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My Experience of the True Aphrodisiac
Inhalants - Nitrites (Poppers)
Citation:   Ruexperienced. "My Experience of the True Aphrodisiac: An Experience with Inhalants - Nitrites (Poppers) (exp65420)". Jun 13, 2010.

  repeated inhaled Inhalants - Nitrites (liquid)
I hope that this report is valuable to readers as there are few others for poppers and I wish to enlighten, as well as dispel some myths.

Now nearly thirty, I first tried poppers around ten years ago whilst at college. At the time, I had not tried other inhalants or any other substances except for a little marijuana. My college buddy had a small vial of poppers in his stash which he suggested we try. My guess is that it was saved for a rainy day as I never saw him using them otherwise. The setting was quite relaxed. I was in my friend's bedroom just watching TV or chatting. It was the afternoon of a pretty average day with no distractions that I can remember. Also, neither of us were on any medication at the time.

The vial, as I have now come to know, was a standard colored glass bottle with a screw top. Inside was a non-viscous, transparent liquid giving off a strong aroma. In my opinion, it smells of something similar to industrial paint. I since came to learn that this bottle is typical of the product commonly offered over the counter at 'sex shops' here in the UK which are usually some form of nitrite, most often isobutyl nitrite. Although there are some variations available, this was the 'vanilla' common product, as far as I could tell (the label had been discarded).

Prior to trying poppers, I had never heard of them and my decision to try was a pure spur of the moment thing, hence no preparations were made. I did not know what to expect except that my friend said I should expect some kind of a heady rush or buzz. After observing my friend having a dose, it was my turn and I copied his technique. This was to hold one nostril closed and hover the other nostril over the top of the vial and take a slow and deep inhalation. After exhaling, I then repeated for the other nostril.

At the time, I felt my heart rate increase. In fact, the feeling was not in the chest but in the head - it felt like something in the ear canal (the ear drum perhaps) moved with my pulse giving that heady feeling of blood rushing through the head. This light thumping in the head was accompanied by some dizziness and slight loss of hearing, almost like I have experienced with tinnitus.

The peak physical effects were experienced after about twenty seconds and after about another sixty seconds the effects had totally subsided. After this, I felt no lasting mental or physical effects or change in state compared to before taking poppers. During the whole experience, I felt no mental or cognitive effects from the experience whatsoever. I was a little disappointed by the experience as it seemed to be no more than a short duration, physical 'hit'. As I had never been interested in inhalants during adolescence nor now as an adult, I did not see any point in trying poppers again to try and potentially improve the experience.

Sometime shortly later, I became aware that poppers had and were still mainly popular in the gay community. The common reason given was that, as a vasodilator, poppers help to relax the anal sphincter and so assist penetrative sex. However, I had also heard of reports of cognitive effects of euphoria which piqued my curiosity. Since then, on several rare occasions over the last ten years I have used poppers to enhance orgasm via masturbation (I have not yet tried poppers with girlfriends). I quickly learned that it is indeed a powerful aphrodisiac.

The body effects are the same as described above, however I have also noticed that my vision is disturbed slightly during the same period of time as the other body effects. Wherever I look, there is a yellowish-purple tint in the center of my vision that lasts up to five minutes (longer than the other body effects). I have intentionally used poppers in such a way so as to obtain peak body and cognitive effects from the drug at the same time as peak sexual sensation i.e. during climax.

The cognitive effects that I have experienced are much more difficult to describe than the body effects. The best way to describe them is to say that poppers give a feeling of total abandon, lack of reserve and zero inhibitions during sexual climax. I could also describe it as a feeling of carnal or sexual totality. By way of analogy, if a normal climax is a shooting star, then a climax whilst on poppers would be the big bang! My own theory is that the vasodilation of the entire body, the lack of hearing allowing one to focus 'tunnel-like' on the task at hand, and some other neurological effects are combining to give this amazing experience.

Usually, I will take approximately four to six inhalation to achieve the desired effect.

I have also noticed that a tolerance quickly develops when using poppers over two or three days. In addition, I have noticed that prolonged user over four or five days can quickly lead to a mental dependence on poppers to reach sexual climax. It has then required about the same amount of time to return to normal sexual activity without the user of poppers. This is well documented and a common experience.

As poppers or nitrites are very volatile inhalants, I have decided to experiment with them only on very rare occasions as I believe them to be harmful to the body if used long term, despite no observations confirming this. Furthermore, this is also because I do not want to risk long term addiction as in my opinion, they are potentially as addictive as heroin due to the unique euphorice effects. Please be aware of this risk if you decide to try them and find them to your liking.

My friend has not had the same experience as myself and another person I know who attempted to use them as an aphrodisiac reported nothing more than the unwanted body effects that I experienced the first time I tried them. I do not know if some people are simply immune to the cognitive effects or if you need to be in the right frame of mind and setting (along or with a sexual partner) to gain them. In my observations, all my friends who have tried it have experienced the body effects.

In my experience, poppers do not create sexual arousal if it does not already exist. However, if I am in the correct frame of mind then they will greatly enhance my libido and the experience itself, as planned.

Compared to other psychoactives and their effect on sexual performance, marijuana is the only other substance which I find enhances sex but does so with much lower intensity and lasting a longer period of time. Marijuana included, I have not found any substance that can enhance the moment of sexual climax in the way that poppers can.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 65420
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 13, 2010Views: 76,361
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