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In My Own Little World
by Dan
Citation:   Dan. "In My Own Little World: An Experience with Ketamine (exp62695)". Dec 26, 2018.

1 bump insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  1 bump insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
First Trip Into K Land

I have been trying different substances ever since I was about 14 (I'm now 18). I started of taking E with friends at the weekend. I liked it so much I did it basically every weekend for about a year or so. But I noticed the quality of E had gone downhill alot. No rushes or anything. Just a drowzy, monged out feeling. It was either that or the magic effect of E had worn off due to regular use. I stopped taking it as regular and wanted to try a few other things that I had heard so much about. Speed, Magic Mushrooms and Cocaine were my drugs of choice for a couple of years. I had a really good time, I still do. But K, that was what I wanted to try. I used to live in a small town, and K was non existant there. No-one could get hold of it. Unless I robbed a Vertinary clinic, I wasnt going to be trying K any time soon.

I moved to Brighton, UK just before my 18th birthday. Took my a couple of months to settle in and make friends. Sampled some E (which was nothing like the E I used to take. It was like taking my first ever E. I was in heaven!) and also sampled some Coke (I would later go back to visit my hometown and see from friends, did some Coke, and realised how shitty and low quality the drugs actually are back there). I had a regular weed dealer who I went to a couple of times a week. I never asked him if he sold anything else. But last week I did. 'Yea man, I'm sellin E, Coke, K, Valium and MDMA.' SHIIIT! Why hadnt I asked sooner?!
I had always heard that K flows like water in big cities. But I had never come across it untill now. So a couple of days went past and my interest in K had grown stronger. I arranged to buy a gram of K and 7 E's. 25 for a G of K. I didnt think that was bad. 3 for an E, which I thought was a little expensive for an E these days, normally paying 2. But as he told me 'they are shit hot!' BRING IT ON!!

So today is the day I'm meeting up with my dealer to purchase my party prescription. He said he would be round my house at 5pm to deliver. But as you all probably know, dealers are not the most reliable people. 7pm he turned up. Passed my a grip-lock bag containing 2 other bags inside. One with my Gram of K and the other with 7 'Butterfly' E's. I was so excited, I gave him the money and before he was even halfway out the door I was racking up a bump. One for me and one for my lady friend who was with me at the time. He warned me before he walked out... 'You wont need much of my Katy to send you into orbit.' I looked down at the bump I had prepared and thought that maybe it was a little too much. So I split the one bump into 2. Rolled up a note and snorted it. Passed the note to my friend and watched her snort.

It was suprisingly comfortable up my nose. A few moments later I felt the drip. Was nothing like a Coke drip, it didnt taste no-where near as revolting as Cocaine. A few moments later I started to feel very nice indeed. I had a Bob Marley album playing softly in the background, and was sitting there softly tapping my foot to the beat of the music. I felt really relaxed. But I wanted more. A stronger feeling. I wanted to go into K-Land.

I turned around to my friend, Mez, and gave her that look. We have a look that we give each other when we want another line/bump/pill. No words are exchanged. Just THE look. She sat up at attention and smiled. This time I prepared 2 large bumps. I would say about 4 times the size of the first bump. I was very excited at this point. Thoughts were rushing around my head at 100 mile an hour. I couldnt wait to get this candy up my nose and enjoy the ride. I rolled up another note and gave it to Mez, and both at the same time we snorted out bumps.

Now this time I happened to cough abit when I had finished snorting and all I could seriously taste the K this time. I could taste the thickness of the powder sliding down my throat. I layed back down on the bed and waited for it. Within 5 minutes I was well on the way to K Land. Motion and time didnt seem to add up. Things seemed to be going alot faster, but slower at the same time. But nothing like a Speed high. Then it really hit me. I was aware of everything around me, but nothing seemed to matter. For about 10-15 minutes I was in complete paradise. Again I was still aware of everything around me, but was in my own little world not caring what was around me. It was quite a strange feeling.
I was still aware of everything around me, but was in my own little world not caring what was around me. It was quite a strange feeling.

After about 20 minutes I started to notice things abit more clearly. What happened to Mez? She was still in her own little world. I hadnt heard a word from her since just before laying down. But she was breathing so I didnt worry. She was having a blast and was much more experienced with K than I am. I remembered hearing that K reduces motor-functions. So I looked down at my legs and moved them about abit. 'Yea, everything is still working fine' I said to myself. This seemed to bring Mez back into the real world and she looked up at me and smiled. At exactly the same time we both looked at each other and said 'WOW!' I realised that the music had stopped, but my stereo is on the other side of the room. This means I'm going to have to get up.
The second I put one leg on the floor I knew this would be a mission in itself! You know when you have a dead leg, after you have been sitting on it for a while and u put it on the floor and all u can feel is jelly? Thats how I felt. So I made it up on both feet. Being very careful not to fall over. Slowly walked to the stereo and switched music. Then got back to the bed as fast as I could and rolled a joint.

This all happened an hour ago. I'm now sitting on my bed, with my laptop, still feeling very dis-connected to the world. But at the same time I know that if anything was to happen, I would have total control of myself and be able to function properly. I still have over half the Gram of K. This I will be saving for another day. As I really do think that it was enough for tonight.

To conclude I had a brilliant time on K. I would NEVER do K in a nightclub (heaven knows why it has creeped into clubs, its not a dance drug at all). Its a strong substance.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 62695
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Dec 26, 2018Views: 1,525
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Ketamine (31) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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