Entrance Exam
Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue)
Citation:   Robocop. "Entrance Exam: An Experience with Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue) (exp65209)". Erowid.org. Sep 3, 2008. erowid.org/exp/65209

14 g oral Morning Glory (ground / crushed)

The seeds were prepared by grinding them up in a blender then letting them soak for 29 hours in pure gasoline. The gasoline/seed mixture was run through a paper coffee filter after which the seed mush was left in the filter overnight for the remaining gasoline to evaporate (important!!!). In the process of grinding the seeds the blender blade had become so hot I was led to believe the heat might have destroyed some of the LSA in the mush. I opted against doing an alcohol infusion of the remaining mush for I thought it would waste more of the active ingredients.


The mush was ingested at 1300 hours by just chugging it down with water. I had 20 grams worth of it and I'd estimate I took 14 - 15 grams, should be approximately 570 - 610 seeds, didn't count. I was aiming for maybe 10 grams but thought the heating up of the blender blade had reduced the potency of the end result. Turns out it hadn't.


Excluding DXM this was to be my first truly psychedelic experience. In the past I've had some strong experiences with THC (not a regular user), one with psilocybin/psilocin containing mushrooms that bordered on the very edge of threshold, some weak experiences with smokable DMT and a medium one with the same substance, no breakthrough though. A few days prior to this I had ingested 50 of the same seeds, just breaking the threshold. Therefore I knew I wasn't allergic or overtly intolerant of the substance I was taking.


I was alone in my apartment, a little hungover and had had only a few hours of sleep the previous night. Other than that I was OK, it was a beautiful day and I was really looking forward to the experience. Fifteen minutes after ingestion there was a definite discomfort in my stomache, caused by the seed mush. This was taken care of by taking some anti acid-reflux medicine and lying down. No nausea was felt at this stage, just the discomfort. Lying on my bed maybe half an hour after ingestion I was staring at my ceiling. It was white and had these little bumps all over, due to the plaster used. I started thinking it'd be a fun thing to watch while tripping and realized I'm feeling the first effects.

I lay there for an hour having lucid thoughts of the previous night out, all the time just staring at the ceiling which was beginning to look more and more interesting. I decided to engage in my favorite chore while coming up: vacuum cleaning. It's just so much fun going higher and higher while doing something useful. This time didn't let me down either, I was trying hard to vacuum some strange looking bundles of dust off the floor until I realized they were actually part of the pattern in the plastic carpet floor. The discomfort was returning and moving was causing me slight nausea so I had to hit the bunk again.

Maybe an hour and a half after ingestion I was feeling the effects big-time. Lying down I listened to the Clash live-album titled From Here To Eternity. A nice mixture of punk rock and reggae, it turned out to be the perfect choice. I just couldn't believe how good it sounded and the patterns in the ceiling were just enthralling. Reflecting sunlight the white plaster seemed like a landscape from another planet. I had definitely hit the 'glory' part of morning glories. The music and my trippy ceiling were accompanied with this feeling of utter bliss and tranquility. While lying down, I was moving to the music in a very slow and sedated fashion. Closing my eyes I could vividly see how my hands left colored smoke tracers.

When the album was running to an end, I noticed how intriguing the stitching on my chair was. It was just ecstatic to see how the black thread was going under the white one, then above another one, then back under and so on. It was now past 1600 and thinking I'd be peaking in an hour I grabbed some chow. As I was eating, I was just startled by a strand of hair falling onto my plate. This is a good description of the nature of the MG experience. It makes me notice some truly minor details and to examine them with the joy of newfound discovery.

Come 1700, I was going through my favorite videos on YouTube, thinking I'm peaking at the very moment. It was a bit of a disappointment really, watching the videos was just as joyful as discovering the depth of details in my surroundings, but weak compared to the integration with reality I've experienced on DXM (e.g animatrix still has that strange 'more real than reality' quality to it). I stayed on the computer til about 1800 after which I turned on some ambient music and laid down again.

The music perfectly matched my tranquil state of mind and movements. The CEVs were intense, actually a little bit more intense, so I opened my eyes and gladly noticed that the ceiling was more intriguing than ever. It was starting to look like clouds against a blue sky when I had my first OEV. Suddenly the parts that reflected more sunlight than their surroundings were painted bright purple. The pattern grew larger until it covered most of my vision and was clearly visible on the walls as well.

