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A Worthwhile and Super Fun Experience
by Confero
Citation:   Confero. "A Worthwhile and Super Fun Experience: An Experience with LSD (exp65091)". Jun 13, 2010.

1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)


I had planned to stay overnight at an Inn where my friend Sariah worked, with a few other friends staying also. They would be her boyfriend Cannon, my girlfriend Ashe, a friend planning to use 2-CB named Tay, and another friend who had used LSD a few times named Wreck. There were various substances to experiment with, though no one had quiet made up their mind until we had all met. After some time spent debating I had decided to take my first blotter hit of LSD ever, this came after some time spent thinking on it and encouragement from my girlfriend and friends. Prior to this I had tripped twice on mushrooms, once on Salvia, and experimented with a handful of other non-similar drugs. I regularly used and enjoy marijuana the most. Out of our group of friends our interests, experiences, and education into drugs led us to being serious minded, (hopefully) well educated, and positive thinking people, which is the only reason I felt comfortable taking the LSD with a group of people rather than alone.

Sariah, Cannon, and my girlfriend Ashe all decided to drop a hit as well. Wreck decided on two, due to his past experience. I wasn't sure what to expect, especially being that my girlfriend was with me and she remains unexperienced when it comes to drug usage and mind exploration. We all took our hits, and Tay decided to wait some time to dose his 2-CB. I began downloading some music I wanted to hear and we hung out in a comfortable apartment above the Inn. Sariah said that one of her friends, Jane, was on the way, and would bring some marijuana to smoke. We spent the time waiting for her talking and listening to music, she arrived and began rolling joints with Sariah after introducing herself. By this time, my girlfriend and I were really questioning whether we would feel any effects or not, though we were both comfortable with just relaxing and enjoying what was to come.

Talk of a meteor shower occurring that night had led us all to decide on a walk down to a nearby dock and promenade where we could see the shower. Tay had snorted his 2-CB dose and became nauseous, throwing up twice but then was seemingly overwhelmed by the drug, explaining an intense body high and visuals hitting him 'at all once'. Once he was able to walk, we made our way outside into town. Shortly after I began walking down the sidewalk, I had no doubt that my trip had begun. As we walked past trees, the bark began to protrude at me, forming various images. The most distinct of these were symbols that resembled Egyptian style hieroglyphics. I casually described this to my friends, as it appeared again and again on trees we passed. At this time, I was very unsure how my friends were feeling. Ashe had began to claim she didn't feel anything, though everyone else seemed to be enjoying themselves and were somewhat quiet.

I was overcome with energy. I had the urge to run, climb on a tree, and have fun outside. Even though it was 1AM and humid, no one seemed to notice or care. I couldn't believe how much energy I was feeling from the LSD, I felt free and tireless and like the world was so vast. Every step we took was deeper and deeper into our exploration of the town. We made our way down a hill leading to the water when a police officer spotted us from behind in his car - no big deal, though Jane had some joints on her. Standing ahead of my friends looking at them up on a hill, they seemed miles away. I had admitted while laughing to my friend Wreck who agreed, 'My depth perception is so fucked.'

The cop ignored us as my friends came down the hill. Making our way through the parking lot, there were vivid ripples in the nearby black water. Boats rocked back and forth in a way that seemed synchronized. I wasn't talking much to my friends at this point, as we were just walking and taking in sights. We arrived to find the cop who had passed us earlier repeatedly circling the parking lot, looking for someone or something. We were ignored by this cop, but all signs said the area was closed at 11PM. Deciding to head back, my energy seemed to continue increasing.

I stayed ahead of my group of friends, able to see all of the bushes on either side of the road lined with white webs. The humidity had made every spider web in these bushes seemingly illuminate with a white hue. It began to drizzle, though no one seemed to mind as we headed back to the Inn. I had began to wish I knew how my friends were feeling, but was hesitant to ask them out of fear of being intrusive or obnoxious. At this time, my girlfriend was claiming she wished she felt like me. When we had returned to our apartment and sat down, she said it was clear the LSD had kicked in. We dimmed the lights and played enjoyable electronic music, while a few of us occupied ourselves with light toys and had conversation with one another. This was enjoyable, as everyone was freely expressing ideas and describing their experience. Up until this point, It had seemed to me that everyone besides myself was remaining very quiet. I was constantly worried about being too loud, or talking too much and making one of my friends' trips unsettling.

