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Dark Side of the School Library
by nativenick
Citation:   nativenick. "Dark Side of the School Library: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp62534)". Erowid.org. Aug 9, 2009. erowid.org/exp/62534

T+ 0:00
1 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
  T+ 0:50 0.5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
  T+ 1:20 0.5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
  T+ 1:30 0.25 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
  T+ 2:15 0.75 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
  T+ 2:25 1 g oral Mushrooms (dried)


So today I tried magic mushrooms for my first time. It was a pretty awesome trip and in total I ate about 4 grams.

The times arenít too accurate so they're an approximation

6:50 am- I ate about 1 gram, (didnít mind the taste to much the texture was a little weird though when youíre chewing them, and I gagged a little when swallowing them but it wasnít unbearable)

7:40-I am still not feeling any effects yet so I eat another half a gram before i go out to walk the dog

8:10- the effects still havenít kicked except for a bit of nausea. I am feeling a little worried so i eat another half a gram

8:20- at this point the effects are very minor Iím feeling a little anxious mostly because Iím worried these are bunk shrooms, plus Iíve been ripped off before with acid. I eat about another quarter of a gram (or 1 cap) as i walk to school

8:25- 8:30- Iím walking to school and the possibility that these shrooms arenít going to work is still nagging at me, I do start to feel a little more energetic and I seem to appreciate my surroundings just a little more. Mostly I am captivated by the way the trees look as the wind is blowing through them and making them move which seems rather inviting

8:30-8:35 now that I look back I realize that the mushrooms are starting to work their magic. Iím listening to a cd by Nas on my diskman and itís got me pretty pumped. On one particular song I feel like the trees are dancing to the music even though itís obviously the wind blowing through the branches. I also begin staring at the boulevard as I am walking. I am pretty fascinated by it and as I am walking it feels like the boulevard is twisting stretching and bending very slightly. I also seem to enjoy the detail in the grass. I begin to take in each minor detail like the blades of grass, weeds etc. basically its stuff I wouldnít care to notice on a typical day

8:40-8:45- the whole notion that these shrooms arenít going to blow me away doesnít seem to phase me to much and I am content with enjoying the scenery as I walk to school

8:50- I arrive to my first class 20 minutes late while someone is in the middle of a presentation. Itís on Kurt Cobain and the song smells like teen spirit is playing. I donít like nirvana too much but I really enjoyed that song for some reason. I start to feel really spacey and I am also very giddy. I begin to notice how the whole room feels a little tilted like itís on an angle. Sometimes I get the slanted feeling on weed. But now that I am tripping on shrooms I can visually see that the room is on an angle .

9:05- I run up to the wash room and eat about 3/4 of a gram and come back. The teacher looks at me and asks me if I am going to start working, something about that makes me laugh. I also notice how the wall behind her is shifting a little as I talk to her.

9:15- again I run upstairs to the bathroom and eat another gram I chew it this time and hold it in for a good ten minutes and wash it down with water

9:25- instead of going back to class I sit down with some friends of mine in the hall way and start listening to dark side of the moon by Pink Floyd. I burned it the night before. I only listened to a few samples of the song. I didnít seem to appreciate it too much the night before. Itís basically several songs that form one song thatís about 40 minutes long. Anyways Iím listening to the song and the first part with the heart beat thumping is tripping me out (not in a bad way mind you almost like an energy is flowing through me as the music pulses). I look at a door in the hall way and the texture of it is pretty amazing. Itís a hard wood texture and the grain patterns on it are swirling around and blending into each other
I really enjoy this.

9:35- this is when the mushrooms start to kicking into high gear. As I listen to dark side of the moon I really begin to appreciate its beauty. It has a mellow soothing sound and it seems to guide me through the trip. I start focusing intensely on a light in the hallway and I begin to see a mans face inside of the light with two eyes and a nose. I start to look out the window and notice the brick wall outside. I know for sure that it is definitely distorted almost as if the wall itself on the Outside is moving up and down. I decide to stop looking outside and focus on the closed eye visuals. The closed eye visuals are like an interesting kaleidoscopic tunnel that keeps spinning, it is way more intense than any closed eye visuals i have gotten from weed. Still the open eyed visuals on shrooms are more interesting than the closed eye visuals. I begin to look at a wall and start to notice colours swirling on the wall. The wall itself isnít changing colour it seems almost as if the kaleidoscopic vision i mentioned is being projected on to the wall itself. The colour is very rich and it changes for a red magenta colour to a turquoise green while it is swirling. I donít know why but the kaleidoscopic vision on the wall is rather amusing to me and I start to randomly laugh out loud at it. by then my friends begin to suspect that Iím tripping.

9:45- during break I return to my class grab my binder I stare up at the ceiling and I notice a golden yellow aura surrounding the lines of each tile. I find the hallways a little noisy so I head to the library which is a little less noisy.

9:50-10:35 -I decide to plop my self onto a comfy chair in the library. instantly I feel as if I had melted into the chair. I sit down and take in my surroundings. as I am staring at the carpet it begins to change from a brown to a incredibly vibrant purple and quickly to an equally intense green. I am enjoying this intensely and start noticing swirling patterns on the carpet. this is different than previous visuals because this time its like carpet itself is doing this. soon the carpet and the floor starts to undulate forming hills and slopes. it begins to look like a field and the patterns begin to grow and rise above the carpet just like grass. At this point I begin to feel like I am peaking. I stair up at the ceiling which is normally white. Now it is quickly changing different shades and hues going all the way through the colour spectrum. I start to focus on the dots on the ceiling which are swirling and twisting in all sorts of ways. It starts to develop a liquid like texture and soon it looks as if the dots are bacteria swimming around in each tile interacting with each other. I stop looking at the ceiling and look straight ahead, suddenly I see bright pink dots everywhere. Its really strange because it looks like the dots are glowing, almost twinkling as if they were stars. I pull out a book and try to read so I donít look too suspicious. I cant really focus too well and I keep seeing those glowing pink dots all over the page. It also looks like the letters are moving and constantly shifting.

the emotions inside of me are incredible. I feel calmness and unity with every thing around me. it feels as if my feet have taken up root in the floor. The body I once had, school, and material possessions do not seem important. Who I am, my name my age are all long forgotten. I feel an energy flowing within me as I take in all the sights and sounds, visual auditory and tactile.

