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The Ultimate Experience
by Scientist
Citation:   Scientist. "The Ultimate Experience: An Experience with DMT (exp63507)". Jul 2, 2007.

80 mg smoked DMT (powder / crystals)


Ok so I finally had a breakthrough DMT experience a couple of weeks ago, still remember it perfectly so I thought I'd write a report which many of you will probably enjoy reading.

Ok so here's the setup, I've smoked DMT many times before since I had my hands on a lot of it, but all of those times turned out to be only threshhold effects, which were cool and give much better visuals than acid but it didn't seem like the bad taste and harsh smoke was worth it. So I had one last dose in my freezer and I decided to eat it with some syrian rue which I ordered off ebay, however the syrian rue never came so I finally decided to go and smoke it. I wanted the perfect setup so I went down by a river and even though a few people were walking around I got tired of waiting and smoked it with a shirt over my head (which wasn't smart but I don't regret it).

So here's the trip: Immediately after breathing two things happened, I got a very intense rushing feeling and at the same time what my eyes were looking at started transforming. The image of the river with woods and the sky looked like a long line that was blending together in colors and constantly changing and moving towards me (if you know what the self transforming machine elves or fractal elves are that's what I was seeing everywhere). This continued for about 20 seconds of 'coming up' and the visuals combined with the body buzz seriously made this feel like a roller coaster ride through hyperspace, all I could do was clench up and try to hang on.

Once I plateaued all reality started splitting apart. The image of the river and the woods and the sky combined together into a huge pink line, it felt like this line was going through everything including me and reality was splitting apart by it and all that was behind it was white space. The only sounds that I can remember from the actual trip are strange electronic sounding sounds that were associated with the visuals. Sound wasn't a big part of the trip.

Now while all this was happening not a single thought went through my head, I was too busy hanging on and being amazed by everything that I saw. My first thought was 'Am I alive?' I realized that I couldn't feel my body at all, I couldn't tell that I was breathing, I was pretty much just my eyes floating around and watching stuff. I looked down at my body and couldnt recognize it because I couldn't feel it and at this point my salvia trip came back to my mind. In that trip I basically thought nothing existed but a giant face and I was a part of it so it was like my body was sucked into everything else. The trip only came back for a second it was like the DMT made a pit stop there to give my mind a break and then it shot way past that. Even salvia seems like kid stuff compared to DMT now, and I once freaked out on salvia and was climbing a wall for 20 minutes.

So after looking around and making sure I was ok I took a look at the river/woods/sky line again. At this point it was something I couldn't recognize at all. All I was seeing was intense images of crazy colors everywhere and they were going into me and I felt like I was a part of them. It seriously felt like God came down from the sky and punched me in the face (metaphorically speaking of course). I felt like I was being blasted with infinite information for an eternity. It was all there, everything that exists, everything that you could ever know I saw it, or more like I was a part of it! This was so far beyond ordinary life or death or reality as we know it. It was everything I could ever want. It was the best and worst experience I've ever had, worst just because while it was happening it felt insane and very very intense.

At some point I couldn't handle this anymore and I fell on my back and closed my eyes. All I could see was a big orange three dimensional five sided shape with a cut out middle. I looked at it for a while and opened my eyes again. At this point I was coming down from the trip, I started hearing people talking, somehow I could hear people talk from 50 yards away, but it all sounded like distorted echoes coming towards me. Someone called me on my phone I picked it up and said 'I'll call you later I'm tripping' and hung up, when I said that I could hear my own voice echo in my head when I said those words.

The grass and trees were waving in and out, stuff was sliding. I was coming down. I was basically getting threshhold effects, or a bit more than that really. I looked at the ground I was sitting on and put my hand on it, I felt it vibrate and it seemed to get darker and started caving in, but then it stopped, so I got up and walked away still feeling the after effects a bit.

I feel like that was the complete trip I've always been looking for, it was all there. I am a different person after it, I just can't look at reality the same after seeing something like that. I am completely not afraid of death anymore, It feels like not even death can be as intense as that was. I do not think any experience that I will have in the future will ever match up to that. That was IT, I do not even want to do any psychedelics again because I feel like I've gotten everything I could out of it and that there is no purpose in it anymore for me.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 63507
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 2, 2007Views: 14,172
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DMT (18) : Mystical Experiences (9), Glowing Experiences (4), Alone (16)

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