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DMT-Containing & Cannabis
by Joni
Citation:   Joni. "Good!: An Experience with DMT-Containing & Cannabis (exp64265)". Erowid.org. Jun 21, 2021. erowid.org/exp/64265

  repeated smoked DMT-Containing (extract)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)


It was a saturday afternoon me and my friend (grath) decided to go and purchase some H.B. Woodrose, while we were getting it we were asked what else we had tried, I said that I really wanted to try DMT, and that I had the seed for the plants, but hadn't gotten around to growing them yet, he said to me 'would you like some?' I replied 'I already got the seeds, I just need to grow it.' he repeats himself 'would you like some?' I now understand what he meant and agree instantly, he comes back with a small jar with a herb inside it, 'it has the extract sprayed on it, only take half a cone for starters so you can get use to it, take it out near nature, and have running water nearby because it makes it better.'

When we arrive back at graths house, we head out to the shed out the back, it was a wet day as it had been raining and we were surrounded by trees, green grass, kangaroos etc.
We both sit down in our chairs and I pack half a cone, 'grab this off me when I've done it just incase I drop it.' I sink the whole thing then pass it to grath, holding in for as long as possible I dont feel a thing, then I exhale and just sit there..
Not any feeling whatsoever.
'can you feel anything?' grath asks, 'not a single thing.' I reply, a tad annoyed at the fact that I was possibly ripped off. I pack a full cone after waiting 15 mins, 'take 2.' I say to grath, sinking the whole cone again and passing to grath I sit there, holding in my breath.
After about 15 seconds my body is saturated in warmth, a massive grin spreads over my face and I look at grath and say 'fuck me its working, hold the bong' as I exhale my whole world started to come to life, everything around me moved and twitched, it felt as if every single object around me was living. 'holy shit this is amazing.' I say to grath, he looks over at me and says, 'are you alright? Can I try it now?' 'sure man, I'm fine.' I reply to him, still sitting in amazement.
Grath takes his hit and sits back.
'jesus christ.' I hear him say in amazement, all I could do is laugh as I was still feeling the effects.
After we had both finished we decided to have some more green, 'should probably do it again.' one of us suggests.
This time we grab 2 bongs and light up at the same time, this time I had some music (shpongle) playing, we take the whole hit and relax in our chairs, once again my whole body was filled with warmth, then everything around me started bouncing to the music, I was speechless as I sat there watching a plastic chair I was resting my legs on not even 30 seconds ago come to life to the music, the grass and sour sobs were 'vibrating' to the music.
I look over to grath to see him sitting in his chair, speechless as to what he was seeing, when he was ok to talk he looked over at me and goes 'fuck me, everything was just like a kaleidoscope.' I said to him that I wanted to see that aswell so we waited until we could have another.

While waiting until it was time to take some more we had a few more cones of grass to pass the time. After we were ok to take some more we pack 2 more cones of it, a bit more then the last one this time as I thought that I could handle it. Still having the music on we both take it in, hold it, I feel the effects come on strong, still holding as my body is thrown into another world, then I exhale.
I look over to the tin wall next to me, this wall normally is grey and full of ridges..
As I stare at it, it turns into a bright bright white, all the ridges change form and start to close and open, every dent was breathing out, every ridge was getting deeper then shallower, the whole wall was alive, I couldnt stop looking at until the high had worn off a bit, I look over to grath, he is sitting here staring out into the trees, 'is it good?' I ask him as he stares, no reply, I laugh then he looks and me and tries to talk, 'blearg.' is all that came out of his mouth, I look at him, didnt reaslise what he had really said, then he goes to me again, 'did what I say make any sense at all?' I laugh and reply, 'nah it all came out in one word.' he then describes to me his trip, I cant remember full what he said happened but it sounded intense, to intense for him to talk properly anyway.

We stop for a while, as I have a family thing to attend, I leave his house.
After a few hours at the family thing I decide to go back to graths house.

When I arrive back at graths, we go back out to the shed, it was dark this time, could only just see outside the shed, trees were dull, everything was wet from the constant rain, we sat in out chairs and I pulled out the DMT, we had a few more cones first then opened the jar of DMT, there was enough left for 2 decent sized ones, we pack out cone pieces and take the hit, holding it in for as long as possible, this time having more then the last.
When the effects hit me I was blasted away, everything came to life again, outside turned into a jungle, full of trees, vines, grass, it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Then while I was staring at a tree all the leaves turned into a bright fluro green, 'dude, the tree has turned into a bright fluro green.' I say to gav as I stare at the tree, then it started to turn into a bright fluro blue, I tell grath this, and as I tell him heaps and heaps of letters appear in the blue on the tree, 'grath, there is heaps of letter on the tree now.' grath says to me, 'what does it say?' I focus in on the letters, it is hard to focus though, my whole world was spinning around me as I concentrated on these letters, all of a sudden my phone rings, I answer it, instantly snapped out of the trip.
Quite a dissapointing end to what was the most intense experience I have had in my life, I still dont know what the letters were saying, I am very curious though, but we had enough for 1 left after that so we decided to wait until we had more.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 64265
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 21, 2021Views: 214
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DMT-Containing (823), Cannabis (1) : First Times (2), Combinations (3), Glowing Experiences (4), Nature / Outdoors (23), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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