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Quite a Test
by Ame119
Citation:   Ame119. "Quite a Test: An Experience with 2C-I (exp63077)". Jun 13, 2007.

15 mg oral 2C-I (capsule)


[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

I had done 2C-I several times in the past, so last Wednesday I was not particularly worried about the experience. The Saturday prior I had ingested a 15mg gel capsule of the same batch and felt familiar with what I was going into. That Saturday it had taken nearly 2 hours for the effects of the drug to really kick in, which was strange to me - but I figured it was something I could expect the next time I took it.

So my friend and I, who was trying 2C-I for the first time, went to school - our last week of high school, that day. We had an A.P. exam so we met in the building to take the first hour or so section of the exam. Working on a pretty strict timetable for the day and expecting the drug to take about an hour or two to kick in, we decide to both take 15mg during the break. Which was a big mistake.

We returned to the testing site, expecting to finish our essays and go somewhere safe - to watch a movie or something. No more than 25 minutes later I am beginning to notice the effects. The plant in the corner of the room begins to wave and I start to panic about the essays. I was not expecting to have to take such an important exam tripping this hard. My handwriting begins to change drastically. The first essay is a synthesis essay about the role advertisings place in society. The task is to use the provided sources to analyze this. I begin to read this excerpt about advertising and it's transformation of our culture into one of materialism and here is where I lose it. I have a tendency to be very calculated and detached in my analysis of essays - but I am so outraged at the whole advertising industry that I begin writing about the cultural sacrifices we are submitting ourselves to by buying into these materialistic desires pushed on to us just for the sake of money. My essays from there continue to get crazier - I know this is not what the college board is looking for in scoring the exam, and this would have seemed very important to me prior to this moment - maybe now 45 minutes after ingesting 15mg.

I finish the essays early, and I feel like I have outsmarted the scorers. My arguments - though crazy - seemed flawless, and while not formal they definitely displayed a strong style of writing that I usually would not even dare of attempting. With nearly an hour left of the section I am still so elated with my perceived success on the exam (I realize now I will likely score 0's for my informality and inappropriate tone) I began to write the scorers an extra essay - like a letter. I explain to them the problems of standardized tests - however I have forgotten that the people around me, friends from school who would not approve of my current level of intoxication, are watching. The girl sitting next to me when time is called has been reading this letter and she is highly offended and I can't look her in the eyes because her face is becoming bigger and smaller and younger and older all at the same time and I can not carry on a conversation.

I just want to find my friend and leave - but he won't look at me because he is trying very hard to control himself. He has control issues and refuses to allow the drug to have as much influence over his perception as it is having over mine. So we leave quickly and return to my house for some water.

It is now approximately 2 hours after ingestion and we decide to return to the school, I live just around the corner so driving didnít seem like a big deal. He tells me I was acting very crazy and that he doesnít think I should talk when we get to the school, I agree - social situations seem way too overwhelming right now (in general I am very poor when it comes to communicating, though). One on one conversations are fine - but high school is terrifying. We return to pick up a painting, painting sounds really nice - and the board is a large one - nearly 4'x3' and I can not carry it by myself. Several people, strangers who I managed to coax into helping me (something I would never do) help me carry it to my friends car. One offers to buy the painting from me, and this angers me a lot. I know that she does not value it as much as I do and that is distressing to me and quickly I become too involved in my own inner monologue to continue talking to everyone around me. My friend and I slide the painting onto the hood of his car and we start driving down the road.

Driving is not a good idea. I forget for a moment that there is any way to go but straight - whenever I am in a car on 2C-I I forgot that the driver has the option to turn. We turn the car about 20 feet away from a truck and I am terrified again, I tell my friend not to hit the truck - to stop moving, and he simply turns the wheel and continues down the road - I can see how easy it would be to get in an accident on 2ci - not because the visual distortions are distracting - but because everything about the act of driving becomes too symbolic to handle split second decisions.

We return to my house and by now the visuals for him are starting to really kick in. He is laughing hysterically and telling everything to stop moving. He has to ask me every few minutes whether the TV. is actually moving or if that is just him. I assure him most t.v.'s do move. He wants to watch a movie, so we put on the fountain. My dog sits next to me. My dog is old, very old - and very depressed and suddenly I am so empathetic to this old, depressed dog. Everytime he breathes it feels like a sob and he can hear the noise from the t.v. but he cant see where it is coming from because he is losing his sight.

So I decide to take him where he can smell things since he seems to still be able to smell. I put the dog on the leash and we go outside. We are outside for nearly 10 minutes, looking at the plants (which are very fun to look at, it is like they have their own personality, their own soap operas that are controlled entirely by external forces) and the dog is very happy to be sniffing the dirt. This walk routine is something I do for the next 4 hours whenever the dog whines - because I know he is bored and sad and it makes me feel bored and sad.

It is now 5 hours after we first took it, and we are analyzing the film, and analyzing the paintings on the wall, and my friend is staring at the carpet telling me about the red ants - which are really just red threads. I decide I want to paint and so I do. And we begin to analyze the painting while it is in the process of being painted. Everything is supposed to be analyzed now, everything is extra significant and it is our job to find the significance in things. We start talking about drugs - and how they alter our perception of daily activities - fun things like drinking water, that we never remember are fun because we are so used to them. We decide that since the drug is altering our perception of drinking water, we can look at it with renewed interest and I like this. He says they are just an escape. I don't like that thought. We put on some music that a friend of mine made and begin to analyze that too. Really, nothing is as fun as talking about and analyzing things now.

It is now about 3:30 pm, having taken the drug at 10:00 am. I have to go to a scholarship banquet at 6:00 pm to accept a French award. I really don't want to do this. But eventually I decide to go anyway. From 3:30 - 6:00, the effects start to die down a lot. Things are no longer moving at all, but everything is still more interesting to think about. By the time I get to the banquet I am late, and I sit with my friends from elementary school, who I stopped talking to when we entered high school. It is really nostalgic and I have absolutely no difficulty getting along with them again - though this has been a strain for several years up to this point.

By 7:45 I am no longer noticeably tripping. I feel like I have more control over my thoughts than I have at any other point during the day.

The banquet ends at 9:20 and I decide to go to sleep around 10:40. I take two tablets of this herbal sleep aid, because I have been having difficulty sleeping and I expect the 2C-Ito make this even worse. The sleep aid does absolutely nothing though. I lie awake from 11pm-7am the next morning, just listening to everything. I am very frustrated by my inability to fall asleep, this is something I have always experienced after taking any kind of psychedelic though (except shrooms), but for nearly two days following I feel like I can not reach REM sleep, I never feel mentally revitalized, so 2C-I behaves as I should have expected it to, in this case.

It is now about 35 hours later and I still have not slept. I look forward though to getting my essays back from the college board, just to be able to reread what I wrote and to see the score. Overall, while very overwhelming - especially in the first 2 hours - it was not a bad trip. Once we moved to a more comfortable environment, it was a much more pleasurable experience.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 63077
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 13, 2007Views: 7,102
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2C-I (172) : General (1), School (35)

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