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Beauty Never Once Experienced Before
Magic Mushrooms
by Creatus
Citation:   Creatus. "Beauty Never Once Experienced Before: An Experience with Magic Mushrooms (exp63596)". Jan 26, 2010.

2 g oral Mushrooms (dried)


This was my first experience with a drug other then alcohol and marijuana. From this experience my viewpoints on drugs, and possibly life as a whole were changed. I had wanted to do mushrooms for about 6 months prior to tripping, and was very excited when I finally did.

It was a beautiful summer morning and my friends (M, J and G) and I had arranged to pick up shrooms for the first time. We got 8 grams (dried) total. 2 For each of us. Though I could not find out the specific strand of mushroom, we were told they were good shrooms and based on my trip I assume they were.



Apon receiving the shrooms I suggested we crushed them into powder before distributing them so that everyone got an even dosage. We put the shrooms in a bag and ground them into a powder before dividing and distributing them into four patented peanut-butter-shroom sandwiches.

We sat outside J's house happily munching. It didn't taste bad at all, but little dried pieces cut up my tongue a little bit. We talked and sat for awhile filled with excitement and anticipation when we got a call from our friend K. She invited us to her house. My stomach churns with excitement. I hoped the environment change wouldn't lead to paranoia. (It never did)

We hopped on our bikes and traveled down several busy roads until we got in front of her house located in a beautiful wooded suburb area. K came out of her house and sat us on the curb, we chatted and joked for awhile. I checked my watch and saw it had been 45 minutes. I began to grow nervous afraid that we got faulty mushrooms.


I begin to notice a somewhat drowsy feeling pass over me. Things begin to feel somewhat dream-like and my nervousness is washed. I feel happy and free. J has his arms wrapped around himself and is shivering. 'I'm cold.' He said. It was hot and sunny out and all of us realized that none of us were hot. K was amused by our revelations. At this point I noticed the dreamy feeling was slowly increasing at a pleasant rate.


At this point my entire surroundings were very dream-like. I was beginning to feel a certain 'awe' at how amazing everything is. Colors began to stand out. My entire field of vision began to contrast beautifully more and more. I was very calm and very happy. This wasn't what I expected having heard all the horror stories about the intensities of shrooms.

I was staring at the beauty of a tree with red leaves when I noticed M was sitting on the curb staring at the pavement. He saw me looking at him and he said 'come here.' I did. 'Look at this.' He pointed, and I followed his finger to the pavement. The texture of the pavement swam and danced, like some kind of liquid. It was at this point I realized I was tripping. I went to study some tree bark, having heard wood textures would run like water. Sure enough it did just that.


Having hopped on my bike again, and circling in front of everyone else on the curb I felt the urge to go off on my own to explore the rest of the neighborhood. Beauty was overwhelming. Houses, trees, people and cars were all vibrant and beautiful. Everything had an childhood-like innocence. I was overwhelmed with happiness. I simply could not believe how everything 'felt'. I felt no paranoia or insecurity and the excitement I had felt before tripping dissolved into a daydream happiness.


It was at this point that I peaked. I was back with my friends at the curb who were in some kind of mushroom ecstasy. K watched us in constant entertainment. J , G and M had decided to stack their bikes on each other. (G threw the bike down ridiculously hard, and we'd learn more of that later on) M decided the bike-pile would make an excellent bed and lay face down on top of it. It looked extremely uncomfortable, but he was loving it. J was also lying down on the street curb. Me and G stood and watched.

At this point nothing defines the elaborateness of my world. Colors were unbelievably defined to the point where I swear I've never seen colors like that in my life before. At this point, not just every person, but every entity had Elmo's Halo (everything radiated beautiful yellowish light). I simply could not believe my mind was able to do such an amazing thing. I saw smoke going up into the sky, it was white with a purple reflection. To this day I don't know if the smoke was from a fire someone was having or if I was seeing it.


At this point I'm near the end of my plateau. Our friend L got dropped off having heard we were all together. 'Wow' she said 'You guys are hilarious'. M was sitting in a small roadside tree, beaming at everything. We were all tripping and laughing and talking. After awhile I decided I wanted to escape the 'confusion' (Not that it was really confusing) to go on a bike ride and let my senses soak in everything again. This time G went with me. 'Oh my God' he said as we turned into a particularly beautiful portion of the neighborhood. 'This is SO much better then pot!' I agreed. And it wasn't exactly more 'intense' it was just a whole lot different. The 'confusion' of mushrooms are much much more enjoyable then the stupid confusion you get in marijuana.


Back with everyone else again, I realized I was thirsty. I asked if K could get me a glass of water. She did and I drank half of it and was immediately satisfied. I completely forgot I made her get the water, sat on my ass and poured the rest of the cup on the sidewalk and watched it run into the street. 'woah'.


K and L got tired of being outside and wanted to go in. Everyone else agreed but me. I wanted to stay outside. I wish I could have, being outside is much better. Inside I felt confined. Still everything was beautiful.

We sat on a couch and watched resident evil. I couldn't follow it at all. I didn't get into the movie, I wasn't scared by scary monsters. I was much more interested in what was going on around the movie. M was now doing something he called 'couch-diving'. Which was throwing himself between the cushions of the couch. After about his third one he came out with a mouthful of dust-bunnies and that ended it. Couch diving was replaced with placing his cell-phone in his mouth from then on. Unlike myself, permanent fear it seemed, but surprise and excitement. I laughed at him and J looked at me and said 'I know what he means.' I nodded trying not to offend anyone.


K's parents where going to be home. And we were still noticeably tripping so she moved us to the basement where there was a much lesser chance of parent confrontation. We watched Willy Wonka. Willy Wonka, is a great movie to watch on mushrooms. K offered us some cookies and G hollered and grabbed some from her hand and ran away fiendishly stuffing them into my mouth. J said to him 'K's parents are going to be home, stop acting like a freakin retard.' G looked surprised 'I can't help it!' He looked at M 'I think M's the only one who understands.' I spoke. 'We're all tripping here G.' I took some cookies hoping they'd taste better then normal but sadly they did not.

Later her mom did come down to check on us. I knew my pupils had to be dilated so I kept focus on the movie to avoid eye contact. Still I felt no panic with being around someone who could potentially crash our fun.


At this point L, G, J, G and I left K and her house. I went outside hoping to be greeted by the magical world I left, but sadly it was gone. I was coming down. I still felt somewhat dreamy, everything was hazy. We biked to a local Chinese restaurant to buy some candy bars. I felt somewhat stupid, but not in the traditional sense more of a burned-out tired way. It was night by now.


Trips over. me and J spent the rest of the night looking for weed (and we considered opium) without success. G realized he had fatally damaged his bike, which was not his. G went home and me and J went back to his house and slept.

[Next Day]

The next day I sort of felt a little out of it, but not really. Not the 'stupid' others defined to me following a trip day. I probably would have had an after glow had I not had to wake up with so little sleep. I went to church with my father and fell asleep twice while kneeling. Haha.


Overall my trip was amazing. I experienced everything I wanted and more. I felt connection to everything in the universe. A overwhelming joy and beautiful minor hallucinations. There was also a very pleasant connection I felt between me and my friends, spiritual and strong. They all felt it too.

Next time I trip (Which will be very soon) I'm planning on doing double the amount. They are my favorite drug and exactly what I like in a drug: creative inspiration and spiritual development.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 63596
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 26, 2010Views: 9,040
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Mushrooms (39) : Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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