The Nature Of The Human Mind
Citation:   Roygbiv. "The Nature Of The Human Mind: An Experience with 2C-E (exp64921)". Aug 17, 2007.

20 mg oral 2C-E (powder / crystals)
First off, a little background. I am 19 years old and so far quite inexperienced with the wealth of psychoactives out there today. This is mostly due to lack of knowledge (until now, that is). Hallucinogens in particular have always been fascinating to me, long before I discovered that compounds such as 2C-E actually existed. Many of my favourite books, films, and music all appear to have been created while under the influence of strong hallucinogens, and I had a strong desire to replicate what these artists had experienced at the time of their inspiration.

Hence, you can imagine my sheer delight when I had successfully obtained 1g of 2C-E from an online vendor. I knew it was a relatively unresearched and rare compound so I intended to treat it with the utmost respect in order to get the most out of it. I soon found myself facing the same dilemma that most of us face: the art of correct dosage. I went to the effort to buy a scale from the United States (note that I do not live in US so I had to import one) since no scales capable of reading such small quantities even existed here. Unfortunately, once it arrived I was unable to use it, because it was not designed to be compatible with the Australian mains voltage system. Meanwhile, the little baggie of 2C-E continued to sit there, silently begging attention. Finally, its allure overpowered me and I felt compelled to take some, despite the lack of a suitable scale.

It was about 12.15am, everyone in the house had gone to bed except my mother who was watching a movie in the loungeroom. My mindset was fairly positive, even though I had no one else to share the trip with as most of my friends are anti-drug. The entire night lay ahead, enticing and yet full of uncertainty at the same time. It also meant that I had only to look after myself, and no one else, which I considered a good thing.

I carefully measured out what I believed to be 20mg, mixed with a can of coke. This was done using the (knowingly inaccurate) method of 'halving' a known quantity. Other users are correct in saying that the powder itself tastes very synthetic and bitter, although mixed with other liquids it is not noticeable. I wasn't entirely sure that this would work, and I became anxious that maybe the powder was some other useless compound and I had been ripped off. After all, how could I test it? These fears were soon laid aside however when the effects started to kick in, less than an hour later.

The onset was fairly gradual, and gentle. I chose to lie down on my bed listening to Boards Of Canada's 'Geogaddi' on my mp3 player. I was feeling very relaxed by now, music almost always soothes me in any given situation. I began to see some very rushed images when I closed my eyes, although I was skeptical that this was from the 2C-E and instead believed it to be my overactive imagination. During these early stages I began to have some very slight feelings of nausea, which were uncomfortable. These remained very subtle however, and nothing came of it. Fairly soon I was able to ignore it. Suddenly I remembered to make a request, or in other words, a prayer. I'm not at all religious, but I do believe in a higher order of things, and that every living thing has a 'life force', I guess. I asked that the universe show me that there is 'something' else out there, beyond what we see, that governs how things work. I also asked that all negative forces leave the area for the time being.

Earlier in the night I went to the trouble of opening the blinds so I could look out into the garden and the tall trees in the distance. I wanted to see how these objects changed, once under the influence of the drug. I was also in complete darkness, aside from a tiny blue light emanating from the computer. Almost an hour after I had taken the initial dose, my field of view started changing dramatically. Another user described this first change well, they said that the objects appeared to age right before their eyes. More specifically, the scene out the window began to tilt and jump, as though it was suddenly disconnected to the physical structure of the room. The entire scene lost all colour and instead became distinct shades of grey. Texture seemed to disappear rapidly as well, and I noticed the edges of the shapes became fuzzy, distorted and randomized, like a charcoal painting.

I was definitely losing my normal consciousness by now, detail by detail. It was an extraordinary feeling, I felt overwhelmed with happiness because I knew I had taken an effective dosage and that I was at the start of an immense psychedelic journey. I had never seen anything “shift” so greatly in front of my eyes. My only judgement of time was the duration of the music I was listening to, and after the previous album finished I put on The Orb's 'Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld' (a lot of you may be familiar with this album, it is amazing in any state of mind). The scene outside my window became more and more intriguing, and I suddenly felt the urge to go out there and become part of it.

