains. Down to where my food was cooking I find that even with a clock, my sense of time is extremely off. I still had plenty of time until my food was done.

T+ 1:59 My CEVs are amazing, accompanied by the body high is just awesome. I am overtaken.

T+ 2:11 I have no idea where I am. I know that I am in my house, in my room, but how I got here, I donít know. I am absolutely overwhelmed at how much is going on. I can tell you that stuff is breathing, but it is BREATHING. Words begin to take up half the size of the screen, as the screen gets proportionately bigger. With a single bite of food my stomach LOOKS like itís going to explode, and I feel that way, too.

T+ 2:15 I feel it necessary to write another report because it has felt like forever since the last one. But I look at times, and it was only 5 minutes ago. Everything on my desk is mutating uniformly. Everything is breathing as one. I canít distinguish my cat from my desk or from a statue gazing back at me. Her solemn stare is getting wider and more fiercesome, before it tames back down, in a repitous breathing, over and over.

T+ 2:21 Iím peaking. My mind is blank and completely being overtaken. All of my surroundings are new to me and every feeling is a new sensation. Iím completely oblivious to everything going around me. Dots on my walls turn into spiders and crawl away. My cat sits still, but her face vibrates furiously back and forth in my eyes. How do I sleep at night?

T+2:25 Iím so hungry, but I canít eat even with food right in front of me. I take a bite and nausea overtakes me. I think Iím just going to be hungry all night, but Iím completely fine and content with that.

T+ 2:27 I was wrong about earlier. Now I was peaking. I laid down in my bed, eyes closed, and I felt as if my arm was disappearing, and then my head. I opened my eyes, and they were nowhere to be seen. My room had become an ocean. Nothing in it was moving, as shown by my sleeping cat, but everything was moving. My bedsheets rippled with the tides of an ocean as I felt as I was drifted off to sea in my calm, room.

T+ 2:39 This is incredible. Everything has lost meaning. Numbers mean nothing to me as I have to rethink their very meaning. Iím extremely euphoric. The simplest of words in music make me laugh frantically. I donít even know what the words mean. They go in one ear and out the other. My visual field is amazing. My screen is dancing back and forth but itís whatís on the screen that I wish I could describe. Intricate lattices coiling in and out from the sides and corners of the screen are overtaking my visions. Every absolutely clear picture on my wall, is blurring and racing away.

T+ 2:48 The back wall of my room feels like it is not even there. I canít feel myself. I canít type, talk, think, but I want to describe what I see. Theres just so much. Words are spiralling away at impossible rates and coming back. I canít read or decipher them. They have no meaning.

T+ 2:56 Every particle, every hole from glows a distinctive glow of patterns and colors. Very intricate, even from the smallest holes. I canít feel my legs, arms, and when I reposition my feet theyíre immediately melted back into the floor. Iím looking in the dark and I have four feet. My room is still shrinking and growing. Lights from clocks are dancing amazingly with the rest of everything. I feel as if Iím floating away, somewhere in the universe. Anywhere but here. I go to make a motion, for what I forget, and Iím stuck in this position for what seems like forever.

T+ 3:10 From lying in my own bed I feel like Iíve woken up. Everything feels refreshed, and continually new. Visuals are not dying down one bit. Breathing, waving, and colors from everywhere. I do not feel as if I am on this Earth. I am not in this reality. Everything I see is a picture of my mind or a projection. Nothing is just happening because thatís what it does. Everything in my view is happening because I make it happen. My cat is not even real. Itís just a projection, literally, from my mind, onto my eyes. Pictures pulsating and endless seams of color come from their defined edges inside the frame. A single frame melts into itself and keeps vortexing in and out of itself, as if by some freakish, self-centered black hole.

T+ 3:36 Iíve turned off the lights in my room. The only light now is from my computer screen and the hallway, leaking in through the door. Everything has a doubled look. Like, two images, two duplicates, one slightly offset from the other. All the time. And one of these images is a good side an object or being and the other image is the bad. Itís insanity. My head is rushing at this point, I couldnít tell you. I feel like I want to do something, and as soon as I try to attempt it, my body gives up because Iím in such a place of rapture.

