That Extra Mental Edge
Citation:   SupernovaNights. "That Extra Mental Edge: An Experience with Modafinil (exp62958)". May 16, 2007.

200 mg oral Modafinil (pill / tablet)
BODY WEIGHT: 80.7 kg

Alright, I just received the package. It seems like a rather nice package, everything is sealed airtight and it looks legit. Modavigil is the brand that I am using. The tablets are white, with little '100's on one side and a M on the other. I'm a bit nervous taking a new drug, but I am just going to sit back and see how it goes. So... here goes nothing, as I take two 100mg Modavigil pills.


A bit of dry mouth, almost like my throat is closing up a bit, but everything's going to be fine. I heard the 'apple in the throat' effect is common for Modavigil. Its the first negative effect that I have seen yet.

Heart rate is 74 BPM.


I know its not supposed to hit this early, but my eyes just went a bit wide. My throat feels a bit funny, almost like extremely mi4d heartburn. I have never taken a real stimulant before in my life, and I hate caffeine, so maybe this is just the way that stimulation feels. I hope that the heartburn sensation doesnt stay for very long.

Heart Rate is 72 BPM


It's definitely coming up now. It's very subtle, though. I notice an increase in focus and concentration, but only in the sense that I am more focused on specific spots on my screen. Of course, this is fully possibly a placebo effect. I have to go take a drive to deposit some checks, so this should be very interesting. When I get back, I'll report on how the drive went.

Heart rate is 78 BPM.


Alright, I'm back, and I'm already feeling very impressed. I maneuvered through traffic like an ace. I even was able to parallel park... I could never parallel park! I also noticed a huge difference between me driving just now, and my normal driving habbits. Usually, when I drive, my focal point changes rapidly. I tend to get motion sickness and headaches because of this. Today when I was driving, though, I was able to focus on a single point of space, and change my focus as needed. I found myself to be a much better driver, and it really impressed me.

I don't feel the jitters or nervousness at all. No jaw clenching, heart rate is 82 BPM, indicating at least a little bit of stimulant activity.


I've given this a lot of time now. The drug has certainly begun to take effect. I tend to respond to things quicker, and all of my head fog has lifted out of the deeper recesses in my mind. If this is the peak, I will be happy enough as it is. This is no placebo effect, this is the real thing. To give you an idea, I just played a few games of scrabble and my score increased tremendously, as I felt able to quickly sort through letter combinations to find the optimal one. Now I must go to class, a class that usually leaves me tired... I will report when I come back.


Lots to say and so many ways to say it. First of all, I was never able to follow my professor so well in class without dozing off. I understood every word he said, or at least, made an attempt to. Things felt so clear to me, and I was able to put aside all of the distractors that usually leave me without a clear understanding of a class session.

On the physical side, my heart rate did go up a bit for a short time.. around 90BPM. It scared me, but it only lasted a little while, and was more likely due to me thinking about the drug rather than a direct effect of the drug itself. On the positive, though, I tend to twitch and fidget a lot... I feel like I have more control over my bodies functions right now. I can sit completely still and focus on my work rather than moving around uncomfortably. My chest is a little tight... but not uncomfortably so. It's just reminding me that I do have a pharmacological substance coursing through my veins.

Lastly, this drug seems to work in a similar way when it comes to food. It suppresses my appetite, but not in a way that makes food seem disgusting. Instead, it gives me more control over my appetite, and I am easily able to go through the day without eating much food. I completely skipped lunch today, a feat that would have left me in much distress yesterday. However, I had a small bit to eat on the way back to class. This is certainly a benefit to me.


This drug is STILL Working. I am now studying for a gigantic calculus test and burning through study problems. I thought I would take a short break to report the best effect of all when it comes to this medicine... at first, I could have NEVER found the motivation to search for methods to do calculus problems on the internet and learn them for myself. I always found internet explanations tough to grasp. Now, however, I picked up on them instantly, and found myself burning through one problem after another, able to think in ways that I am not used to, and able to remember small details from class. I perhaps feel the stimulant more strongly now, and I do feel a little jittery, but no muscle twitching, no jaw clenching, or any of that kind of stuff.


It is late at night now... and I cannot believe the feelings I've got. Looking back on the last 6 hours, I realize that this drug is also a mood enhancer. I studied with friends, and several of them were interested in my increased mood and ability to do problems, explain things, and study. I worked hard, acted a little cocky and not like my normal self, and managed to pull off some mental feats when solving problems that I previously do not think I would have been capable of doing. This is certainly a nootropic drug, and it works a lot better than I even thought it would.


Going to sleep now... its very late at night, but you know what? I don't feel tired at all. I hope that this will not cause insomnia... I will write about it more when I wake up in the morning. On a side note, this medicine seems to have NO comedown.


These are all excerpts from my drug journal on the first day that I took Definitional. I continued to take the drug 3 more days, with a gap of one day between the 2nd and the third. Looking back, now that I have gone clean for a short amount of time, I can clearly see differences between when I am not on the drug, and when I am.

When I am not on the drug, I tend to feel normal. Normal for me, though, is intelligent.. with a little bit of head fog, a bit of drowsiness, and a slightly short attention span.

When I am on the drug, I feel more energetic, happy, alert, awake, and concentrated.

The drug is not chemically addictive, from everything I have read, however... I am starting to believe that it will be tougher to go without it than with it. This is not a bad thing, because if I could, I'd probably stay on this drug. The problem lies in that I am starting to think about how many pills I have left, how much they cost, etc...

In the end, though, this drug has made a positive impact on my life in a relatively short amount of time. It has successfully augmented my memory, it has increased my consciousness, and I notice things that I never would have picked up on before the start of this drug regiment. I would strongly recommend this drug to anyone who wants to have that extra mental edge.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 62958
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 16, 2007Views: 110,574
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