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General Observations
Citation:   MustJustBe. "General Observations: An Experience with MDMA & 2C-E (exp62982)". May 19, 2007.

120 mg   MDMA
  24 mg   2C-E
Setting: Me, my soul mate (m), and two other people, in a relationship. I will call them S, and J. I took 24mg of 2c-e, and 120 mg of mdma at around 6:10pm. M took 10mg, and 80mg of mdma. The other two took no substances. We all started off in my room, all sitting on my bed. At 8pm we left, and went to S's mother's house and had a bon fire. I am not very close friends with S, and J, but they are good people.

I have had experience with cannabis, lsd, mushrooms, variety of opiates, lsa, (accidental) dxm, mdma, 2c-i, and 2c-e. I have extremely negative reactions to marijuana, heart stops, loose vision, muscle control lasting 2 - 3 minutes after peak.

+0:02 I felt the first alerts, really just a little bit of energy is the only way to explain it.

+0:25 All four of us are sitting on the bed, my M hasn't started to feel any effects yet. I am very talkative, which is unusual for me normally. Actually this is one of the first real conversation's I've had with s, and j. I am in a very good mood. I feel very strong emotions of love, happiness, and openness towards my M.

+0:45 My M is feeling the mdma now, and has the urge to move around and do something. I want to lay down with, and hold her, but she is to active to lay down. We are playing music, and she starts to dance around. About now I am starting to come up on the 2c-e. I start to calm down, and get uncomfortable. I am trying to get comfortable, and sit up, against my wall.

+1:00 The visual effects are stronger now. I cannot handle body load and throw up in my mouth. My M quickly moves me downstairs to the bathroom where I throw up brown liquid. As I am throwing up everything in the bathroom is moving, and waving. I feel much better after this, but still uncomfortable. I can tell my M is worried, so I reassure her that if anything wrong was to happen I would still be able to take control of the situation. She has a look of being relieved on her face, and starts to relax.

+1:50 I am back upstairs, fully peaked. I am not as much uncomfortable, and almost relaxed. Sense of touch is much more pleasant. I am looking at my wooden door on my cabinet in my room, and the grain on the wood is swirling around a lot. I look at my ceiling, which is white, with perforated stars. The stars are swirling in clock-wise circles, and wave a little. I decided to close my eyes and look to see any visuals. There are very detailed images of words, they don't say anything, that I know of, but they all are locked together. All the CEVs' colors are neon. The words were filled in with white, and transition to black from left to right, and back again slowly, every five seconds or so, and they are outlined with neon tubing. The tubing is filling with different colored liquids, all I remember is white liquid, blue, and red. If I concentrate hard, the CEV's start to wave closer, and farther from me (about 3-5 as it waves).

+2:00 We decided we are going to leave to S's mother's house for a fire. It's a little chilly outside, but easily ignorable if I wanted to. M decided I needed a sweat jacket so I put one on, and I'm glad she made me. As I was coming down the stairs, the walls were moving a lot, and there was vivid colorful patterning in the dark. Driving would have been dangerous to say the least. I was standing by my desk downstairs, in the dark, waiting for M to finish up in the bathroom, and my computer desk was floating in the air and moving around. I didn't have much time to observe it, as we left in the next 30 seconds. Riding in the car was fun, the sky looked like a painting.

+2:10 At S's Mother's house, we went directly into the backyard. There were 4 people there. I sat next to a friend big guy, we flirted a bit, just playing around. All of us, while the new four in the group were some od 25 years older, were joking about little stuff, like M being my child, and my camping t-shirt. I was being supprisingly more talkative than normal, and the visuals had settled down to faint textures on the brick wall to my left, and in the dark of the sky to my right.

+2:30 I was starting to get cold, and I started to get more quiet, really not following the conversation much, laughing at something funny here and there. I was very comfortable, just sitting holding M's hand, smiling over at her once and a while to let her know I was doing OK.

+4:00 The four older members went in to watch a movie, and the four original people decided to go downstairs into the basement. I am laying on a couch, with my legs over M. I am looking at the ceiling and it's moving around a bit. They had made a pizza, and the sausages on the pizza were 'dancing' around the slices. I wasn't hungry, but decided to taste the food. I ate one slice. It tasted burnt, no normal intensification of taste like mushrooms or cannabis. I made a joke about never having eaten anything that was still alive before. Still, not very much in the talking mood.
I look around the room, and my eye catches a globe. Africa is pointed towards me, the countries boundaries, are waving, and shifting. I fixate on Madagascar and it starts swimming around quickly. They mention I seem very 'out of it'.

+6:00 I get a ride home, and the visuals are still pretty strong. My light is off and I am trying to sleep, but as I look at my window, which the moon is shining brightly on, the window is floating around, actually far more than I would have expected, I would say the window was floating around within a 4 foot radius of where it actually is. I feel very uncomfortable, I turn on my light, and my window stays in place now, but I am looking at the ceiling and the stars continue to swirl around from earlier. Trying to sleep is quite impossible, as the closed eye visuals are faint, but when i close my eyes I find myself trying to figure out what the objects are moving around in my head. I talk on the phone with a friend for 10 minutes, and lay down thinking about my life for a few hours.

+8:00 I finally fall asleep, but wake up every half hour and cannot fall asleep right away. Visuals are gone. Turn on light to look at ceiling, but it's normal.

+11:00 Finally at 5:00am I can pass out, and sleep until 12:00am (+18:00).

Conclusions: I had far more OEV's than with any other drug. The CEV's were not really as interesting as other drugs. Vivid, but not worth looking at for long, just to check and see what is up once and a while. The mental effects were minimal. Really didn't give me any insight into my own life, or help me out in anyway. And I would say the the drug is not very social at all, and that all the periods of talking were the effects of the mdma coming out a bit. The mdma was mostly overpowered by the effects of the 2c-e. I believe I threw up because as soon as I had finished coming up on the mdma, I stared to come up on the 2c-e, and my body couldn't handle any more rushing, a quickness I felt was happening inside my body.

M couldn't sleep until about 3am. She woke up the next day with a very intense migraine, which might have been the mdma or the 2ce, or the combination. I had no hangover.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 62982
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 19, 2007Views: 17,227
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2C-E (137), MDMA (3) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Hangover / Days After (46), Health Problems (27), Combinations (3), General (1)

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