I wasn't wearing shoes yet, so I was faced with the difficult task of finding them and putting them on. It took concentration, but I finally managed, and sneaked out quietly. Out in the cool open air, things felt clear and I felt refreshed and ready. Intricate patterns had developed in my field of vision, that looked a vast blanket of microchips. My vision started warping violently, and I began to sense emotions in unmoving, inanimate objects, in other words, I could 'feel' what the trees were feeling. Everything was becoming more and more beautiful and complicated. All this, and I hadn't even left the garden yet.

I moved out into the street, which appeared as a bizarre alien landscape. I wasn't on Earth anymore, at least I didn't think so at the time. I decided that I had moved into a reality where nothing was as it seemed, there were no rules here. No physical or logical boundaries. Everything could be anything and anything could be everything. This didn't worry me, I simply learnt that I had to adapt to these new rules and trust my intuition.

I moved very cautiously, I couldn't see further than a few feet ahead of me. Everything that I encountered either felt welcoming or frightening, sometimes both at once. I brought my mp3 player with me, and continued listening to music which no doubt influenced a great deal of what I could see. I used headphones designed to minimize external noise, which was a mixed blessing for obvious reasons, although one definite upside is that the earbuds don't fall out of your ears. I became extra-sensitive to sounds, especially the effects in the music such as rockets lifting and voices muttering. I was unconcerned about any other humans, I felt that I was alone in this new dimension and yet I was in awe and mostly unafraid.

My destination was the park, a rather large one comprising 3 open fields, trees on the border and some children's play equipment. By now the OEVs were really starting to take shape. I followed a footpath into the park and away from the road, I was blown away by what I saw. There in the night sky I saw the most stunning display of colour and motion, much greater than what I had thought was ever possible while under the influence of a drug. There were vast splashes of reds, yellows, greens, oranges, purples all intertwined and moving in the night sky. The stars switched places rapidly, they never stood still and it was a pure visual marvel.

There was a huge ring, seemingly made out of lasers of light, spinning over the grass, rising perhaps 100 metres into the air. It was HUGE. It altered its axis rapidly, and often rotated horizontally rather than vertically. I could see on the hill in the distance a row of trees. I stood in awe as I watched the trees extend their limbs into the night sky, as plumes of foliage spread up over the top. It changed from being leafless (such as in winter), into pure oranges and yellows of autumn, before becoming multicoloured and 'fleshed out'. They did not stop moving, they were awash with constant colour and depth.

On the ground I could see a tiny, impossible hedge maze form. This appeared completely 3-dimensional, rising almost a foot into the air. It, too, kept rapidly changing. There was a thick layer of fog covering the ground, although I knew that this was actually real as I had seen it on cold nights before. The journey from the edge of the park to where the trees were on the hill seemed to take forever, as if I were trying to cross a continent. It was exhausting, overwhelming, and fascinating. I had no idea that a hallucinogen could be so surreal. I had read people's descriptions before, but I always thought they were false and exaggerated. Now I completely understood how they felt.

Finally I arrived beneath the trees and as I look up at them they only became more surreal and astounding in their beauty. However, the trees did not feel very caring, it was as if they were watching me struggle in their chaotic environment and doing nothing to calm or soothe me. Hence I felt I understood the 'character' of trees in general - not always friendly.

Being disturbed by this thought, I ventured out into the open grass beyond the trees. The openness of the atmosphere was welcomed, and this time I saw tiny little UFOs darting rapidly through the sky, firing at other even tinier UFOs. It was as though I could see the entire cosmos, even from such a low vantage point. The ground swarmed with vines and other plants, with some running their limbs over my shoes, but I was unbothered. Again, another huge ring of lasers was spinning, and this time, I felt the urge to touch it. The speed at which the ring spun was dependant on the music I heard, and so at a slower point it lowered itself to me and I reached out to it. I felt nothing peculiar, and I laughed to myself that I was having such an intense experience.

2C-E left me with enough room to remain clear-headed, so it was possible to fully engage in the experience and analyse my thoughts at the same time. It was quite unique. I could see the other side of the park in the distance, and I decided to make that my goal. I turned to look behind me, and I could see the outline of the city in the distance. It was recognisable in shape, although the colours had changed. I passed by the playground on my right, which was bathed in a sickly yellow light from the carpark beside it. On the ground I noticed hundreds of insects, mainly brown toads, spiders and millipedes. I ventured towards them, but soon the spiders recognised me and began to multiply and venture in my direction. I tensed slightly and made another request in my mind: 'This is not what I had in mind. Please help me get back on the right path again.'