Now one would think I would be freaking out shouting with joy or bad tripping, but I wasnít which surprised me. I wasnít in an uncontrollable drunken stupor, or dreamy hazy cannabis intoxication. I was aware of what was happening to and around me. All the colors and patterns that were melting into each other seemed real. But at the same time I felt like I had total control of my trip. I was creating these visions, it was a product of my mentality. This control I had over my trip created an overwhelming sense of euphoria and pleasure, I was confident know one would know I was intoxicated and if any one found out I honestly would not give a flying fuck. I realize what I described is incredibly egocentric and I loved it. I was quite literally in love with this moment that seemed to last forever and ever. Nothing else but that moment of love, beauty and oneness seemed to matter heaven forbid that this should all disappear suddenly.

The visuals only continued to grow in intensity. As I look between the two bookcases I notice how the carpet is swirling. It begins to look like a rushing river trapped between two canyons.
I get so much pleasure from moving my hands clenching and unclenching my fist feeling the energy flow through my body. I look at my hands and for some reason they seem so beautiful, I can see energy flowing through them. And my veins, they look so cool. Like I said this feeling of pleasure breeds a love of the trip and all of the surroundings. All this energy is building up and I want to jump up and release it all. I feel a tingling sensation through out my entire body which I love and want more and more of.

I begin to go into a deep train of thought. I contemplate all sorts of things and analyze everything.

I think about how perfect Dark Side of the Moon is and how much thought and energy went into such an album. I realize that this album was designed for a psychedelic experience, they go together so perfectly hand in hand. The music is so mellow and inviting. The music embraces me and gives me joy and calmness. This album has so much soul. Unlike techno and trance or rap beats which seem artificial, this music blends perfectly together, each part of the song fits in perfectly to create a glowing experience. It sounds so earthy so natural and so perfect

I begin to think about how a thing like mushrooms that creates so much unity love and beauty can be made illegal. Why is this stuff looked down on and persecuted by the world. I also try to comprehend how some one can bad trip on shrooms. Why would some one be scared of something so beautiful so intense so natural. Why I think why. At this point the possibility of a bad trip is non existent to me.

The whole song begins to come to an end as the whole 43 minutes is almost up. I begin to worry that my trip is coming to and end and that is something I donít want. This bothers me so I decide to wander the hallways exploring the hallways

I am wondering around the hallways and I start to feel bummed out as all the intensity of my trip seems to be slowly depleting

I start to talk to my digital art teacher, Whose done his fair share of drugs I should also mention that at one point he played in the guess who. Anyways I look at him as I am talking and he says ďare you alright nick this isnít heroin Friday is itĒ. I begin to start laughing my ass off and he walks away its cool though because I know he wouldnít care if I was high at school.

I decide that walking is way to distracting so I return to my chair in the library. I sit down and try to tune into my trip the visuals are still there. But all the euphoria and intensity is gone. This begins to make me feel a little depressed and I realize that it is the 3rd period and that I have to go to a grad assembly.

10:35-11:45 I see my one of my friends in the hall way who is pissed off at me that I came to school high on shrooms. This bums me out even more

I arrive to the multi purpose room for the assembly. itís very noisy and people are scrambling to get their information sheets for grad. People are talking loudly and it really starts to bother me. It isnít really much of a bad trip because I am still not overwhelmed with feelings of fear or anxiety like I have read about. I mostly feel bummed out that my trip is coming to an end.

I started to feel very irritable and moody because I am no longer experiencing my trip in its prime. The thought of all that was great about the trip draining away made me depressed.

I began to start alienating the people around me and now that I look back I was probably being pretty rude to people and acting like a jerk.

It was mostly because I really did not want to be around anyone. I had this thought or delusion that if I was alone the trip would come back to me obviously it didnít and the stupid assembly dragged on and on. I seriously wanted to just get up and leave the room. The fact that every one around me was draining away my trip bred anger, contempt and dislike.


After the assembly I quickly return to the library to recapture my trip, the effects are barely there and I started to feel depressed

I move from place to place trying to recapture my trip changing setting each time but its just not the same

After a while I come to terms with the fact that the trip is over. I am a little happier and there is definitely an after glow. Its not exactly base line but its far from tripping its just that things feel strange a little bit off Iím content with this feeling and I begin to come down a little more gently.

I sat here writing this trip report. Needless to say I am blown away this experience was definitely mind opening and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The trip was not as long as I had hoped it would be. But after having a taste of psychedelic drugs and experiencing the peak of shrooms I am in love with the complexity and beauty of this unique class of drugs. Mostly to even begin to understand what psychedelics do and how beautiful they are one must experience them first.

Needless to say I am definitely looking forward to my next trip and plan to try shrooms again but with a possible higher dosage as well as further exploring psychedelic drugs like LSD.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 62534
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 9, 2009Views: 6,165
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Mushrooms (39) : School (35), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2)

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