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Flower Power
Morning Glory, Cannabis & Alcohol
by Jitbird
Citation:   Jitbird. "Flower Power: An Experience with Morning Glory, Cannabis & Alcohol (exp65328)". Erowid.org. Dec 29, 2009. erowid.org/exp/65328

T+ 0:00
307 seeds oral Morning Glory (extract)
  T+ 1:40 1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 2:15 3 glasses oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
  T+ 3:30 1 cig. smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes (plant material)


Let me start by saying that I am an experienced drug user. I am 28yo and I have used many substances such as cannabis, LSD, Mescaline, Shrooms, Salvia Divinorum, Cocaine, various opiates, barbiturates, amphetamines, ect... I had heard for years that MG seeds had an active alkaloid in them similar to LSD (LSA). I had never heard of anyone's experiences on them before, so I never had an inclination to try them. Then I read other people's experiences online. After reading these, I decided that I just had to try it to see 1. If all these people were full of shit, and 2. How it would affect me?

I started by ordering 1,500 organic, untreated Heavenly Blue Morning Glory seeds from a reputable internet source. I ordered them last Friday and I got them the following Monday. As soon as I got them I got ready for an extraction. I didnít want to try the petroleum methods, and had read great reports form the H2O methods, so I tried that. I also read there was less or no nausea from the H2O extraction. I took a large book off of the shelf and poured out what I thought looked like 300 seeds. From the reports I read, I arrived methodically at this number. After I counted out 300 seeds, I looked at the book and there were 7 left sitting there. I was amazed at my estimation, and since 7 is a luck number, I threw them in the mix.

I did not have a mortar/pestle, or a coffee grinder, and was not going to purchase either for my first experiment. I improvised. I took the MG seeds, and put them in a plastic sandwich bag. I balled the seeds up in the corner and tied it off. I then put that bag into a small paper bag and rolled it up. I placed the package on one of my 25lb dumbbells and took a hammer to them. It didnít crush all of them all of the way down, but I was left with a mixture of crushed and whole seeds. I poured the seeds into a glass Mason jar with approx. 20oz of distilled water. I put the jar in the back of the fridge to extract over the next few days (mixed on Monday). My anticipation grew stronger by Wednesday and I couldnít take it any longer. I decided that I was going to take them that night. I did shake the jar a few times over the days and it began to resemble sweet tea with a few drops of cream in it.

When I got home Wednesday night, I headed straight for the fridge.

T= 8:00pm I pulled out the jar, said a quick prayer to my health/wellbeing/spirituality, and down the hatch it went. I donít know where people get the idea that MG seeds taste bad. They tasted a bit like unsalted sunflower seeds and tea. It was very pleasing, cold, and easy to get down. When the pulp hit my lips, I sat the jar down. I had ingested the full 20oz of liquid, and had previously decided to drink half and see what happened. Apparently, that idea went straight out the window. If youíre gonna go for it, go for the gusto. Know what I mean? Anyway, after I drank my special tea, I decided to take a shower because I was sweating all day, and needed to relax. After I got out of the shower, I decided to lay down on my bed to wait for my effects.

T=8:30 I still didnít feel any nausea, or discomfort of any kind. On that note, I didnít feel any inebriating effects either. I got into a movie on one of the movie channels. After a little while, I noticed a feeling in my chest, the feeling that I get when I'm starting to trip on LSD or Shrooms. I started to breathe deeply. I started to smile and giggle at the movie I was watching. At one point a funny scene came on, and I laughed hard out loud. I realized that I was starting to trip. Now, I had not taken any LSD since the year 2000. I took Shrooms a few times at concerts and what not, but had not had this feeling in a while. It was strangely nostalgic.

T=9:15 It had been an hour and fifteen minutes since I drank the potion of Heavenly Blue. I was definitely feeling it at this point. I had been lying down for about 50 minutes, so I decided to stand up. When I did, I felt a heavy feeling in my body. I felt great. I felt like I was slightly floating but, but my body weighed 3 times its normal weight. I decided to go outside for a little bit. I live in the wooded hills of Southern Appalachia so it was a beautiful, yet noisy summer evening with a beautiful sunset. When I say noisy, I mean I could hear cicada, birds, and crickets.

I was looking up at the sky, and though I had no visuals at this point, colors seemed vivid, and the wind smelled of cut grass, and mimosa. I was completely in awe of my surroundings. I started to give myself reality checks to gauge my experience. I thought about my day at work and school. I thought about my upcoming birthday and I was excited that I was gonna party with my friends. Although I was under a great deal of stress with my day to day life, I was beginning to feel detached. This was the tell tale sign of a mind altering substance such as LSD, or LSA in my case. I have always been known to handle my drugs with expertise and didnít want to prejudice my experience, but everyone knows that nothing sets off a trip like some weed. Not just good weed, dank. Some of the best! I decided that I was going to go back in the house to fetch the bowl and take this trip to the next level.

T= 9:40 I went inside to get the bowl and it felt as if I were outside for an hour, but it had only been 25 minutes. I put one hit of monster in the pipe (I had been saving the last of the very best for this) and went back outside. I was in the house for maybe 5 minutes, but at this point it was almost completely dark. I sat Indian style on my freshly pressure-washed patio and felt completely at peace with the world, I wanted to reach down and give Mother Nature a kiss for the beauty that was unfurled before me. My trip was intensifying with every breath and still I had not taken a hit of the chronic yet.

