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Explosions in the Sky, Timetravel, Rebirth
Morning Glory (extract)
Citation:   Explosionsinthesky. "Explosions in the Sky, Timetravel, Rebirth: An Experience with Morning Glory (extract) (exp63666)". Erowid.org. Oct 15, 2009. erowid.org/exp/63666

7 g oral Morning Glory (extract)
I began my excursion into psychoactive drugs this year when I decided to trip for the first time. I was intrigued by the idea of discovering things about myself. I also wanted to perceive reality in an altered state. So I did lots of reading and soul searching before I would ingest these Morning Glory Seeds.

So my friend that I will call, 'Spirit Guide' or SG set me up with his seeds which were the heavenly blues. They were already extracted and ready to go when I ingested them. My other friend that I will call #2 also wanted to trip for the first time. So we took them together. I was really prepared as I did not eat 12 hours before. My friend #2 however did eat 5 hours before. I will break this up into several stages so it's easy for the readers to understand.

4pm - 30 minutes after ingestion.
I downed the seeds in minutes no problem. #2 started getting sick right off the bat and vomited. My friend that provided the seeds agreed to stay with us in case our trips went bad. He suggested that we go for a walk to calm any nausea we might have. I felt a little uneasy but at the same time I started getting a body high and I enjoyed it. We walked for another 15 minutes and I started noticing that colors were turning into a brilliant Technicolor. All the primary colors started popping. At that moment my 'Spirit Guide' friend asked us if we wanted to be reborn. We both replied yes.

5pm - 1 hour after ingestion.
So we went back to my house and closed all the blinds. The trip really started hitting me hard here but I felt great. I was seeing reality in Tony Scott (Man on Fire and Domino) vision. Images would fast forward and rewind over what I was seeing. I would rewind and fast forward things I just saw, and they would be projected over what I was actually seeing. I came to the realization that I was seeing exactly what my mind, spirit, and subconscious were feeling. It was literal interpretation of thoughts and ideas. This may have all been sparked from the episode of Star Trek we were watching on TV. It had something to do with Time Travel. Stuff in the tv started popping out at me. My mind was filling in the gaps when stuff was going off screen. I would see a person walk off camera and then out of the tv into the room. It was really great. I had a brief encounter with William Shatner floating in a star field out of my tv into my living room. This was my first OEV. I liked Bill Shatner. I canít remember quite what he said but it was inspiring.

Spirit Guide friend told us that we were tripping pretty hard and that TV wouldn't be good for us. So we agreed to go outside for a ride in the car. Spirit Guide friend told us we would now experience everything for the first time. I took this idea and ran with it. When I walked outside I experienced nature, the sun, trees, animals, light, shadows, color for the first time. I cried when I looked up into the sun. At this point fractals were everywhere. Everything was breathing light into infinity. I saw explosions in the sky. The name of the band made so much sense. I felt the weight of the sky on my body. I felt like a new born baby. It was hard to walk, everything was foreign to me but it was so beautiful. At that point I said, 'No wonder it takes children so long to learn, they are too busy taking in the world around them.' And believe me there was a lot to take in.

6pm - 2 hours after ingestion
Friend #2 decided we should listen to 'explosions in the sky - It's so natural to be afraid' during our car ride. We did and it was the most amazing auditory hallucination ever. The song slowed down time for me. Each note of the song was represented visually through fractals. So the band explosions in the sky literally made me see explosions in the sky while I was tripping. One note in the song would ring out and I lost all perception of time. I asked my Spirit Guide friend if I could time travel. He said 'You can do whatever you want.' The music would stop on one note, and it would ring out into infinity. I watched the world go by. Everything was frozen around me as we drove through it.

Friend #2 was now hungry so we agreed to go to Burger King. As I we got close to other cars and more traffic I could smell the fumes of gasoline and fuel. The smell sickened me and made me sad. We went to the burger king and ordered a few things off the dollar menu. I was tripping so hard that I couldn't even read the words on the menu. We got our food and pulled into a parking spot. I tried to take a bite of the burger but it tasted gross. Like death. But my Spirit Guide friend said you must eat to live. Then the food began to feel full of juices and taste good again. I couldn't swallow though so I threw the food out. Everything moved so slowly. I thought I was traveling in time still and acted out the motions of talking forwards and backwards. I'll never forget the sensation my tongue gave me. My friend couldn't understand a word I was saying but he understood that I lost my sense of reality. He asked if he could get a water inside and I agreed.

From there I felt lost. I no longer had my chubby blue haired friend to guide me through the trip. I still tried to chew the burger but I couldn't swallow. I then felt the sensation that my tongue was being stimulated and growing from molecules. Its a hard sensation to describe. I would then in turn visit memories in my life. Each molecule in my tongue represented a memory. Like that was where it was stored in my body. I was starting to get creeped out because my sense of reality was lost. I wasn't feeling sick but I made my self vomit in the middle of the Burger King Parking lot to try and rid my body of the seed, I saw that vomiting was a possible escape from this altered state of mind.

