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Waves of Warm Water
MDMA & Cannabis
by moac
Citation:   moac. "Waves of Warm Water: An Experience with MDMA & Cannabis (exp62328)". Erowid.org. Dec 1, 2017. erowid.org/exp/62328

.5 tablets oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
  .5 tablets insufflated MDMA (pill / tablet)
  1 cig. smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  2 hits smoked Cannabis (plant material)


I had never liked drinking that much, after driving friends to the hospital after drinking way too much. But I'll be god damned if I did not enjoy the first time I inhaled marijuana, rolled up in a blunt wrap in the backseat of my good friend's red Honda CRV when I was a junior in high school. The next week, I went out, bought my first little bowl and a tenth, and I was on my way to living the stoner life.

It's been quite a while since that time, and I have progressed through many of the subcultures that every young person visits in their lifetime. Whether I was a punk, prep, metalhead, emo or scene kid, all that time I retained my love of smoking herb. There were other drugs of course, but THC remained to be what I loved (supplemented with cigarettes occasionally).
Anyway, I had started to hang out with new crowds in college that liked to snort prescription drugs a lot, do coke, and take ungodly amounts of hallucinogens. I tried the previous drugs, taking much more of liking to the very last in that series of drugs that the others. I was dating a new girl at the beginning of this year (we'll call her Grace for the purposes of this story) from a small town about half an hour away from my college, which is in the mountains and has hardly anything to do around it. She was much more experienced in drugs than I was.

One night we crossed each other on our way to separate parties. While our friends talked, Grace pulled me aside and mentioned she was getting her hands on pure MDMA tablets the next day. She asked if I wanted any and I impulsively said yes, since I was crazy about this girl and I knew it would please her. Grace smiled and let me go on my way.
The next night I met up with her in her friend Emily's dorm room, where Emily's roommate and her boyfriend, John, were hanging out on a bed with a bag of white, somewhat scraggly looking pills on the bed. My girlfriend and I purchased two pills for $15 (which was a fucking steal, looking back on it) and both Grace and I cut them in half, eating one half and taking the other up the nose. It burned like I had just shoved hot sauce in my nostril and continued to do so for about ten minutes. I thanked John with an after tone of 'I guess' in it, and both Grace and I had Emily drive us to a small party at a mutual friend's place.

Our way to Emilyís car was quite the trip. I smoked a cigarette on the way, which was somewhat pleasing to my lips and left a slight tingle, but nothing big. During fifteen-minute trip, I noticed my eyes started to dart back and forth to bright objects. Billboards seemed to almost jump out at me on the side of the road.

When we arrived, Grace and I got out of the car and thanked Liz for dropping us off at the apartment complex. The two of us sat and waited for our friends that were going to be meeting us there at the bus stop that we were dropped off at. This was where I noticed that the drug was really getting into my system.

I sat next to her and admired all of the colors dyed into her hair and began to openly comment to her about it, then going on to describe to her how I was feeling. It was as if my blood warmed up and kept coursing throughout my veins. With every heartbeat I had, my body buzz kept getting stronger and stronger until I felt I was going to burst with this incredible feeling.
my body buzz kept getting stronger and stronger until I felt I was going to burst with this incredible feeling.

The rest of our friends met up with us a few minutes later, taking us up to the apartment. Grace told everybody that it was my first time rolling, so be careful with me. They all smiled, patting me on the back and congratulating me for ďjoining the clubĒ. We started our climb up a few flights of steps, and this was when I first realized how weightless I felt by lifting my foot up to touch the first step. My bones felt hollow, like a birdís. I was convinced that if the wind started blowing hard enough, I could fan out my arms and take off back to my dorm room. I ran up the three flights faster than anybody, my energy limitless.
We entered after the rest of my friends caught up with me, going inside where a few people were drinking and playing beer pong. I began to watch in amazement, like I had never seen anything like it before. It was almost too much stimulation to take at once, many people started talking to me that I knew, but the only thing I could say was, ďIím rolling, guys, talk to me in a few minutesĒ. My friend John grabbed me after a while and sat me down, forcing a bowl in my face. As to his instructions, I smoked all the pot that was in the piece until it pulled through, and then set it down as he promised me I would feel better. Grace came over after that and we smoked another, I only taking a few hits.

This sent my world reeling. My eyes began to shake uncontrollably for a few minutes and I sat up to get some water. After I sat in the corner for a minute, I regained control of myself and I was able to hold decent conversation with the drunk people around me. My body buzz was still going at full speed, and when combined with smoking the pot, it felt like somebody was gently massaging the inside of my skin with incredibly warm hands. I donít think I could ever describe the feeling.
The party began to wind down after a while, and I must say it was amusing to watch people begin drinking, get drunk and then pass out later, all while still being wide awake. It soon came down to Grace and I being the only ones awake at about four in the morning. We both began to have intense visuals at that point, the Venetian blinds began to ripple from top to bottom, and the beer cans piled on the table next to us began to shift back and forth. Grace looked down at the carpet and started giggling, pointing down and saying that the fibers were moving like the ocean.

Suddenly it was like a thought bubble burst in my head, remembering that I heard that MDMA makes physical touch incredibly pleasing. I reached over to Grace and ran my fingers through the hair on the side of her head, and her eyes went wide open with shock. She grinned and took my hand down, resting it on her leg. It felt like fire had exploded between the palm of my hand and her thigh. I gasped uncontrollably at the feeling.

Grace then ran her fingers through my hair, still smiling at me. My eyes rolled back into my head. It was like waves of warm water were emanating from her palms and were washing over my head back and forth incredibly fast. When I could finally regain control of my bodily movements, looked up at her and pressed my lips against hers.

It felt like it was electricity that coursed from my face to the rest of my body. Every single one of the hairs on my body stood on end, and warm goosebumps did not stop flowing over me. I pulled back and saw that both of us had immediately broken out in sweat. We kissed a few more times and both decided that it probably wasnít a good idea. The sensations were too intense, we laid down together on the couch, her leg over mine, and I couldnít stop grinding my teeth because that pressure alone was driving me absolutely nuts. After a couple more hours of us talking about deep and disheveled nonsense and, the incredible buzz faded and we both fell asleep.

The next morning I awoke and sat up awake by myself for an hour or so, smoking cigarettes and thinking of my experience. I didnít feel depressed or out of it at all. Grace and I left after she awoke and went back and lived out the rest of the day as we normally would.

I havenít done MDMA since. I still continually smoke a lot of pot and occasionally use hallucinogens. I guess the only reason I havenít done it since, besides not being able to find an ample supply of the drug in town, is that I donít want it be less of a feeling than the first time I did it. So Iíd prefer to keep it as that one special event in my life.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 62328
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 1, 2017Views: 481
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MDMA (3), Cannabis (1) : General (1), First Times (2), Large Group (10+) (19)

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