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Very Visual
by KellieIrene
Citation:   KellieIrene. "Very Visual: An Experience with 2C-I (exp64223)". Aug 22, 2010.

1 capsl oral 2C-I (capsule)


This story begins with numerous people, but only M, G & myself were taking 2C-I this night. I had gotten 3 capsules from J earlier in the week, and we had been anticipating this trip for a few days before we met up at around 4:30 on July 4th.

5:00PM - We were sitting around the garage, M was already pretty loaded on Southern Comfort, G was possibly stoned but I wasn't questioning, and I was sober, having just shown up after a dinner date. There were supposed to be fireworks in town at the Memorial Field, so we decided to take the 2C-I & then immediately travel the 10 minutes into town to avoid driving while tripping. [REGARDLESS, DO NOT DRIVE AFTER INGESTING ANYTHING THAT MAKES YOU TRIP.]

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

M & I took my car, and G took his truck, we parked on separate side streets and walked to meet each other, then walked to the field. On the way to the field, M claimed to already be tripping, stating repeatedly that he felt that he was skiing, not walking, but I wasn't so sure it was plausible, since we had only taken it approximately 30 minutes prior to this.

It's raining like all hell, and we're just getting soaked out in the rain, so we walk to the field & sit in the small pavilion where there are a few people hanging out, younger than us, and not really friends, but recognized. They almost immediately catch on to what we're doing when I begin to cough & whine about not wanting to throw up. They start almost leering at us, so we decide to start walking again.

We're walking around the field, police crawling all over the place, starting to feel it slightly, when we run into a few friends that had been at the carnival, and had won a few stuffed animals. This is where I realize that I have begun tripping. The animals they have won are LUDICROUSLY brightly colored. They are unreal to me, and they hurt my eyes, but I can't stop looking at them. I'm slightly squeamish in their presence and we cut our conversation with them short, and walk over to a small gazebo to smoke a cigarette.

There are young kids in the gazebo, also trying to get out of the rain. M wanders off while G and I smoke our cigarettes, and suddenly one of the kids starts making animal noises. G & I, tripping now, begin uncontrollably laughing, and follow M into the middle of a field toward the road.

When we get onto the road, G starts throwing up as he walks, which makes me cough and want to vomit as well. I try to push the thought from my head and concentrate mainly on not getting hit by a car, as we're now tripping fairly hard. My feet don't want to work, they feel heavy, and my vision is fuzzy, amplified by water on my glasses which is bending and moving.

I'm starting to get dizzy and G and I have some type of verbal diarhea as we blather on to ourselves about the pavement moving and how unstable we are and how the rain feels on our faces. We head back to the small pavilion, the kids we didn't want to be around were still there, so we sit on the other side. M starts talking about how he doesn't feel well, his pupils are as large as dinner plates. I whine about how I wish I could just throw up and get it over with, and take a drag of G's Midnight Special unfiltered cigarette, nearly puking but only managing to gag and make myself miserable.

We decide to go watch Transformers at our local theatre. We sit outside of the theatre for awhile, smoking cigarettes, trying not to puke, and watching the cars drive by. We watch the streelights reflecting off of the wet road, it looks shimmery, and it's rippling and moving with dots of light in it, and at times it looks oily to me. Water droplets start collecting on my glasses, and I enjoy looking at the blinking multi-colored lights above us, looking straight into them, eyes and pupils wide, looking at the patterns within the light caught on the water on my lenses, multiple circles and spectrums of light trapped within them. We start talking to each other about where all these sober people are going, and how life is happening all around us, as we sit in our hazy bubble and life waves around us.

We're cold and we decide to go back to my car. We blast the heat and watch the windows fog up, and I draw squiggly things on the windows and laugh. The rain drops melt and move down the windshield in odd patterns, and though the windshield is completely fogged up, I explain how it's defogging, but it's morphing and changing like the edge of a river, ebbing and flowing.

We finally walk back to the other part of town, and actually enter the theatre a few minutes into the movie, and don't bother actually finding seats. We sit in the back up against the wall on the side. We stare at the ceiling, and the squares shift and bend and blend together, the light coming off of the screen changing the colors of them. The movie has some extremely intense visual effects for me, certain parts when they are in the desert the sand seems to be moving off of the screen, the computerized colorful parts of the movie where they intercept hack signals are alive and beautiful. I spend most of the movie either giggling uncontrollably, or with my mouth agape, in awe of all the colors and movement.

At some point during the movie, G gets popcorn. I immediately start eating handfuls of it, then I pause, with about 4 pieces in my hand, and feel it melting into my palm. Alarmed, I quickly try to eat it, and it feels almost like I'm drinking it, though it still has the correct texture, it's warm and strange in my mouth.

We wander back outside for a cigarette at some point, and a friend of mine from high school literally rolls out a car at the curb, and begins taking pictures with a Polaroid camera. I'm not exactly sure if this happened, but I explain to him how beautiful everything looks, and how alive and wonderful everything is, and how life is happening RIGHT NOW. He's wearing special edition 'seafoam green' Nikes, and G and I get entranced by them, the color is so just beautiful and vibrant against the sidewalk.

Back into the theatre, back to the movie.

When the movie is over, we immediately jump up, and we are the first people out the door. I notice G is still wearing his sunglasses, because when we stumble out of the door into the hallway, there are 20-30 people waiting to get into the theatre, and I hear an older gentleman say, 'Cool man, he wears his sunglasses at night.' I begin to get extremely paranoid, I feel like everyone knows I'm tripping my face off. Everyone's faces are leering at me and they feel so close, someone touches my hand and I jump back slightly, then plow through the crowd, looking down at the pattern of the carpet, smiling to myself.

9:45PM- When we essentially fall out of the building, we are met with a curious feeling. It's no longer raining hard, but we are tripping hard. There is a heavy fog from the rain and the temperature changes. We find out the fireworks have been cancelled, and it seems like everyone is evacuating town. We walk toward where everyone is leaving, the lights are extremely intense, and I comment that I feel like we're in the movie, and that at any moment a car is going to get up and start jogging down the street. The fog is strange and mutating into strange shapes as we wander around town, hearing strange banging noises from people's backyards as they set off their own fireworks, feeling as though we're in a war zone. There is garbage from the parade earlier in the day, littering the street, vomit [or imaginary vomit] all over the place, the streetlights casting a strange Nightmare on Elm Street feeling.

After awhile we decide we're coming down, and we decide to drive back to the garage [BAD IDEA, BAD IDEA] [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

12:30PM- When we finally made it there, we have a conversation mainly stating, 'I have no idea how I got here safely.' It was very upsetting to me, so I waited about an hour or so before I actually left, and was actually sober.

All in all, definitely doing this again, I have tripped on it twice so far and haven't really had anything terrible happen. As long as I have G as an anchor we can kind of babysit ourselves safely.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 64223
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 22, 2010Views: 4,088
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2C-I (172) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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