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7 Mile Opiate Walk
Citation:   Blazer. "7 Mile Opiate Walk: An Experience with Buprenorphine (exp63813)". Mar 4, 2008.

8.0 mg oral Pharms - Buprenorphine (pill / tablet)
I was on a free holiday/trip on a course i am doing, when on one day while we were doing abseiling i saw a boy (M) who took his medication (i didnt know he was an ex-heroin user at the time) and he looked really messed up and feeling a decent high and said to me i should try it, being away from home with no substances whatsoever it looked like a fun time.

So later on when we got back to the big house we were staying i asked M for one, he told me he'd give me one tomorrow.

The next day i awoke with a 7 mile walk across mountains on a really hot day ahead of us, just before we left M called me into his room where he gave me two 4mg subutex tablets (i didnt know they where them at the time i was told it was methadone or something)and he told me to put them under my toungue and let them dissolve, i did and they tasted pretty bad but we all went on with the walk.

I was really looking forward to this high at the time and after about one hour and maybe a bit more i started to get a really nice warm feeling inside this continued for awhile. We walked about 1 or 2 miles when we stopped for a break and lunch i smoked a cigarette and lay down in the sun and felt nice, but from after this point when i wasnt laying down i felt really sick and this was annoying knowing i still had a good 5 miles left.

I managed to force myself through this sickness for a very long time with one or two breaks which were amazing peaking laying down in the sun not feeling sick, but the second i stood up again it'd just get worse. I had no food and everyones water supply was on ration mode as everyone didnt bring enough so it was becoming very annoying.

By about 5-6 miles someone let me have a sip of there oasis drink, we got to the next break point but by now i just needed to get back as the sickness was getting worse and worse so i got pissed off and walked off throwing by bag on the floor and sat away from the group knowing being sick was pretty close. I had only known these people not even 2 weeks so i didnt want to be sick in front of them, a few minutes later (to me seemed like ages) they continued with the walk towards my way i got up got my bag and walked backwards behind them all at this point i knew i was going to be sick and needed to be by myself i sicked up that sip of oasis i had hoping that was the end.

The next 2 miles were just me feeling really sick and being sick a couple more times without being seen luckily. We got back to the van and i was relieved we could just drive back home where i could sleep it off, when i was informed first we would be going to the supermarket... fucking great, this really was so annoying for me but i had to try and keep it together.

In the van was horrible everyones voices and the heat were really getting to me, also my eyes where really fucked up when i tried to focus on something one eye would just start to look down and blur i would have to shut my eyes each time then open again and the same thing would happen, if i shut my eyes and kept them shut i felt even worse so i had to continue this cycle before we finally made it to the supermarket.

I stumbled out of the van by now to many of my group was around so i tried to find a sly place to be sick in this carpark which was really hard so i just walked around a car and sat on the floor and proceeded to be really sick when a few of my group saw me and the leaders where all informed. I managed to blag them earlier i was ill and they thought i had lack of water and heat stroke so didnt have to make any excuses just annoying and embarrasing situation. I went into the supermarkets toilet and sorted myself out and stared at my pinprick pupils as i am not used to seeing them like this as i have never got high on an opiate before. I got to sit next to the window with a bottle of water on the way back this made me feel much better with the fresh air blowing on me.

I got back to the house and slept for a few hours and woke up still feeling quite spaced out for quite awhile.

Today we in class we were discussing about this time when i was doing some target sheet when some fucking asshole fucked up ex raver said in front of the whole class + the team leader who id lied to all this time about the incident 'Didnt M give you some sort of tranquillzer thats why you were sick?' this really pissed me off as this boy is so fucked up in the head he didnt even know he was getting me into trouble + hes done the same thing a week or two ago when i gave him some poppers and said openly about it to the whole class thinking it was normal, anyway at this point i thought fuck it and admitted it thats when i found out it was subutex and M who gave it to me got kicked off last friday, so my team leader rang up someone in charge of his perscription about M giving out the tablets (they are class C in my country and i also didnt know this) luckily i didnt get anything done to me about the incident but i know M wont be happy.

All in all i thought it was quite a funny experience accept for the really bad sickness and some instructers on the walk being dickheads to me but i got them back on the last day of the trip when i was making everyones sandwiches i flemmed and spat all over theres. Also the day after this was my first time i tried salvia(10x) after a ketamine, Weed and mdma session, pretty classic week.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 63813
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 4, 2008Views: 44,462
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Pharms - Buprenorphine (265) : Bad Trips (6), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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