Capsule Form
Huasca Brew (Syrian Rue & M. tenuiflora)
by Nelis
Citation:   Nelis. "Capsule Form: An Experience with Huasca Brew (Syrian Rue & M. tenuiflora) (exp62308)". Apr 16, 2007.

6.0 g oral Syrian Rue (capsule)
  14 g oral Mimosa tenuiflora (capsule)


I add this story, because I think you will like it and it may be useful to you in some way. If not: just enjoy.

This piece will be on two subjects:
1. an unusual way to prepare / consume Ayahuasca
2. a short description of the effects of this consumption.

Let me start by saying that I believe that Ayahuasca is sacred.
Not only is it a superb tool for self-exploration, but also it has great healing powers, if in capable hands.

I do not believe a soul exists on earth that really likes the taste of Ayahuasca. Some say the taste of the brew reflects the bitterness of the one drinking it, the bitterness that is explored and sometimes transformed to sweet things by the Ayahuasca experience.

Anyway, sometimes I'm just not up to the incredibly vile taste of Mimosa hostillis/Peganum harmala tea, so I decided it was time for some experimenting.

In a local pharmacy, I bought 100 gelcaps, the largest available.

I weighed out 14 grams of Mimosa hostillis powder (very fine, Maya ethnobotanicals), and 6 grams of Peganum harmala powder. The Peganum harmala I bought cheap on ebay, from a very nice company situated in India, who supply garden seeds (organically grown), treefromseeds. The package they send was wrapped as if they were sending their own baby, and the quality of the Peganum is good, even the taste is not as bad as with some other batches I've had before.

I ground the seeds in a coffee grinder I bought for a couple of box in a second hand shop. It supplied me with a very fine, strong smelling powder. Then I boiled the 6 grams of Peganum and 14 grams of Mimosa powder in at about 200 ml of water, with a full cup of vinegar (regular kitchen stuff). After boiling for 15 minutes, I strained the lot through an old t-shirt. A good tip: don't try to squeeze a t-shirt full of boiling hot wet powder... First pour a cup of cold water on the powder. Well, that done, I boiled the powder with a similar quantity of water and vinegar for a second time. Then I put at about two dinner spoons of the powder in a plastic yoghurt container, and I added the liquid of the first boil to the second. I boiled this purple looking extract down to almost nothing, until it was getting a little bit sirupy. It was not much more than 4 cc (one good drink of scotch). I have to give a little warning here: the process of boiling down almost half a liter of water is very boring. If you decide to sit, meditate and look at the water boiling down, everything will be OK, but if you go about doing some stuff like your laundry: this soup WILL burn if you leave it unattended too long!!! I personally believe that it's a good idea to meditate on the intention for the trip to come while boiling down the Ayahuasca. This time I focused on the fact that marihuana had become an addiction for me for quite some time already, and I wanted to get rid of that.

OK, so now I added this viscous liquid to the powder in the plastic container. I worried a little bit about the plastic melting from the boiling liquid, but the cold powder cooled it down sufficiently. By the way, I didn't use all the powder. A lot of powder was lost because it stuck to the t-shirt, and I also spilled quite some - I'm not a kitchen-princess.
Then I put the plastic container with the preparation on the radiator in my living room. A faster method may be to put the powder and the liquid in a pyrex dish (or a small aluminum cake mold) in the oven, but I haven't experimented with that yet. I left the plastic container overnight on the radiator which was quite hot all night. The next day, I found a nice, dry powder, with a thin, hard, shiny and fatty layer on top. I used my fingers to stuff the powder into the capsules. The powder stuck to my fingers like hell, but I managed to get every crumb into 21 capsules. My preparation was finished!

While preparing the Ayahuasca capsules, I had swallowed 3 grams of ground, uncooked harmala, also in capsules. For those of you who believe the harmala has to be boiled with acid: this is only partially true. It works fine if you do not do that, and take it just raw. However, it's much stronger when you prepare it by boiling with acid.

Then I smoked a J (yes, the same shit I wanted to get rid of, but you know... addiction means you take it anyway), and started to swallow the capsules. At first, I thought it wasn't working. I was freaking hungry because of the J, and so I ate 8 sandwiches with cheese (not recommended, better stick to the MAOI diet, it can be dangerous to eat cheese with harmala), and a 200 gram bag of dried tomatoes. I laid down in bed, and holy shit... The Ayahuasca DID do it's task! And at this point I have to add, through the whole experience, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea was completely absent! No purga whatsoever!
I first came to the place were I always go first when the Ayahuasca starts, I think it is my innerspace, it is the closest I can get to God (I'm not a religious person, but I call the marvle of Creation God, because this word comes closest to describing my respect and awe for it). This place cannot easily be described in words. It's closed to a circus tent, with the lines holding up the canvas replaced by countless little lights, and the canvas just being comfortable shade. It is so good to be in this place, I love it! It feels like waking up after a lifetime of sleep! Like being fully awake for the first time in my life! After this, I got into a very intense experience. I saw what I was doing to myself with the marihuana. I saw how bad it was for me, not only for my body, but especially for my energy system. The Ayahuasca showed this to my by a vision of very strange, poisonous, plastic-like colours. I was told that the colours represented what marihuana was doing to me. Then I was shown death, my own death. It was a big, black square, maybe like a blackhole-tombstone with black lightning coming out. I decided that I could not handle that experience without help, that I did not want to do that alone. The Ayahuasca granted me my wish just to look at it all, and to save the experience of going into my death and exploring it further for another time. I have to say that at that moment, I was convinced I would die physically by going in there alone! Then a lot of visions came that I cannot fully remember, like in a dream. The whole experience lasted for at about 2 hours, then I started coming back to earth. I spend the next 2 hours that it took to come fully back to earth emailing my friends about this wonderful experience, sending them lots of love and telling them how much I care for them.

The days immediately after this night, I was VERY emotional. I cried often, and also experienced quite some anger. I guess the stuff I attempted to suppress with marihuana. But the best part was: I completely lost my appetite for weed! It has been three weeks now, and I am still completely drug-free. No alcohol, no coffee (I stopped using those after my first Ayahuasca trip), no cigarettes, no shit in my body, except for that in my intestines! Vitamin pills, exercise and good food are now what I crave.

I could write books about the things Ayahuasca has given me, but this experience I feel I have to share with you!

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 62308
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 16, 2007Views: 10,952
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Syrian Rue (45), Mimosa tenuiflora (74), Huasca Brew (268) : Alone (16), General (1)

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