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Thor Brings Down His Hammer Onto My Reality
by RW
Citation:   RW. "Thor Brings Down His Hammer Onto My Reality: An Experience with Cannabis (exp62143)". Erowid.org. Oct 7, 2009. erowid.org/exp/62143

  smoked Cannabis (plant material)


I went to college having only smoked pot twice in my life, both times with little success. I felt a bit more giggly than usual the second time I smoked, but I may have been tricking my brain into thinking, 'I smoked pot, I must be stoned, I have to act silly!' At college, I naturally fell in with the fellow cigarette smokers, who also happened to be the stoners. They convinced me to smoke with them a few times, and after getting pleasantly buzzed with them, I began to smoke more frequently. I didn't smoke as much when I got home from school in the summer of 2006, after my first year of college, as my nearest smoking buddy was an hour away, and I didn't care enough to find a dealer where I live.

I met J that summer, though. He was a frequent customer at my job, and we got along right away. We never had much of a chance to really talk at work, but I ran into him one afternoon when I was walking home. He asked me if I smoked, and I told him I did when I was offered the chance. I gave him my phone number and he told me he would call me sometime. He called me a little while later, and I agreed to head over to his apartment for a while to hang out. 'Prepare to be stoned,' he told me. I laughed to myself a little, thinking, 'Yeah, okay, I've been stoned before.' How naive I was....

The night started off slow. He, his friend, and I sat and watched TV and took resin hits for a while, not even getting me buzzed. It wasn't long before another of his friends showed up and announced that he had $80, and all of it was going to be spent on pot. The deal went down, and in no more than half an hour or 45 minutes, I was looking at the largest bag of pot I had ever seen.

'You're not going to smoke all of that tonight, are you?' I asked, completely disbelieving.

'Well, we're sure going to try,' J told me.

A good amount of weed was broken up and packed into a pipe that was passed around and repacked countless times. I was pretty stoned after a while, but my three companions were just getting started. J decided to take out one of his bongs, named Thor. He explained how Thor made people his bitch. I was still intimidated by bongs and, frankly, uneducated as to how to properly use them, so I was nervous. It passed me a couple times, and each time, I took a weak hit off of it. The first couple times, the guys didn't notice, but it didn't take them too long to catch on.

'Wait a minute, I don't hear it bubbling when you have it!' one of the guys said.
Luckily the room was dark and none of them could tell I was blushing furiously. I explained that I had little experience with bongs, but they showed no mercy. They were going to watch me hit it, and make me try until I did it right. After one or two tries, I finally managed to draw a good amount of smoke up the neck of the bong and into my lungs. I had no idea how much to draw up, though, so I just dragged for what seemed like a good long while, managing to make water bubble satisfactorily.

As soon as my mouth left the bong, I understood what J meant about Thor making people his bitch. I was more stoned than I had ever been before, and it was both terrifying and awesome at the same time. I was mildly aware of all three guys telling me to clear the bong, as I hadn't yet, but I just kept telling them, 'I can't smoke any more. I can't or I'll die.' Eventually, they just gave up trying to get me to do so. Unfortunately for me, it meant I got the smoke blown at me. Oh well.

My perception was completely distorted. The guys sitting around me looked HUMONGOUS. All three of them seemed to tower over me, and as J was the only one I was somewhat familiar with, it was pretty scary. The red light bulb illuminating the room didn't help, either. It gave everything a menacing glow, and while I knew I was safe, I still felt threatened and shrank as small as I could where I was sitting. I must have had a look of terror on my face, because the three of them kept asking me if I was all right. I managed to convince them I was, but I needed a cigarette, so they stopped smoking for a while and we all had a cigarette. It didn't relax me much, but it helped a little. After the cigarette break, the three guys resumed smoking, now from a hookah. They tried to get me to join them, but I once again told them I couldn't smoke any more if I had wanted to.

I eventually decided that laying down would be my best option. I'm told I was out for three hours, but it felt like a much shorter time. I also don't think I fell asleep, because I could hear everything that was going on around me. Maybe I was just imagining everything I was hearing. I'll never know. It did feel like I just had my eyes closed, though. I felt like some part of my brain wouldn't let me go to sleep. At one point, they were wondering aloud if I had died, and I tried to tell them through telepathy that I was alright. It was very frustrating when I realized they couldn't hear my thoughts.

There was one vivid experience that I will always remember from that night, though, as it was simultaneously fascinating and horrible. At one point when I was lying down, I felt like my body had broken into each individual molecule that my body was made of, and that each molecule was both exploding AND imploding. It was as though my body was made of taffy, and I was continuously being pulled and stretched. I had my eyes closed, and could visualize this happen to my molecules, but I could also feel it happening. It was extremely strange, just this side of unpleasant. I wished at that moment that I had been with people I was closer to, because I felt like I needed someone to hold on to so my body wouldn't completely break down, but I didn't feel comfortable asking any of the guys I was with if they would lay down with me.

I have no idea how long that feeling stayed with me, but it felt like many, many hours. After it left me, I started to come back to reality and could sit up again. I was still very stoned, but I was back down to a level that I'd experienced before that night. It was welcome relief. I had J take me home not too long after I was able to sit up (I'd walked to his apartment, but I was in no condition to walk home by myself in the middle of the night). Luckily, my brain let down its defenses once I was home, and I fell into a deep sleep almost immediately after getting into my room. I woke the next morning a little bleary, but otherwise with no ill after-effects from the night before.

Although it was an interesting experience, it's one that I'm in no hurry to repeat.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 62143
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 7, 2009Views: 5,898
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Cannabis (1) : Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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