I took one massive hit and cashed out the bowl. I held it in for about 30 seconds and when I exhaled, I immediately felt the sweet sensations in my temples and down to my toes. My energy was intensifying with a quickness. I started looking through the forest. I was beginning to get a visual experience as well. I was seeing the classic blinking ambient light with things moving ever so slightly in my peripherals. The woods here can be a scary and mysterious place in the dark. I was looking at the tops of the trees and I was seeing skulls take shape. This worried me at first, but then my calming state quickly turned the skulls to dog heads, and then to bears. I said to my self, 'Shit, I'm trippin!' I had to call my friend, who is into this shit as much as I was. He knew I was to take the MG that night, and was waiting on a progress report. I stared at my cell phone for a moment admiring the bright colors against the cloche of darkness that was blackening more and more each minute. I text him to call me, and he did about 1 minute later. He was in a place where he was not able to talk about such matters other than how do you feel, what time did you drink, ect...

T= 10:15 I was starting to peak now, and all I could think about is how cool my music with headphones would sound. I stood up from the patio, and went inside. The light hit me like a bucket of rainbows when I opened the door. My house was cool, and comforting, but I had a strong urge to be outdoors. I walked, or should I say, floated to my bedroom where I had my CD player. I looked over my library of CDs and one in particular came to mind. Above all music, I decided to go old school and listen to Pink Floyd's Dark side of the Moon. A bit of a clichť, but that was what my friends and I tripped to back in high school, and I saw it appropriate.

I reached into the fridge and grabbed a Miller High Life tall boy. It felt cold and out of place in my hands, and usually I donít go two evenings without one in there. I turned off all of the lights and lied down in bed. My eyes adjusted to the darkness, and I was just able to make out the dark silhouette of my arms and hands. There was a red and green light on the electronics in my room and seemed to do whatever I wanted it to do. This may only make sense to some people, but the visuals were not so much in front of me, but in my mind, and that made it manifest before my eyes. I looked at the red light on my DVD player and pictured it as a long, bright red rod protruding from its LED crevice and reaching out to touch my retina with a sense of taste (I know what your thinking...WTF is wrong with this guy?) The red tasted like commerce, and hustle/bustle of a busy street, as in like a traffic light that tasted like diesel from trucks and hot asphalt. The green light did the same thing but it came as like a cool streak of spring that almost had a breeze to it. This little light show lasted oh about 5 or 10 minutes.

Amazed at what this legal, yet underrated drug was doing to me, I lied back and put on the headphones. I started the Pink Floyd, and I gotta say, I never heard some of the sounds and voices in this album before. I mean I have heard some of them, but not all of them. The quality of the CD/headphones was better than average, but I started feeling the music in my head, as if I had tilted my head and someone was pouring wavy gravy into my consciousness. I listened as the music got more intense, and I started to trip out hard. I played with my hands and they appeared to be a flower blooming as I opened them and a flower wilting as I closed them. The best visuals came to me when I shut my eyes. Geometric patters of life and color were swirling through my shut eyed universe. I was smiling and having a great trip. I wanted to talk to somebody about it, and I wanted my best friend, DD (the one I talked to earlier) to be tripping with me. We had eaten a good bit of LSD together and were always on the same wave length and shared the same energy and sensations while tripping.

By the last track of the CD, I started to experience that feeling of ego loss and detachment even more. I started to contemplate things in my life, and I started looking at myself in perspective. I appeared to myself as a flower or Morning Glory if you will. I started to 'release' all of my anger, all of my hate, all of my, depression, all of my jealousy, all of my addictions. All of the things that hinder a person from loving others and themselves started to fall one by one like petals on a flower. The more petals that fell off of me, the more I felt relief. I started to cry when I was losing the things that had been holding me back in life. I started forgiving those that I hate because I realized that I was a slave to my anger/hate and that the longer I felt ill will towards people the longer they had me as a victim. I was above that at this point. I was realizing that I canít spend my life with burdens like this, and I was a part of something bigger, and at this point I was more than grateful for the life my parents and God had given me.

After all the petals of dismay fell, I was left as a single stalk with a hard middle. A new feeling person with a better grip on life and a urge to live life to its fullest and peruse my own dreams and happiness. I was almost born again in a sort of way. The CD ended almost without me noticing it. I sat up in bed and wiped the tears that watered those angry petals from my eyes. I felt wonderful, but at the same time sad (I guess because I had changed a bit, but in a good way) I reached for my frosty cold barley pop and rolled myself a fat cigarette. It felt great to smoke.

T= 11:30 I finished my cigarette and went back inside but not before admiring the moon and its halo of fluffy clouds. I lay in bed and pondered on my experience and drifted off into a fantastic sleep. A sleep that would make a winter bear jealous. The next day (today) I feel great. It has a great afterglow, and the sky never looked so blue, and my coffee never tasted so good. I will try MG again soon, hopefully with my best friend. Going into this trip as a skeptic and coming out a believer made me fan of this 'Flower Power' for life.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 65328
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28 
Published: Dec 29, 2009Views: 20,635
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