T+ 3:50 I feel that I have finally settled into my trip. I can type easily and can formulate decent thoughts. Iím no longer overwhelmed, but visual hallucinations are just as vivid. Constant waving and ripples. Nothing is white. Itís purple. Or itís yellow. Or itís green. My eyes canít seem to make a decision, not even a real color. I looked behind me and between my two posters seemed a sea creature. Nothing I could really describe, but looking back at me with wondering eyes as to my purpose. Everything is still a raging ocean of violent colors.

T+ 4:07 As comfortable as I am, my body is still deciding if its raging hot in my room or freezing cold. My CEVs at this point are whatever I want them to be. I was told by my friend to see pink rabbits, and sure enough, there they were, showing up and dancing with the music that was playing.

T + 4:39 Iíve put on some headphones and wow. CEVs have come to a new life, swarming all around me and sending me into a spiral downwards into the universeís core. The wires from my headphones are creating a system of roots into my keyboard, and from every space roots and wires are trying to find their ways out.

T+ 5:00 I feel such an attachment with music its amazing, even at T+5:00. Iím at a high +++ in terms of visuals and thoughts. Visuals are still going crazy, my screen is being swirled into the center, while everything else is still adrift in this ocean going crazy in a hurricane. Focusing on an object shows it breathing slowly and growing and shrinking, and light dancing off of it. Itís hard to even focus on something, my thoughts are racing and everything is so amazing.

T+5:11 Kiss the clock. The body high is still amazing this far into the trip. Iíve just regained feeling and consciousness in the tips of my fingers to know what theyíre actually doing and feeling. My head feels like its not attached to anything, but stays where it is. Iím completely entranced by music as it continues to surround my floating head. Music seems to vibrate in my ears and shakes my head until it wants to throw my brain everywhere. Visuals are still hallucinogenic. A single line becomes extremely rippled as a car on a poster transforms into, well, a transformer. I blink, and its normal, but it begins its transformation again.
Until I look away.
And again. Its transforming.

T+5:24 Colors are still EXTREMELY vibrant and bold. Words on the internet, written in different colors, are very vibrant and have a life of their own. A rather tame life in terms of being a word, but a very exciting, dancing filled life nontheless. A picture of a firm face begins to crack and smile at me. His forehead his breathing, and he keeps trying to not smile, but he is.

T+ 5:41 A single spot on my ceiling is controlling my entire room. Everything is dancing towards this point. And from different angles, this seemingly flat point is no longer flat, but protruding from my ceiling, itself dancing and wiggling and writhing to be free.

T+ 6:02 Visuals are dying down. Objects are more just slowly breathing and lines have a few, maintainable waves on them.

T+ 6:20 I went downstairs to get food. I felt as if I was in a video game: I could see my hands, my feet, interact with anything as I pleased, and I had no facial identity. My living room was now a calm sea, slight waving, nothing overly dramatic. Iím on a relatively rapid, yet very smooth come down. I can see visuals lasting this way for at least another hour and half. At LEAST. Weíll see when it gets there. Until then, theyíre just great, now.

T+ 6:29 The ice cream from my bowl is melting as I take oh so long to eat it, but I keep seeing it drip from my bowl. And then I see my desk drip onto my keyboards, and I keep trying to catch it, only to realize that Iím still trippiní balls. Nothing is melting.

T+ 7:08 For the past hour Iíve felt that I can be entirely sociable, especially around parents (which is the only concern). Tracers are still unbelievable. Everything has dimmed down to a calm wavy action. In the darkness of my room is still a kaleidoscope of colors. If I focus, not for very long or very hard, what little visual distortions can quickly become very overtaking in the visual field.

T+ 7:26 CEVs are nowhere near what they were, but are still colorful, very intricate geometric patterns tunneling into themselves. Whatís more visually appealing at this point is a strobe light. Staring into it I see endless patterns, cities, galaxies, shapes. Anything and everything. Itís amazing. Itís so intricate and exact. Still tracers are still amazing, especially with the strobe. This will keep me entertained for quite a bit.

