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Musical Nirvana
by CR
Citation:   CR. "Musical Nirvana: An Experience with Cannabis (exp64712)". Erowid.org. Feb 10, 2017. erowid.org/exp/64712

  repeated smoked Cannabis


First a few words about myself. I'm 17 years old, living in the Northeastern U.S., and have only been smoking weed since early this year. However, I've smoked on numerous different occasions, maybe once or twice a week, sometimes less often than that, and have enjoyed it alot. However, I had never had any kind of psychedelic experience on marijuana before.

Yesterday I had just bought an 8th of an ounce of some really good quality nugs from a friend for about 40 bucks. That night, I called up a friend and asked if he wanted to smoke some of it. He agreed, so at 8, I went over to his house. I hadn't smoked in about 2 weeks, so I was expecting to get pretty baked.

My friend had this really nice bubbler with a huge bowl that could fit like four regular sized bowls in it. So, we packed it tightly and full to the top with the weed, and then went to the woods behind his house to smoke it. I had never smoked from a bubbler or a bong before, so the fact that the smoke was cooled by the water was a nice change. We both got quite a few hits out of it, including one monster 20 second rip I took. Smoked it until we had completely cashed all of what was in the bowl. The effects were starting to kick in, and we were both really mellow and laughing, so we stumbled up out of the woods back into his house. We climbed the stairs slowly, turned off the lights, put in a cd we had made for the occasion, and just sat and chilled at the computer.

About fifteen or twenty minutes after we had finished smoking, I noticed that I was quite incredibly baked. Probably more baked than I had ever been before. Much more body high than I had ever felt before, too. My legs were warm and tingling very comfortably, and there was a nice sensation all throughout my body. We laughed at some stuff on the computer, and had some weird conversations, including a discussion on the effects of warm or cold water on guitar playing ability. *shrug*

I was also noticing that the music was incredible. The first few songs on our cd were Phish songs. I had never listened to Phish while high before, so this was different for me. I noticed things in the music that I had never noticed before
I noticed things in the music that I had never noticed before
. And there were, of course, the funny little breaks Phish puts into their music for all the stoners out there.

We went on chilling out like this for a while. Then 'High Hopes', by Pink Floyd, came on. As the bells chimed in the beginning, me and my friend exchanged a quick, 'Oh, hell yes,' and then I walked over to the stereo, turned it up, and laid down on the floor. I tuned myself completely to the music, allowing it to draw me in more and more. The buzzing in my body grew stronger, and almost seemed to pulse with the beat of the music. I also think this was when I had my first closed eye visual of this experience. The silhoutte of a dog came into my field of vision, turned into a lion, and walked away. As the song drew to it's beautiful climax, I felt as if I was spinning around, just a vessel of the life in this big universe we live in.

Then came Pink Floyd's 23 minute masterpiece, 'Echoes'. As the pulsing blips began, I felt as if my entire body was pulsing with these blips. As the organ and the guitar came in, the spinning feeling in my body continued, and I began to see some dim fractal patterns behind my closed eyes, flowing and lightly shimmering. Then the music really kicked in. With this musical perfection, I felt as though I was being drawn upward out of my physical body, my spirit spinning slowly up through the air and pulsing with the steady beat of the music of Floyd. I felt completley at peace, and there was nothing but me (or my consciousness, I guess I should say) and the music. It was musical nirvana. There were some closed eye visuals again, just of some swirls of color, but these were not too strong.

When the song ended, I opened up my eyes, stretched, licked my dry lips, and stood up. I told my friend about what I had just experienced, and with a smile, a nod, and a 'Far out, man.' from my friend, I sat down and just listened to some more music. I think what came on next was The Expendables' 'Bowl for Two.'

About an hour and a half after we had first smoked that night, I noticed the effects were significantly coming down. We sprayed cologne on ourselves to cover up whatever was left of the smoke smell, then went down to get food and water, since we both had the munchies and some pretty bad cottonmouth. At about 10:45, my mom picked me up, and, feeling a very mellow after-glow, I went home, ready to go to bed.

All in all, it was probably the most intense marijuana experience I've ever had. I was really interested in the effects during the Pink Floyd songs. I had never really had any really psychedelic effects from marijuana, but it seemed as if the beautiful, mellow psychedelica that is Pink Floyd triggered a mild psychedelic experience. I think it was a very positive experience, having allowed me to feel, for those fleeting moments, complete and utter peace, without the fetters of the physical world and consensus reality. It has also caused me to have an even greater respect for and understanding of Pink Floyd's music, and a greater respect for this wonderful plant.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 64712
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Feb 10, 2017Views: 1,045
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Cannabis (1) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Music Discussion (22), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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