By now slow movements had become so enjoyable I wasn't anymore lying on the bed, I was doing a strange upside-down stand on it supporting myself with my neck, my feet pointed against the ceiling which was starting to turn into the floor. I slid off the bed onto my (real) floor and found out that gravity was a really confusing thing. The ceiling and the floor were now the walls in this room, the wall I was looking at was the floor and the other wall was exerting this weird force-field on me, some part of me actually knew it was called gravity but I didn't really care anymore. Pushed against the wall by this field balancing a chair in front of me was an extremely enjoyable activity all the while still listening to ambient. I had this thought 'if my roommate saw me now I'd end up locked away in a mental institution' and realized I was tripping hard.

It was now past 1900 and I hadn't even reached the peak yet. Walking into the kitchen for something to drink, my spatial awareness was quickly deteriorating. Everything surrounding me was distorted, I could see visuals in just about everything reflecting light and I was still a little confused about gravity. On top of this I was having the same sensation of not knowing where exactly I am, sitting at the table, next to the sink or somewhere else, typically caused by large doses of THC. I nearly got lost on my way out of the kitchen and was still going higher and higher. Everything that was white had this green hue to it. I started to worry a little.

Now lying down and listening to some more ambient I wasn't sure if the sounds I heard were part of the music or caused by traffic outside. The particular track I was listening to had this weird snare, and eyes closed I was in this strange mindscape where the only things that existed were some kind of a ring drawn out by snarling music and an extremely detailed image of my own face in green light. Every time I heard the distressing sound I'd see this ring appear as if it was made by pouring gasoline on the ground then lighting it up. Between the sounds I'd zoom into my own face, just amazed of the detail in the visual. In the image I had extremely dialated pupils and looked like I was psyching myself up for a fight or a vicious set in the gym. Up until now my logic thought had been pretty much unaltered, although my surroundings were getting really strange I still knew what was going on, but now I was getting mindfucked for good and the repeating visuals were starting to take their toll on me. At some point I became conscious enough of the situation and turned off the damn ambient.

I lost track of time but it was getting dark outside and the fun part of the trip had ended long ago. I knew I'd taken too much and the substance was really trying to get to me. It now seemed like my logic thought was back in line so I kept thinking I've just taken a drug and it's trying to tire me, I'll just have to outlast it. Taking the situation as a psychic challenge really helped a lot as did having read reports of similar instances. All the time however I was getting more and more tired and feeling powerless to fight back this nearly unbearable state of mind. I felt like I was a pathetic case for even doing drugs, how my life was a wreck and so on. At its worst I even felt like I really miss my parents, how a family is the most important thing in one's life and I don't have one. Assuring myself that this is just the drug talking to you didn't help much since I knew that coming down was just another way of running away from the problem at hand. Just like an alcoholic might take to the bottle in order to induce a stupor that helps him forget about his fucked up life. This was getting a little too insightful for me.

For some reason I thought it might be a good idea to listen to a CD I got from a faith-head at a rock festival a couple of weeks ago. It contained a testimony by Tony Anthony, a Kung-Fu world champion. His story was powerful and just seemed to take my mind off the psychic tug-of-war going on at the time. I really enjoyed it until they started getting into the god-issues and since I don't suffer from such a delusion I decided to check up on my mind. Things were looking a whole lot better, I was actually coming down, had restored the cynicism I desperately needed in this condition and I was glad to remember that my life's not such a wreck I was led to believe an hour ago. When I went to sleep at 0200 I was definitely still jacked up but knew I'd survived the challenge the drug threw at me.

After a night of vivid dreaming, 24 hours since ingestion I was pretty much back to baseline, just a little shaken and humbled by the experience. I've gone a lot farther than this on DXM but it seems to be more gentle on one's psyche so this was the first time I've had difficulties dealing with a substance. DXM is however no longer a part of my life (it's a fairly nasty drug, neurotoxic and addictive) so I regard this experience as a test to my psyche. I now know I can handle myself if I want to dwell deeper into my own mind. All in all, a very positive experience but it would seem LSA is not a substance that brings me a more shamanistic, changed-my-view-of-the-world experience.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 65209
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 3, 2008Views: 7,825
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