T+ 7:49 Iím still having fun with this strobe. I looked into it, and as it spiraled, and waved, and danced, and took over my eyes visually, I turned off the music, and turned off the light. I was immediately shot into somewhere. I didnít know where. I wasnít in my room, and I wasnít in space. I was just in a gigantic void, but I was shot into it. My visuals were completely overtaken by swirls and circles of color coming at me at jet engine pace. I blinked, and there I was, gazing in complete awestruckedness at my empty computer screen.

T+ 8:00 Thereís no doubt in my mind that Iím still tripping balls. I am at a completely sociable level where my thinking is completely straight and normal, just everything is psychedelic. Music is still very aurally appealing, but I donít feel the connection that I did earlier. If I had to relate this, I would relate my trip currently to a little less than 10mg of 2C-E. This is a very smooth come down, despite anything I may have thought earlier. My visuals are coming in to a smooth touch down.

T+ 8:43 I decided to vaporize some CP 55,940 [a synthetic cannabinoid]. I vaporized approximately 6mgs. This brought back my visuals tenfold. Everything around me is its own little persona and itís dancing back and forth. Everything Iím looking at appears as if bubbles are non stop coming in from the back of it. Lot and lots of bubbles. At one point, I was so caught up in my visuals in the darkness (not to be confused with CEVs) that I was caught feeling as if I was looking up at the stars. There from my seat I stood amongst the rocks and gazed upon the psychedelic universe, shoving what my mind wanted to on its own universal canvas.

T+ 9:00 I never noticed how psychedelically appealing the pattern of my seat was. I gazed into its patterns, ever changing and ever growing in color. I was playing with my tracers, too, so I was controlling the colors on the seat patterns. My fingers (which the nails had eyeballs and multicolored nail polish on them, by the way) were leaving a stream for rainbow colors to flood in and ripple around in this pattern. Never had I been into such a visual in my life. That is until I turned the strobe light off, and was subsequently thrown off into a visual tangent.

T+ 9:11 Iím lying in my bed and I feel like I could be peaking again. Wow. I am so into the music, and it has so much meaning to me. This particular song was about being a giraffe, and I felt like I was a giraffe. I could feel the song so well. I thought to myself that this whole album is the greatest rock album of all time. Music was that good. My ears were so fine tuned that I could hear my fan blades cutting air. This gave me the illusion that sound was making my room flash, and not the simple fact that I had a strobe on. Between each flash of sound, my room would morph. My doorknobs become vortexes where everything is sucked into. My chair was being sucked into my door handle, and I couldnít do anything to help save it. The body high was coming back and it was just as overtaking as before. I have no idea how long this will last, but I had no idea it would be this long, even with the CP 55,940.

T+ 9:38 I feel so at one with everything. I feel connected on a personal level with my cat. My visuals are the usual waves and breathing of everything, which has become barely noticeable because I have been tripping this hard for the past 8 Ĺ hours. I feel tired, and at a point where I could lay down and enjoy the rest of my trip trying to get to sleep. I realize that I wonít be able to go to sleep, but Iíll try. At the very least, Iíll get to enjoy a nice long trip of some of the greatest CEVs Iíve ever seen...

T+17:00 Itís soothing to wake up to my calm, quiet room. Visuals are completely gone, but my head feels wavy giving me the impression that things are still moving. I was in a very light sleep that I somehow managed, and that was enough to take away my exhaustion. Last night was incredible. Definitely not something to do on a regular basis, but it was a treat to my psychedelic self.


All in all, this experience was purely amazing and the peak was the most intense of my life. My CEVs and reality were a seemless interchange between each other at peak. Almost like my CEVs were the air dancing around me, and when I opened my eyes, I could still see it. Pure and utter bliss. I did not expect music to play such a strong role in the trip, or for the body high to be so prevalent. I could easily see how if one is not in the right set and setting, this trip could not be enjoyable to the full potential. But that being said, mine were perfect, and this trip was overwhelming psychedelic awesomeness.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 65511
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 4, 2007Views: 21,117
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2C-E (137) : Alone (16), General (1)

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