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A Plant World Unlike What I Expected
Salvia divinorum (extract)
by Miranda
Citation:   Miranda. "A Plant World Unlike What I Expected: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (extract) (exp65230)". Apr 20, 2016.

  oral Salvia divinorum (extract)


Salvia and Fairies

I am a 35 year old woman. I don't do drugs but was drawn to Salvia because i wanted to see fairies. That sounds childish, but I know people who claim to have seen fairies and trolls in the woods when sober so I wanted to use this to access that dimension and see something.

I invited a friend over to sit for me, and I took the green goddess elixir. I took 3 droppers-full over about 12 minutes as suggested. Yes it burns but it works. After two droppers-full I walked around with my friend and everything was plastic looking. I could still talk but the trees and yard and grass all looked plastic, like a hollywood movie set, but everything was monochromatic and fake. I could see that the light from my landscaping was too harsh for a tree next door and that was why it had dropped a huge branch. It was very obvious to me what the plants were experiencing in this dimension.
It was very obvious to me what the plants were experiencing in this dimension.

I sat down in front of the herb garden then, where I had constructed a small alter with a buddha statue. Before taking the herb I had stated my intention with the plant, to see nature spirits and elementals, and ran everything through the blessing of my guru so nothing too bad could happen. As I took the third dropperfull, and held it in my mouth I felt annoyed that my legs felt like they were falling asleep-pins and needles, and that nothing was really happening yet. I spit out the herb after 5 minutes or so, and then my friend says I froze. She says my face hardened and I went inside myself. She got a little scared.

What I experienced was that I went away and I was the rigid plastic-like grass growing out of the earth. I felt so rigid and plastic. My consciousness was rigid and male. I felt like an annoyed teenager boy plant. I could feel myself frozen in space, unable to move, in my rigid plant body. I had never been anything else but this plant. I was aware that 'the mother' lived in the house. I was aware of the glow of the house and the woman who was always there but in an annoying teenage way like teenagers take their parents for granted. This mother cared for the garden as best she could but I did not appreciate her or understand her. I slightly feared her. I also morphed into some canes of the birch tree. The birch tree was next to me and suddenly I was there hard, plastic feeling but bendy canes. This was my body. Then I was back to the hard plastic grass feeling again. I had been the grass for eons, and it was my whole experience. I felt when the sun had been coming down that summer and the burn of it on the upper parts of my blades. I had a concept of my plant self as important.

As I started to come to I heard some kids going to their car talking loudly on the street. My plant self was afraid of them. They could hurt me. My plant self feared the animal strength and abilities of the people. As I bled through and my mind came back I wobbled between being the plastic hard feeling plant and having a body. I remember clutching myself and saying I have to come back, I am a mother and I need to come back for my child. I fought to come back but it was out of my control. I felt like I had to remember to breathe and that breath would keep me in my body. I fought to retain a regular breath. It scared me that I needed to think about breathing. Eventually I was mostly back. My friend touched me and tried to draw me out. I was still in plant world partway, having her look at me in this state annoyed the plant part of me. As a human I am very easygoing but my plant body was really pissed off all the time. My friend had me lay back and close my eyes. I saw the green dancing fairy that has been in posters since the Absinthe craze in the 1900s. I was aware that this was in my brain and my eyes were closed, like a swirling mandala. I was like, AHA! so this is the green fairy they talk about in the Moulin Rouge movie.

As I was sobering up I kept saying, that was fucked up! I was aware that I had been crazy. Out of body--but not out of body up towards a lighter energy, out of body DOWN to an earthy dimension. I keep feeling a tug from the other world, but didn't want to go there. It was a slow, boring world. The drug was still in my body. I had an understanding that the plant kingdom is much less evolved than humans. They have nothing to teach us, we have already evolved past them. They do not like us because we are too powerful, strong, and destructive towards them. All the stuff about benign fairies that assist humans seemed like crap to me now.
All the stuff about benign fairies that assist humans seemed like crap to me now.
They were of a lower vibration, in their own dimensional world and state of consciousness. They didn't care about us because they couldn't possible relate to us, having very few 'senses' and no free will. A plant didn't choose to grow, it did what its DNA directed. Plants do have consciousness, but it is a very limited, self-involved consciousness. There is nothing that unites it with the larger world. There is no large vast bliss like humans can get to in meditation. Salvia showed me a plant world and kingdom that was totally unlike what I was expecting. I was expecting the 'airy fairy' blissed out world of cosmically conscious plants, instead they were like selfish, boring, and fearful.

For the next 4 hours I was blissed out. So happy to be a human. Understanding how blessed we are to have physical senses and free will. To move in time and space, to have flesh and warmth, and softness was now something I didn't take for granted. I was able to access 'psychic' information very easily and felt really happy with myself and my life. Felt very 'speedy, chatty, happy' and talked to my friend until almost 4am. Woke up happy the next day after only 3 hours sleep.

My only advice is if you do the herb, do it with someone to watch over you, and call in your Gods to protect you first so you don't go anywhere too scary and you come back in one piece. This drug makes me feel what schizophrenics must feel and that scares me. Perhaps this drug could push borderline people over the edge? I respect the power of this drug. It is not to be taken lightly.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 65230
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 35 
Published: Apr 20, 2016Views: 5,885
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