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First Time with Small Doses
Citation:   Winkles. "First Time with Small Doses: An Experience with Methylone (exp63511)". Erowid.org. Jun 12, 2007. erowid.org/exp/63511

T+ 0:00
60 mg oral Methylone (liquid)
  T+ 0:20 60 mg oral Methylone (liquid)
  T+ 0:30 60 mg oral Methylone (liquid)
  T+ 1:00 70 mg oral Methylone (liquid)
Methylone: 1000mg, lab-grade purity, bought directly via airmail.

First batch researched and found that water-dilution method would work, so I carefully measured 1000ml of distilled water and mixed in the whole bag, rinsed twice, shook for a couple of minutes. Kept dark and at room temp for later use.

Subject: male, 210 lbs. 6'0', not obese but should lose 10 lbs, tends to be very sensitive to pharmaceuticals and very slow to metabolize, group experiences have always shown a 30-60 minute lag behind the rest of the group before alerts, come-up, and peak. Subject well-versed and long history with research chemicals and almost all of the common 'PiHKAL' chems that are considered recreational and/or mind-expanding.

Experiment #1
12 April 2005 [Edited 5 June 2007]

Not having purchased from this source, I decided to try it solo but in low doses, spread out, since little info about the effects and esp. duration and dosages was available. Shook bottle for approx. 30 seconds, then carefully pulled 60ml (60mg) first dose. Mindset slight apprehensive due to lack of knowledge and experience with substance and supplier, but in a good mood, relaxed, feeling healthy, normal, well.

Ingest 60mg dose orally, taste somewhat bitter but not bad at all. Working on computer, catching up on email and listening to music, drinking soda water and some green tea, stomach empty, about five hours after a light lunch, and a light breakfast w/one cup coffee about eight hours earlier.

Absolutely nothing noticed, writing fine, music fine, etc. Go and shake bottle quickly, measure another 60mg dose, drink and go back to email and music.

Still nothing, no alerts, no noticeable physical effects. Decide to risk breaking planned schedule and do another 60mg oral dose, now at 180mg over 30 minutes.

Finally some slight alerts, a tiny hint of effects, slower reaction time, some blurring of vision, and slight loss of ability to concentrate. Decide to wait out to the first hour at least. Strangely energizing yet also sedating at the same time, and copacetic, not at odds with each effect.

Definitely not like anything out of PiHKAL or any other substance ever used. Somewhat disappointed at the mildness of effects at this dose, if only due to cost.

Effects have stayed the same, just on the edge, easily ignored but noticeable if pausing to pay attention: blurred vision, slightly scattered thoughts, slight lack of concentration. Would compare it to taking a bunch of ephedrine & Ambien at the same time but far more mild. Again, slight increase in energy but also definitely sedating.

Decide to push again, so exactly at one hour mark, shake bottle again and take 70mg orally to reach 250mg limit over the course of an hour.

The 70mg dose seems to really push things from hiding on the edge right to the forefront. Somewhat sedating, light-headed, can't think very well, but definitely energy and sudden need to not be alone. Music has suddenly become too distracting and not 'good company' so turned off. Decide to call friend to have someone to talk to.

Music off, computer screen off, just sitting and talking on phone w/ ex-gf, chatting, then hint to her that I'm altered, and ask what her take is, and she describes it as such: 'I just thought you seemed like you are when you're working on a project and you're excited about it, but you've been working too long or haven't had enough sleep, so you don't always make sense.'

Agree with her, and promise to invite her to next experiment because 'this stuff is really really interesting but I can't describe it.' Ask if she can visit but she can't, so I try to call other friends to find some company. Not willing to drive anywhere, and not comfortable with the thought of being around crowds, would really just like to be with 1-3 good friends.

Phone calls come up empty. Decide I feel like I've taken a 10mg Valium and drank a big cup of coffee at the same time. Definitely feeling empathic with no place to channel that energy, but sedated, so decide to relocate to bedroom to get comfy and take up ex's offer to call her back.

Definitely having a hard time concentrating but once I get moving, feeling energetic. Got lava lamps and other soft lights on but bright light is very annoying and distracting. Trying to find music but nothing seems right until Brian Eno's 'Apollo' CD, which hits the perfect spot. Put on at low volume, on repeat, and settle into bed.

Enjoying music and laying back immensely, and mind wandering all over, very pleasant thoughts other than feeling lonely, which keeps building. Laying in bed was definitely the right move, with lots of pillows.

Need to interact with someone overcomes wandering mind and listening to Eno CD, so call back ex-gf to talk. Although I'm usually the blabbermouth and she's usually on the quiet side, conversation is pleasant, and for a change she leads the convo - made mental note of this, since it's unusual.

She's very very curious about how I'm feeling but also willing to talk about how she's feeling and such. Somewhat similar to a one-on-one convo on MDMA or even more similar to MDEA, but without the hyperactivity, fast-talking, scattered subjects, etc. All the empathic qualities w/o the speedy distractions. Really happy with that since I've never enjoyed the speediness nor 'rush' come-up of X and related substances.

Notice that lulling effect is starting to win out, and she notices lag in conversation, so say goodbyes, turn up the music a little, the lights down a little, and just lay in bed staring at the ceiling. No OEVs nor CEVs, no color or vision distortion, just some difficulty focusing on close objects, which is quite OK, the ceiling is a very blank and nice canvas.

Very similar to experiences smoking opium or drinking poppy tea, but with lots of thoughts about random things, so while my body is completely relaxed and I feel like a happy pile of mush, brain still clattering away, mostly thinking about other people and past fun experiences.

Definitely sleepy now, about two hours before usual bedtime, turn down music but leave on, and turn off lights. No OEV or CEVs at all even in the dark. Feeling very relaxed, sedated, happy.

Est. time, fall asleep. Sleep for approx. 6.5 hours, and wake up fairly early, about two hours earlier than usual, but feel extremely rested but a little groggy. Get up, make some coffee, and start my day.

Hour after waking next day, hard at work, doing things, etc. without any noticeable effects, even when stopping and trying to detect, feeling very fine and calm, able to work on things that are often frustrating without getting worked up but that's the only noticeable effect.

Eat about two hours after waking, normal meal (bagel w/meat, cheese, butter, tomato, dill, etc.) and a glass of water. Whole day goes without any sign of body or mental load whatsoever, aside from perhaps a slightly more calm feeling overall, which I attribute to a good night's rest.

In retrospect, felt very safe with source and supplier, only put off by the need for 250mg (1/4 of the purchase) to achieve what I believed was a 'Light' experience, so not an inexpensive experience. But very pleasant, and in editing this report, brings back very fond memories and a desire to use some again, but definitely in the right setting and with a female companion, friend or more intimate.

Addendum 5 June 2007: Definitely in re-reading and editing this report, would love to do this again, but not solo and with only one other person, female, not because of anything sexual at all but because the energy and empathy this chemical seems to enhance and exhibit seems really attuned to a feminine presence for me. The thought of doing it solo is less appealing, and the thought of doing it with another male is very unappealing for reasons I feel strongly but am at a total lack for words to describe. Am going to see if I still have the extra gram I believe I stashed away in my little treasure trove.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 63511
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 12, 2007Views: 29,661
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