My Spirit Guide friend came back into the car and helped me get cleaned up and decided to take us back to the house. I began hallucinating even harder after I vomited. My friend said that it may rain. The skies turned a dark blue and clouds filled the air in a fast fury. I grew scared. I told my spirit guide that I didn't want it to rain. He said, 'Then it won't.' And the skies cleared and I was happy again. I was happy to see the sun give me light. It gave me life.

7pm - 3 hours after eating those damn seeds
I kind of drifted into madness here for about 2 hours. I told Spirit guide that I wanted to go back to the house while we were still a good 20 minutes from my house. Then BAM! I was at my house. Those 20 minutes were gone. Purged from my memory. I was laying on the couch with my eyes wide open looking at the ceiling. I saw no ceiling though, just fractals of light like explosions in the sky. Since I lost all my perceptions and time had no meaning. I started visiting my life's memories over and over and over. One duration of my life would go by and it seemed like it would take an eternity.

I would start off laying on my back as a child. A baby even. All I saw was light. It was warm but I didn't want to leave my dark place. The ideal of birth visited me. I think it may have been a memory from my birth. I heard my mother voice. I would then slowly start sitting up on the couch and watch the tv. As I started soaking in the world through the tv my tongue started tasting bad. Again the molecule thing with my tongue started giving me this spiraling sensation like a serpents tongue. I would look at the clock in my room and only 1 minute had gone by since I revisited all my life's moments. I then turned to my spirit guide and asked him if I was alive. He answered you are whatever you want to be.

At this point I was convinced that 'the seed' was a catalyst for escaping the idea of 'reality'. And that this altered state of reality was the real reality. Watching all my life's moments fly by. I wanted noting more but to return to my state of normal consciousness. I look over at my spirit guide friend again and he asks me if I'm having a good trip. I had no answer. He then told me I was dead, and that the 'trip' was death. And that fractals of light were my spirit moving on to another world. The seeds tempted me and had won. At least thatís how I tried to rationalize the altered perception of reality. My friend never said I was dead, I hallucinated that. I had thought that my good friend the spirit guide was a representation of god. And he told me that I had eaten the seed of temptation and that my life was over. I remember being hit with this feeling of dread. So here I was in this schizophrenic state of mind. I could clearly think thoughts, but I was grasping to the fabric of reality as it tore apart in my fingertips.

At this point I accepted the idea that I was dead. And I was in purgatory. For two hours I would visit my life's moments over and over and over again. Each time I traveled through my life, only one minute would pass. My ability to read time in a normal state was impossible. I accepted it, I accepted the fact that I was dead and that I had to watch my life's moments played out for me like on TV for eternity. I've come to the conclusion now that watching TV is a bad idea while tripping. Especially when it's news and bad shit like that. I started perceiving time like a film editor (I go to film school at the moment) I would cut out the moment when I decided to go from one place to another. When I wanted to be there the next moment I was there. 10 minutes were just trimmed away from my memory like film celluloid on the cutting room floor of an editors suite. At this point the Infinity symbol came to me with molecules, quarks, and atoms flowing through it. Each of these things represented all of my memories. I then thought that this was it. I'm in this for infinity.

At one point I threw up on the couch while I was laying on my back. I was choking on it. My friend #2 pulled me up and tried to snap me out of it. But since I had been thinking I was dead I thought that the realization of death had just hit me. That I had overdosed and choked on my own vomit. I now know this memory was just my last memory in life. I head police sirens and paramedics over a radio talking about an lsd overdose. I freaked out because I had known that my spirit guideís roommate dropped acid around the same time I did. So I got this feeling that somehow some acid made itís way over to my bag of Glories. In reality it was friend #2 trying to keep me from dying. I was choking on my own vomit. He saved my life.

It was very surreal because I couldn't feel anything. It felt like a dream. So I thought that maybe I was asleep on the couch dreaming all of this. So I thought to myself I could try and do something crazy. If it wasn't a dream they would react rationally and try and snap me out of it. So I pulled my dick out. Friend #2 told me everything would be okay and not to pee on the couch. So he walked me to the bathroom where I somehow made it all into the toilet. Spirit Guide asked friend #2 to take care of me. See friend #2 couldn't eat all his seeds and vomited early on. He only ate around 75 seeds. So he was able to take care of me. Spirit Guide came back a little later on. With another friend #3 who had experience with lsd and lsa. They asked me if I wanted to go outside. I agreed.