At this point everyone was relaxing in the same room, though ever since we had come back in I began to feel restricted. The apartment seemed smaller, hotter, and less welcoming than before. I was interested in trying to occupy myself with a movie, video games, or other music, but doubted anyone would want that. Instead, I began to fall into my thoughts. I was considering what I'd seen from my friends on there many trips, and could feel myself becoming frustrated because I couldn't find something to occupy my mind. At this point I started to feel like I had to convince myself that it was a positive experience. I had mentioned that I enjoyed parts of mushrooms better, and Sariah said to me 'No way, don't say mushrooms are better.' The strangest thought had come over me. I believed that Sariah was trying to convince me not to have a bad trip, that if I thought mushrooms were better then LSD, my trip would go haywire. I quickly dismissed this, because I knew in my mind that everyone else was experiencing a flood of ideas and feelings as well. It was near impossible for any of us to accurately interpret one another, though it was easy, fun, and occupying to converse.

For a short while, sitting on the floor and listening to the others talk, I had observed and worried about Ashe. She was saying virtually nothing, but was visibly happy and entertained by her experienced. Everyone else remained talkative. As I looked at my girlfriend I had noticed a small area in the bottom of my vision become black. I was swinging a pendulum light between my fingers, with my eyes focused on the red, green, blue, and white colors of it. However, everything around me was becoming covered in the black. The small section of black from the corner of my eye overtook an entire side of the room, leaving only myself and the pendulum light sitting in vast darkness. I openly described this visual to my friends at the time, who seemed to find it awesome.

After this point my visuals had almost completely cleared up. As I sat in the room with my friends I found myself frustrated, fighting inside my mind the idea of becoming lost in my thoughts. I was refusing to fall victim to doubt or insecurity, or rapid mood change. I felt stale, like I had to occupy myself with something else, though getting up and moving to do that was impossible. I sat for a while, occupied with the idea of refusing to fall victim to 'mindfucking', or agonizing in my thoughts as I have heard described

It was three or four hours later, about five in the morning. I had began laying and talking with my girlfriend, while Sariah, Cannon, and Tay slept on the floor. Jane, who had been good company and also seemed like an experienced tripper, decided to leave. Ashe began to describe her own experience to me, as we went through long periods of laughing hysterically about everything we discussed with Cannon and Wreck. At many points, we found ourselves saying 'I just want this lingering feeling to end'. The experienced had seemed to pass very quickly, and it was obvious to Cannon, Wreck, Ashe, and I that sleep was not going to happen. I instead decided to leave with Wreck and my girlfriend a few hours later.

For along while I had decided not to use LSD, though I watched many friends do so. I had been unsure about the drug for a long time. I'm still left with feeling mostly unsure. I don't understand the substance, and I get the impression that many people who use it are on a quest for something, or a journey to master the substance. It's effects I found not as enjoyable as other drugs, but unique and extremely positive. The experience did not fail to disappoint me, and I was having fun achieving the effects I desired. I had come down from the trip feeling very empowered with my ability to reason, and my self control and willpower. I could have done with longer, and more intense visual hallucinations, and I also could have gone without the racing thoughts that were induced. As had been described to me, it was impossible to keep track of my thoughts and was a mental struggle to remain positive, clear headed, and alert. This was only for a slight time, though, and I feel it's fitting as I have heard it described as part of the LSD experience many times before. I don't know if I'll use LSD again, but chances are I won't. I don't feel up to investing myself into it, as I'm left feeling I may have to, to enjoy it on the level I see many others do. All in all, a worthwhile and super fun, introspective experience.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 65091
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 13, 2010Views: 7,158
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LSD (2) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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