The Membrane and Energy Fields
Salvia divinorum (leaves) & Codeine
Citation:   Elektron. "The Membrane and Energy Fields: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (leaves) & Codeine (exp64135)". Jun 27, 2008.

65 mg oral Codeine (daily)
    repeated smoked Salvia divinorum (leaves)
This is a summary of consistent experiences of the 'membrane'. My two PhDs are in the social sciences where I work with physics, math and stuff like creativity, past life phenomena, psychoanalysis etc, with an eye to application in my clinical practice in mental health.

It began about 2002 when I was raising a big Salvia plant that tried to take over my living room wall. It looked like a 'ditch vine', probably growing up stalks of grass and cane in the wild. I had taken my 65 mg PM dose of codeine for aches-and-pains half an hour ago. I was a bit bored, and while I was lounging about I picked a nice leaf that had somehow dried out in the sun and stuffed it into my corncob pipe. I applied a lighter, inhaled deeply (codeine makes it easier) and waited.

Almost instantly the world changed. The rug developed ripples that looked like ocean waves. And in place of fabric with its faint woven pattern it turned into a mass of teeth. I was terrified, but interested. Behind me was a bluish membrane with golden accents that curved up to the ceiling. I had the sense of being pulled and pushed to exit through a window at the end of the room into what seemed like certain death by being devoured by the window. I developed a pins and needles feeling that increased in intensity until it was quite painful. It really hurt.

I tried to stand up. My wife, a nurse, had been doing solitaire on her computer. She looked at me, decided I was having a coronary, and despite my protests that I really needed to go outside, she ushered me into the bedroom and told me to go to bed. The bed was made of teeth of various sizes, but I shucked my shoes and lay down on it anyhow, confident that it was all hallucinatory (or so I hoped). About half an hour later everything had subsided.

More Salvia followed in the next few days. I later discovered that going outside I could more or less project the feelings that Salvia gave me toward outer space, or the Moon, and by doing this I felt less pins and needles pain. Then I learned that I could suppress that pain entirely by willing it away, since I was not an evil person and had done nothing to deserve such pain.

All the experiences gave me general kinds of events that seemed to be extremely real, and have been reported by a few others, and yet seem to deal with phenomena not visible to the 'straight world'. I am now extremely interested in these phenomena, as they seem to bear on the kinds of experiences Salvia produces. My tentative feeling is that they may be pseudo-phenomena (like mirages that really don't exist of themselves, but are real, and are projected by their conditions) generated by an unusual arrangement of charges through a Kaluza type conversion in some kind of hyperspace. I need more data to concretize this suspicion.

First, the Membrane seems to be an 'energetic field' of some kind that arises just in front of me. It looks to me like a bluish transparent and usually featureless surface with occasional accents, rooted in the objects' surfaces nearby. I have tried to poke a finger through it, but could not. It deforms. I tried to poke a pen through it, but it simply deformed. I tried to fool it by putting my foot under a cushion where the membrane was rooted, and then sticking it out the far side, but the membrane seemed to come along with the foot. It doesn't move the needle of a very high impedance FETVM, nor does it move my magnets.

Question: what is this membrane?

Second, along with the membrane there seemed to be a gridwork that looked rather like a transparent, faintly orange, cargo net that seemed to descend on me from above. The squares had begun as a meter or two across but quickly shrank to smaller size and more or less began to sink through me. That brought the pins and needles feeling until I learned to suppress the feeling. Marijuana also suppresses the pins and needles feeling, but leaves little red streaks in the visual of the room.

Question: what is this grid or mesh?

Third, the tan drapes in the room are hung to the floor. With a hit on Salvia they take on a light blueish-purple hue. At the bottom they intensify their color into deep purple, which surrounds their bottoms on the rug for a few centimeters. The colors in the rug are better defined, looking as if they have well defined edges, like spilled purple dye blotches. Sometimes the membrane also seems to be lying on the floor, depressing as I walk over it. Upon closer inspection of the rug I notice lots of tiny hairs, which I initially interpreted to be rug fibers, all sticking up together in the dark purple rug spaces, but not in the normal tan parts of the rug. As I moved my fingers he fibers they rose up and followed my finger. This was exactly like dust fibers rising up to follow a charged electrostatic wand, or piece of amber that has been rubbed on wool, or a finger after shuffling on the carpet in winter. The fibers always behave the same way. I asked my wife to look, but she could not see either the change in rug coloration, nor any fibers, nor the motion which was quite evident to me.

Question: what were the fibers and what force moves them?

My feeling is that a combination of charges is projecting these phenomena as if they were real, while the causes are everyday E-M effects of a very strange type. My preliminary models suggest a kind of resonance in 7-space, using geometry similar to that of Kaluza's model, which might (this is a guess!) reflect forces normally invisible but operating on the atomic level. Perhaps other workers might find this phenomenon useful to investigate and develop.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 64135
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 27, 2008Views: 7,845
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