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Nutmeg Tea
Nutmeg (tea)
Citation:   three jones. "Nutmeg Tea: An Experience with Nutmeg (tea) (exp6245)". Feb 18, 2002.

1.5 tsp oral Nutmeg (tea)
Making the Tea:

1:30pm - I put 1&1/2 tsp's of ground nutmeg in 1 cup of water and let it simmer on medium heat for 45 minutes.

2:15pm - The majority of the water had boiled away, leaving a thick, oily brown substance. I mixed that with 1 more tsp of water and drank it down as fast as I could.

The Effects:

2:30pm - I started feeling drowsy and relaxed physically. Mentally I was calm, and my thoughts seemed to flow from one to the next. I caught a ride to the mall, where I was supposed to be meeting up with friends, because I didn't feel capable of driving.

2:45pm - Arrived at mall, still feeling drowsy and relaxed physically, but mentally I was really anxious and excited. Visually the floor seemed to have a fluid-like surface.

3:00pm - Walked around the mall feeling relaxed, but energetic.

4:00pm - Sitting on friends couch, feeling VERY relaxed and sleepy. My thoughts were extremely calm. Visuals were getting stronger. Everything had a fluidity, and water-like overtone to it. Peoples voices seemed lower than normal. I just kind of sat there for about 2 hours watching the walls flow around, and listening to people talk. The deepness in everyones voices was very soothing.

6:00pm - I started hearing a constant humming bass in the background of everything. I walked around feeling like jelly, my skin was extremely sensitive to soft touches. I still felt very calm and relaxed and just happy to hear people talk.

7:30pm - The effects of the tea dissapated very quickly. By about 8pm I was just feeling extremely tired, like I had been up for a couple of days. The sensitivity, and jelly-like feeling had gone away. I wasn't hearing the humming anymore, and the visuals of water were completely gone.

9:00pm - I went home and went to sleep.

8:15am - Woke up feeling a little nauseous, but otherwise fine.

I wasn't on anything else when I drank the tea. This is my first experience with it. I definitely plan on trying it again. Next time I want to try it with a friend and in a bigger doseage.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 6245
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 18, 2002Views: 41,686
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Nutmeg (41) : Preparation / Recipes (30), General (1), Alone (16)

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