With that, I turned and ran in the opposite direction, back onto the main oval. I felt relieved, and continued on my way to the road ahead. The OEVs showed no sign of slowing down. I had no idea how much time had passed. It didn't really matter. When I got near to the road I became aware of something heading towards me. I wasn't sure what it was, but it was only until it was about a few yards away from me that I realised what it was - it was a HUMAN! I forgot about those. But, he/she appeared to have no head. And they were holding a leash, but there was no dog connected to it. The person had appeared so suddenly (and they seemed to exist on some completely different plane of existence), that I was intimidated and started to run backwards. I did this so that they couldn't chase me, which is what I irrationally believed they were doing. I turned around to glance back at them, and to my surprise, there was nobody there. I laughed at myself for thinking such silly things.

I became cold suddenly. I remembered that I had my jacket on, so I zipped it up. Soon I felt a glowing warmth (an intense heat) on my chest which felt assuring. I had no idea that this was most likely caused by the jacket. I saw the trees in the distance, and moved towards them again, towards home, where I could be sheltered and warm. I took my time to do so, because I was still fascinated and in awe. Even the light levels changed dramatically, and they changed often. In this part of the trip, the geometric patterning was a distinct purple and green and I became aware of the visual 'blueprint' of 2C-E, a design which appeared on everything I saw. It would be difficult to illustrate it.

There were creatures in the air, flying, they were birds with unusual anatomical structures, definitely not of this earth. They were highly colourful but hard to focus on because they moved so rapidly. I must have been in the park for almost 2 hours but it seemed like minutes. I was on the last track of the album, and ready to head back to the safety of my room, where I could observe the rest through the window. On my journey back, I had a number of insights. I was being spoken to, though I'm not sure by whom. I felt it must've been a spiritual entity of some kind.

Voice: 'Do you see?'

Me: 'See what?'

Voice: 'The nature of the human mind.'

Me: 'I'm not sure. Explain it to me.'

Voice: 'Humans see what they see only because that is all they can HANDLE seeing. The human brain cannot interpret things that are too complex for it. What we have done here is given you insight into how the universe REALLY is, how WE SEE IT EVERY DAY, so that you may learn the real state of your surroundings.'

Me: 'Do you mean that things appear this way always?'

Voice: 'Of course. It's just that you can't see it. You cannot access it.'

Me: 'Is there any way at all to access it?'

Voice: 'There are vortexes disguised everywhere.'

Me: 'Where?'

Voice: 'Don't you find this tiring?'


Me: 'Yes.'


Note that I wasn't told how to access the 'vortexes'.

Later, in a CEV, I saw the image of what had spoken to me. It is hard to explain, but I shall try.

There were two distinct forms, male and female. The male was orange, the female was blue. Both entities were free floating, they had no limbs. Their shape was like a rounded diamond, almost like a stingray although much larger and without a tail. Their edges were blurred and constantly shifting, they sparkled and moved rhythmically. Their bodies had small openings that ran up the middle of the diamond, and towards, the top there was a mouth. The mouth was similar to a mailbox slot, although not quite as wide.

The female entity had the addition of a small jewellery box suspended around her 'neck' by a string. She was also much more slender than the male. She didn't speak very much to me, but instead showed me some images of my mother saying that 'she loves you very much.'

I arrived home and took about 10 minutes to work out how to use a key to open a door. It seemed like a complicated and foreign concept. Finally I arrived back in my room and spent the rest of the night and morning (I was unable to sleep) looking out the window in disbelief at the fractals and moving trees, and also enjoying some bizarre CEVs.

As you can tell from my extensive account, 2C-E is an immensely powerful hallucinogen. I feel that I got significant insight from the experience. However, it does cause rather intense headaches for the next 24-48 hours, at least at the dose I had, whatever that dosage actually was. 2C-E is a truly remarkable chemical, let's keep it under wraps so we can continue to learn from it for many years to come.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 64921
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 17, 2007Views: 38,105
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