Next thing I knew I was looking into the sky at a full moon. The voyage to outside purged from my thoughts. Like a scene change in a movie I was there. I figured I was a vegetable on the couch stuck in a dream state forever. So I ran back inside and grabbed a knife. I thought about cutting myself to see if it would hurt. If it hurt I would have known that I'm still alive. Luckily my friends stopped me. I was very easy to persuade. They then put me to bed. I then had more visions of time travel through events in history. The sounds of a grandfather clock rang out in my head, along with Steppenwolfís Magic Carpet Ride. Fractal galore with Closed Eye Visions of light.

I had assumed that my next vision was a CEV but I found out later it wasn't. My friends left me in the house in my bed thinking I was sleeping. I remember liking how the moon looked and I wanted to go back outside. The next thing I knew was that I warped to the park near by. I had no shirt on, no shoes. I wanted to be close with the ground so I rolled around in the dirt and leaves. I put dead leaves in my pockets. I loved the way it felt. My blue haired friend was there through hallucination but had left for the night. I remember feeling satisfied and wanting to go lay in my warm bed.

10:30pm - what the fuck happened.
I get a call from an ex girlfriend. She asked to come over. I was in my bed. WTF IM STILL ALIVE. I agreed. Hearing her voice was my first dose of reality. I knew then I was still alive. She came by my house and was very concerned. I was still really out of it but I knew one thing. I was fucking happy to be alive. I turn on the light to see dirt and leaves all over my bed. I then realized that I had actually ventured to the park. The idea that I wasn't conscious for the walk there really freaked me out. I could have been hit by a car our stopped by a cop, or any number of things.

My ex shows up and she pulls up in this huge truck. I guess it was to move her shit she was packing up from the end of school. She had decided to drop out of art school and pursue other ventures. She kept remarking about how big this truck was and how it made her feel powerful. That concept made me uncomfortable. But I knew she was upset about leaving her friends. The idea of a huge truck made her feel important. I felt sad for her. But at the same time I still happy to be alive. I wanted to give her words of encouragement but due to my altered state of perception of reality I wasnít able to word out advice through my mouth. But in my mind it was clear as day.

So we go to campus to this little party. Six hours had passed and I figured my trip was done. I still had an intense body high and minor OEV stimulation from light sources. But I figured that my visual and auditory hallucinations will stop soon. At this point I was trying to figure out how much of my trip was OEV and CEV (Open eyed Visuals and Closed Eye visuals). I was still slightly feeling this visual representation of auditory stimulation. My molecules in my body started tingling again. Lights began traveling in fractals.

FUCK, I was in the middle of a party. This was at the end of the school year mind you with a bunch of theater kids crying because they would miss each other over the summer. I just seemed to notice how fake everyone was and it depressed me. Their faces warped into demons. I watched my own face warp in the mirror for a few minutes. It was overwhelming. But I knew I was alive. I felt like I had just faced death and accepted it. Meanwhile all these kids are fake crying because they wouldnít see each other for 3 months. I noticed for the first time that they were all competing for center stage. They were all fighting for the center of attention. It was sick. I had to escape. So I left with my ex girlfriend and stare off into the stars in the back of her truck. My trip starts hitting me heavy again. The stars seemed so beautiful. I felt like I was a star of light or a fractal expanding outward with all the stars glowing, the warmth from the stars touched my face and warmed my skin. Then it felt cool like a pool of water. It was beautiful.

But my ex was anxious to do something. So I followed. We then walk over to this little quad area and I talk to a junkie there about drugs and stuff. I could tell he wasn't in it to find his soul so I grew tired of his ramblings. Meanwhile he burned a thesis with a lighter. I loved watching it burn, the idea still made me sad though. Someone burned someone else's work, their thesis. Four years of work into one paper gone in a few seconds. That made me sad. At this point my ex started messing with my head and swung an object at me. This made me really uncomfortable. But I canít really blame her. I don't think she understood the complex nature of tripping on lsa. It was way more intense than anything Iíve tried before. Mushrooms and DXM donít have shit on these seeds.

Anyway she dropped me off at my place and I continued to trip for another six hours. I have no idea when I finally fell asleep. But when I did I continued to have very intense dreams. Iíd say that it took a good 2 days to come back to normal. But even so I donít feel like I came out of that experience the same guy. But it is for the better. I found my soul. I found the need to live. I found that everything is infinite. Light, warmth, and living things, and everything is connected. Can I answer why? No, but I saw musical notes with my eyes represented with light.

The best parts were feeling the sensation of all my molecules in my body peak when I felt a drop of water touch my hand, or when the light from the sun warmed my skin. I plan on taking Morning Glories again but in a different state of mind, and when all these memories from this first trip make sense to me. So don't take this drug lightly. It is said that it is at 10% of the intensity of lsd. But I found that it's very strong. My legs hurt really bad the next day. I think it may affect the circulation. But overall Iíd say Iíd try it again.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 63666
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 15, 2009Views: 25,263
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