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Spirit vs. Body
Morning Glory Seeds
by Allison Wonderland
Citation:   Allison Wonderland. "Spirit vs. Body: An Experience with Morning Glory Seeds (exp6518)". Feb 28, 2002.

T+ 0:00
227 seeds oral Morning Glory (powder / crystals)
  T+ 3:00   smoked Cannabis (plant material)


I had not smoked, inhaled or ingested any mind altering substances for 13 years when I had heard of the naturally occuring LSA in Morning Glory Seeds. I was just curious when my research began, but after several weeks of study, I was convinced that this would be a natural step in my personal spiritual growth.

Taking the advice of several experienced Morning Glory users, I started small, (about 80 seeds), and worked my way up. I have a very strong constitution, and never get nauseous to the point of vomiting, no matter how bad a flu bug or whatever illness I contract, so I wasn't too concerned about the nausea reports stemming from ingesting the fresh ground seeds. My first experience was a glimpse of great things, for certain! I put 80 seeds into a coffee bean grinder and made a fine powder. I put the powder in a glass with about 8 oz. of water and chugged it down. There was no nausea at all. I did feel the familiar sensations of, 'coming on,' to a nice LSD or shroom trip. Very body oriented, not visual at all. The only negative effect was very peculiar, and seems to be my personal cross to bear when ingesting these seeds. I got a very intense cramp in my calf muscles. It made it difficult to walk, which I felt like doing on my first dose. The cramping lasted about an hour, and the whole first trip was over in about three hours. No hang over, no loss of energy, I felt completely normal. I had the new knowledge that there would be a life enhancing experience in my future!

My second experiment was just three days later and consisted of 150 seeds, ground to powder and gulped down with water. Again the intense cramping was present, but it seemed to last only half as long. It was as if the climb up to the 150 seed peak was faster than the 80 seed peak, a theory that would prove true in subsequent experiences. This was a body high again, not visually stunning however I noticed a slight, 'shimmering,' when looking at objects. It was obvious that there was something that desired to be released in my mind, but I had not reached the threshold to unleash its full effect. I was overwhelmed with thoughts, not of regret, but of eagerness to make better choices for myself, and to assist others in doing the same. I'm a teacher by vocation and that calling was confirmed in my heart and mind. I knew I was where I needed to be and doing what I was meant to do. That was a wonderful experience. I also had a great sense of anticipation for reaching that threshold where the full potential of the seeds would be reached in my mind and spirit, not just in my body. It was a very pleasant three hours again.

The third experiment consisted of 277 seeds, (I counted carefully). Again ground up and put in some apple juice. Very gritty going down, but I got it. I had been given some herb by a dear friend with whom I had made contact after 20 years. She blessed me with a few grams of some very nice green. Not wanting to taint the experiment, however, I purposed not to smoke and alter my seed experience. This time I shot through the leg cramping like a rocket. Maybe only 5 minutes, but still very intense. AH-HA! Something new! NAUSEA! Gads, what nausea. I didn't throw up but I sure wanted to. The visuals were much more evident this time. Not wanting to waste the trip watching walls bend, I laid down and listened to some music. I put a selection of 3 YES cd's in the 'ol changer and just laid down. My limbs felt very heavy. I didn't desire to walk at all, like I did the first time. That bummed me out some. I had always enjoyed walking during previous experiences. The nausea became quite intense, but so were the racing thoughts in my head. I felt at war within.

After 3 hours of internal conflict, spirit vs. body, I decided to take one hit of the green I got from my friend. The nausea stopped instantly! I then was able to relax and take the mellowest and most significant trip in my life. I closed my eyes and saw in 360 degrees! I was one with God. He loved me, talked with me, rocked me in His arms through the universe. He told me how he really likes to hang out with me and how He never condemned me. I was in the presence of the holy, and was unashamed. I saw what perfect love God had for me, and at the same time was confronted with the comparitive weakness of my love for others. But there was no guilt and shame, only perfect peace. The realization of my flawed and limited ability to love was accompanied by a renewed sense of hope that I was not completed yet. I had that perfect love placed in my heart. God put it there. I was commanded from that day forward to perfect the expression of it to others. I knew there was magic in these seeds, I just needed to quiet the body to feed the spirit.

Alright, so my experiment was tainted by one small hit of herb, but there was no shame or condemnation in my heart. I was right where I needed to be. This trip was well over 12 hours. Thank God! Coming down was easy. I was tired the next day, but the great things that happened to me were fresh in my mind, and I was excited to begin to apply them to life on earth. Love was birthed in me, where there was bitterness, spite and intolerance. The best experience wasn't the trip, it's the application of the knowledge, turning the knowledge into wisdom.

My last experiment was 450 seeds, powdered, in a big glass of orange juice. VERY hard to get down. Way too much powder. The leg cramps were present, but ended quickly again. The nausea started immediately. Hour one, shimmering visuals, heart rate increasing, limbs getting heavy and extremely nauseated. Hour two, vomiting. Hour three, vomiting. Hour four, vomiting. The full effect of the seeds was present, but I was too sick to enjoy it. The previous war between body and spirit was a walk in the park compared to what I was going through this night. I was so sick even after six hours that I could not take a hit off the pipe. My spirit was trapped in a body that was retching and shaking for hours on end. The visuals were spectacular! Colors were vivid, patterns ovelaid everything I looked at, and eyes closed was even better. But I was just too sick to enjoy any of it. I agonized and could not break free. It wasn't until the next day, about 14 hours after ingesting, that I was able to get a small hit off the pipe. The nausea was diminished, but not eliminated. I slept for a few hours after hour 16. The hangover was strong. No limb strength, no motivation, no great realizations, a complete trashing of my body. NONETHELESS...I did learn plenty from it.

The extraction methods I researched are there for a reason. I strongly recommend using it. They're simple and not too expensive, especially if you do a large amount of seed at a time. The cost per dose goes down that way. Second, my body is a jealous and spiteful creature. I have always been a physically oriented person. Played football and baseball very aggressively. When I was able to wake the spirit in me, my body rebelled. Next time, extracted LSA will not give my body the opportunity to interfere with what God wants me to know about Him, me and you. Wake up in the Morning Glory and the spirit will be set free, buit don't give the body occasion to hinder your spirit!

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 6518
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 28, 2002Views: 49,439
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